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Old V1 users being asked to pay EXACTLY the same for V2 new users? NOT COOL.

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21 hours ago, Patrick Connor said:


Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :) 

Because that is what we (Serif) decided to do. The Prodigal Son parable may be relevant here. A single price for launch for all users, other than those who bought in the 2-3 months before launch who received email with links with further discounts, including some who got free upgrades for very recent purchases.

Sorry you think that your 6 years of use was not good enough value, but you can continue to use it at no extra cost.

To ALL others here, PLEASE do not argue with these users whose views on our pricing are valid whether you agree with them or not. It is NOT for you to justify our marketing decisions, and is leading to arguments over and over which do not make anyone feel any different. Please stop engaging on Serif's behalf it is NOT what we want. Let them express their opinions, thanks. Just Stop, feedback is for Serif not for you

I purchased mine in June, not fair, not fair, especially considering all the failures that you have yet to fix in v1!  


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I made use of the discount offer and I am very satisfied with the V2 version. I bought the Affinity Revolution courses Photo v2 and Designer v2. I finished the Designer course and I am halfway the Photo course.

At first sight, it seemed that the upgrade was rather small. However, once you really dive in Designer and Photo, this upgrade is really worth the money especially with the discount. I have both versions v1 and V2 on my laptop and do not want to return to v1 any more. The shape builder tool alone, is worth the upgrade for Designer. I depend completely for my drawing and photo retouching on Affinity.

Where all my wishes and expectations forfilled for this upgrade? No, there are still many things to be desired. Makes that me unhappy? No, because now I still have other things to look out for. By the way, it is not  the tool but the person who use the tool which create wonderful results.

If you upgrade or not, is completely your choice. But don't start complaining after the discount period that you have to pay full price. Every decision has its consequences which has to be accepted.

My only advice is to upgrade now so you can use the discount and see along the way when other updates come, what nice features will be added.


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1 hour ago, MGO said:

This is false advertising.

So sue them.
Good luck. :P 

MacBookAir 15": MacOS Ventura > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // MacBookPro 15" mid-2012: MacOS El Capitan > Affinity v1 / MacOS Catalina > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // iPad 8th: iPadOS 16 > Affinity v2

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19 hours ago, MGO said:

they marketed V1 as a one time purchase you would never have to do again


V1 was a one-time purchase, and you don't need to pay again to continue using V1.

V2 is a one-time purchase, and if you have purchased a V2 license you don't need to pay for that license again to continue using V2.

In other words, this is a perpetual license, not a subscription.

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Well nobody is forcing you to buy a new version every time one comes out. You can just keep using v1.

It was always made perfectly clear that there would be free updates for v1, but new versions would be a separate purchase. Do you think the staff who work on Affinity received one pay packet and now work for free? Would you buy a new car, then expect a free one whenever a new model comes out?

(Edit: for anyone coming across this post and wondering why it’s here, it was in reply to another post which was later removed!)

Edited by PaulEC

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Affinity Publisher 2 : Affinity Photo 2 : Affinity Designer 2 : (latest release versions) on desktop and iPad

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8 minutes ago, borntobe said:

All these B%llsh@t for use it forever

Say what?!
I bought Designer v1 in 2014 while my Mac was running MacOS Mountain Lion.
As of 2024, I still can use Designer v1 on the latest MacOS version as we speak, almost 10 years later, without having had to pay anything.
The last time I checked, Designer v1 has been updated for MacOS Sonoma compatibility only three months ago. Nine years after its release!

15 minutes ago, borntobe said:

Now they can start releasing new version every year, or why not even every month

Please don't spread FUD. thanks

MacBookAir 15": MacOS Ventura > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // MacBookPro 15" mid-2012: MacOS El Capitan > Affinity v1 / MacOS Catalina > Affinity v1, v2, v2 beta // iPad 8th: iPadOS 16 > Affinity v2

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