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WIP. Family Guy/Airwolf aka "She's a lady"

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Hi folks.


I can use the pen tool now, after the bezier game!


I thought I'd put my copy of AD to proper use, illustrating that is, not just page layout mode.

All this despite 'losing' a borrowed drive for a Tevion tablet. Never mind being unable to find my Epson scanner power supply...any way this is for you the AD community, the AD Team at Serif labs (And the Drawplus team for getting me hooked on DrawPlus in the 1st place).


A big thank you goes out to you CartoonMike and that awe inspiring tutorial earlier: for pushing me over the edge and well into the abyss of time, know as creativity mode.


It's so good seeing images in my head finally landing on paper/screen. I can now concentrate now :P




Ps A brief intro of the picture.


Family Guy did 3 Star Wars films as you know and they are better than the original. So why not do Airwolf in the same vein? The main villain Dr Charles Henry Moffet was the creator and thief of Airwolf. He was a tortured evil genius who had an upper class English accent...sound familiar anybody.


I would love this to go viral (Dream on. Ed) and maybe to Seth McFarlane et al :ph34r:


The cast would be

  • Chris Griffin - Stringfellow Hawke
  • Peter Griffin - Dominic Santini
  • Stewie Griffin - Dr Charles Henry Moffet
  • Carter Pewtersmidt - Archangel
  • Joe - The Senator
  • Joes's Wife - Marriella
  • Glen Quagmire - Test pilot, Moffet's team
  • there's more to follow :)

​Why "She's a lady", well in the program Dom , the hopeless romantic dotes on that machine...and the song by Tom Jones makes it funny too.


Edit:  see below MEB's post, for finished image.


Stewie pilot.afdesign

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Dude! You're rocking those vectors! (and thanks for the compliment :) )


As an aside, check out Blambot.com -- there's some great tutorials on comic typography there and some very good free fonts (most are in OpenType format and ligatures). Web letterer is a good font for webcomics.


Doesn't having a good solid sketch to work from just makes vectorizing a lot easier?


Looking forward to  seeing what you do next!

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Cheers mate, glad you like it. See what you've done :P...hours of sweat and toil.


I've printed, traced and mashed a few more images. So when I get the chance I'll add a few more.


Working from a solid image feels like cheating! I like that!!!


Should I add colour to this or add a new image of Stewie? :ph34r:

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"Red Star Control: Airwolf...all systems go!" B) 



Just finished it/them, enjoy.


Had problems with colouring in: needed to create more closed shapes.

The hoses and zips took forever!


Learning curve: like a wheel chair ramp.

Productivity curve: going ballistic, man!

Stewie Moffett Pilot line and Colour Finished.afdesign

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I think you have the look and style down.  Perhaps maybe we work on a set to place Stewie in now. You got Stewie look and feel down. As far as words and ideas don't think you have any shortage there either. ;)  :P I am looking forward to seeing more.

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Thanks ronnie, thanks mike, for your thoughts


It's been a while; but just like the CIA/The Firm, this lil' beanie missed its deadline...just a tad! :unsure:


I decided to be brave and use the brushes to paint the clouds (fairly easy) by dabbing in the white bits first, then sculpting them, with a slightly bluer brush (think cotton wool with a few specks of blue added).


The sand dune's texture were too hard, for me to sort out, as was Stewie's shadow.


Results are below; as you've said...something drawn, is better than nothing drawn at all.


If I learn to master cloud creation, then that's another box ticked. I liked doing the clouds; must be the pilot in me. :D



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Try again...This was taken with my camera, as exporting from AD is no longer working for me in this forum. :angry:  :angry:  :angry:




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