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slice tool snap to grid?

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Morning, Am I missing something here, or can I not snap slices to the grid?!

I have created a slice, turned snap to grid on, and now am trying to conform that slice to the grid, but it's no snappy.

Pretty much all snap options are on, but I just can't snap it!



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Sorry, that stood for...


Well, That's Frustrating!


I'm in a ridiculously impossible situation trying to figure out something that should've taken a few minutes.

Picture the scene...large image, needs cutting into a 4 x 4 grid, of specific pixel sizes.

Easy? Well...


1. Make the slices out of box shapes, then select the shapes and tell that size to be slices?

No, because the slice insists on exporting the shape itself, whether it's hidden or not, so I can't 'slice' the image with a shape.


2. Draw the slices over the box shapes, snapping along the way?

No, because the slice tool doesn't snap to geometry.


3. Just make the slices with the slice tool on the grid, no need for box shapes?

No, because the slices don't snap to the grid?!


So, slices are useless to me.


I now need to..

1. Make the box shapes

2. Put every box into a group

3. Hide each box within each group

4. Export each box group individually, with 'including background' selected in export options


Is this really the easiest workflow to split an image?

Without Slices being able to snap to grid, this seems the 'easiest' way right now.




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Pretty sure I have tried both and couldn't figure out how to only export what what actually visible at the time. It always seemed to unhide the shape itself, so that I couldn't export the image below it.

I've just finished exporting by hand now, so I'll have another look into that next time I need to export a sliced image again!

Thanks ;]

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Hi MEB, I've just had another go and no matter what I have either hidden or unhidden in either Draw or Export Persona, the slice will ALWAYS export the shape that it was made from, hidden or not.

Honestly, I've tried every possibility and it's just insisting on being there.

Noting that there is a different icon on the slice panel, showing whether this slice is a shape or a pixel layer. Is it assuming that because it is a shape, I will always want it included in the export?

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What I do... Use a rectangle with no colour for line or fill. Group it with the elements you want sliced. Make slice from the group. Export.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this will help if you have stuff that span across your intended slices.

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