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Can't Batch Place with Alt+Click


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The external Batch Place function described from 2:15–2:45 in the official tutorial video does not work for me. (See here: https://youtu.be/kTAwaA4zvHU?t=135)

When I try this, my images open individually as new tabbed projects. (See screenshot.) Which gets pretty fun when there are 50 images. I have tried restarting my app and laptop, using existing (v1 originated) files and new (v2 originated) files. The Place Images panel refuses to populate with this method.



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Works OK on Windows

The only want I can get it to do what you are experiencing is if I drag files from "finder" onto the UI rather than onto the document and then release the mouse

(Which is what you would normally do if you wanted to open multiple files at once)

A video from you may reveal some more details if someone with a Mac cannot reproduce what you are seeing


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Hi @Cealcrest I just tried this and it worked as described in the linked video: I'm currently on macOS Big Sur.

But I think I just replicated the problem you described.  When you drag the files into Publisher's Document View and hold down the option key, ensure you're anywhere over one of the pages of your document.  Anywhere.  Do that and the Place Images panel will magically appear and be filled with your images.  However, if you drop the files in the background outside one of the pages (I believe the correct term for this area is the pasteboard), then you'll get them opening in tabs as you described.

It doesn't matter when you option-drop the files onto the page if they're over a picture frame or not.  That frame will not be populated at that stage.  That will only happen when the Place Images panel has loaded up and you click a frame to place the first image - or click a blank space on the page to place the next image without requiring a frame.

Hope this helps?

if that doesn't resolve it for you, then a screen recording would help shed more light on exactly how that's not working for you.

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