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  1. btw: I posted this here because it's been happening for a while now, it's not just related to a single document it's more like an argument between AD and Mojave!
  2. Could I make a plea for a small improvement to AD too... Please have ALL colour palletes everywhere use the same source... for example when you want colours in the layer adjustments they don't access the document palette they just have their own completely separate palletes which is very awkward as one have to keep using the dropper to pick up colours.
  3. Spinlock/Freeze happens after double clicking on a swatch item in a document palette. Only solution is to force quit, luckilly AD seems to create backups which it loads next time it runs! Affinity Designer 1.6.1 Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3 (18D109) Appropriate system log files attached here... AffDesSpinLock.zip
  4. Maybe I've just missed it but... In slices mode: - you can't snap to grid ( except the pixel grid apparently ) - you can't copy a slice with alt/drag - you can't rename layers to make slice names - there's no contextual menu on the right click Please put some work into this feature and bring it up to scratch!
  5. Here's a screen shot of the ghost window that's left behind when Affinity freezes and has been force quit. This white rectangle is where the Slice Export file system window was on screen. Basically I've just clicked the export button and it's frozen, you can't see the beachball cursor in the shot. Here I'm attempting to export 5 small rectangles containing white images with transparent backgrounds from the main artboard which has several layers hidden from export. The slices all have x1 and x2 options. ( I reduced the size because the original retina version was rejected by the forum software ) He
  6. Cheers! I've been using a Affinity a lot today, I've deliberately tested working with PathFinder and without, when PathFinder is not running I don't seem to have an issue. when it is running the freeze occurs most times I export slices with @2x resolutions. I wonder what else could be interfering! ...
  7. Update So the same problem in the beta. But I've found the cause, or at least the combination of causes. On my system I often run the PathFinder app by CocoaTech ( v7.6.1 ) When path finder runs it totally replaces the standard Finder. I use it because I'm a developer and I find it very useful. However it seems Affinity is doing something during the save process that causes it to freeze if Pathfinder is running. ( Or if the Finder is not running ) This is very odd as, as I've mentioned, it only happens when @2x slices are being exported. So, for now I can remember to quit PathFinder when I'm using Affinity It would be cool if you could replicate and fix this
  8. Thanks for getting back, it's happening so often now Affinity it's getting impossible to export slices in multiple resolutions. Complete beachball spinlock freeze after selecting a location to save the slice and pressing the save button. Worse than that, after force quitting Affinity it sometimes leaves a ghost window on screen. Still no crash logs, I think it's because I have to force quit Affinity before it gets to finish exiting. Some observations - it seems related to the size of the artboard. I'm mainly using iPad Pro device size ( 1732 x 2048 ) @ 144 dpi. - it seems to occur more often when saving groups of small icon sized slices from this large art board. - it only happens if there is @2x slices in the group being exported. I'll take a look at that beta .. ( if I can find where to download it ) ... [edit] Found it, downloaded will give it go.. thanks again
  9. High Sierra:10.13 (17A405) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), 16Gb Affinity: 1.5.5 This happens seemingly randomly and sadly I can't find a reason for it. Some Affinity projects will freeze the app with the beachball when you go to export slices. It only happens if the slices contain a @2x scale factor and a Force Quit is required when this happens. I would attach a crash report but sadly there are none from Affinity in my logs folder yet. I'm seeing this quite often with several different new Affinity projects since High Sierra was installed on my machine.
  10. Increasing the tolerance to a a much larger value than I would usually think about does seem to alleviate the issue quite well. Perhaps at least Affinity could use a higher value by default?
  11. Agreed, and it's still not fixed: Snapping exactly to a grid just doesn't work properly. Try this. Create a grid with pixel divisions of 10. Turn off all snap options except snap to grid. Make some objects that are exactly 100 pixels square and move them around. Snap will snap in between the grid even though it's been told not to, and worse than that the width or height of the objects will change by some small amount of pixels as you move them around. This bug is really very annoying, it's impossible to be accurate to the pixel or any other measure in Affinity at the moment.
  12. ok, I've just discovered this is a known issue and there's a beta version that fixes it! .... :) cheers! BTW: Before posting I did search using various keywords but the forum search mechanism didn't highlight this issue.
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