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  1. Thanks MEB Workaround = If you go to the layer and look at the child of the symbol you can add new shapes in there and shift select them to do these geometry operations. You also need to make sure that the object you are trying to add/intersect/combine is a curve and not a pixel object.
  2. I'm trying to do Geometry operations with symbols but they seem to be greyed out or unavailable. ---Repro steps--- 1) Create a shape using the rectangle tool (M) 2) Go to view/studio/symbols 3) Create a symbol from the rectangle tool 4) Drag this newly created symbol onto the canvas multiple times 5) Select several symbols and note that you are unable to add, subtract, intersect, divide, combine Is there a way to do these things with symbols?
  3. + 1 for me also ... i use hex and rgb codes all the time for web development. It's handy to have this availble in the colour wheel.
  4. I don't know if I should get affinity due to the lack of apparent support. UK resident here btw. It doesn't appear that there is any easy way to get support other than through the forum which might be disappointing (lets see). Either way I think only having a forum for support is pretty bad so I hope that's not the only way I can get support especially with regards to billing. (How to use the software support makes sense to have on the forum I can live with that.) 1) I would like to purchase a licence on windows but I am used to using photoshop at home on pc and on mac at work and ... well anywhere I like by signing in and out as I please for £120 a year I might add. Is it true that I need to buy a licence for windows and one for mac? I don't actually mind this considering the price, it seems fair and I would like to contribute to the development to create some much needed competition for Adobe. 2) How often will there be upgrades and what is the cost going to be to upgrade? 3) I format my windows machine twice a year. How easy is it to get affinity re-installed onto my windows machine? I have 3 machines at home actually and I would ideally like to be able to use it on all of them (not at the same time of course). Is that possible?
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