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  1. Maybe I've just missed it but... In slices mode: - you can't snap to grid ( except the pixel grid apparently ) - you can't copy a slice with alt/drag - you can't rename layers to make slice names - there's no contextual menu on the right click Please put some work into this feature and bring it up to scratch!
  2. Title says it all realy ;) Sometimes when you've got loads of artboards and layers a simple cmd+click in the Navigator view would be easier than searching/scrolling through the layers list to select an artboard ...
  3. We would love to be able to use Affinity with our Chinese laser cutter which really only works well when supplied with DXF files, please implement DXF 12/14 export. Currently we have to use Illustrator for this it but it would be great to be able to drop Illustrator finally!
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