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vector warp tool improvements

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3. More presets with sliders for different classic envelope distortions - typically those used for typography like; flag, rising side warp, etc.

4. Add modification key to allow symmetrical warping (ex. pull nodes on left and right side toward center at same time). 

5. Allow option for node snapping (ex. level with another node,) when editing mesh. 

6. Allow options for 45 and 90 degree movement lock when moving nodes or handles while holding SHIFT. 

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(Copied my response in a V1 thread here for visibility in V2.)

It's very useful for freehand warping, but anything structured, (like for typography when you need symmetry & verticals/horizontals to stay true,) it is a bit of a chore to use.

We need more behaviors and tools:

1. The nodes to be able to snap with modifier key like a regular node. Vertical, horizontal, 45 degrees.

2. Have a toggle or modifier for symmetrical node behavior both in same direction and opposite directions.

3. Better presets that are easier to edit. Employing a special node like the shape tools use would be extremely useful for preset use. This way we can make flag, raised edge, and warps that need symmetry with ease. (See Vector Styler).

Vector Styler easily remains the gold standard for best implemented vector warping, especially for type, IMO. There are so many options and they take literal seconds to employ. It is still faster to copy from Designer, warp in VS and paste back in Designer than it is to manually move every node for an envelope distort where you need to ensure vertical/horizontal lines stay true, (ex. for a raised edge or flag type effect). I urge the Affinity devs to give it a close look and see about employing similar usability.

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I can't judge the warp tool just yet - after ten minutes of using it I found several critical bugs or whatever happens. I'll try again when my calendar looks better.


Ah, I discovered it's a usability thing.

Once you make the first fix to a warp group and select other objects, and again select a warp group, it's a mystery how to edit it. Double clicking activates the object for editing, but not warp editing.

You have to activate the node editor when the warp group is activated in the layers panel. Hm.

I don't really understand why there isn't a warp tool in the toolbar, I had expected before v2 a more tool-based approach to perspective editing than having to go through the layers panel and create a group.

Tools from the toolbar is just the fastest and most intuitive way when working fast and with many objects.

 1) You have completely wrecked the layers panel, Serif.

2) I recommend Reddit groups instead of this forum. Not the same few bot-like users replying to everything, a wider representation of users, fewer fanboys, more qualified users. In short, better!

3) I was here to report bugs and submit improvement requests for professional work professionally in a large setup and to bring a lot of knowledge from the world, i.e. professional product development, web- and software development, usability, user experience design and accessibility. I actually know what I am talking about!

BUT! We are phasing out Designer and Affinity in 2022 Q1 - and replacing it with feature complete and algorithmically competent alternatives.
Publisher is unsuitable for serious use, and was never adopted.

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4 hours ago, Patrick B said:

I was attempting to replicate a perfect arch using Designer. Adjusting one node at a time, freestyle, is very tedious and time-consuming when such an effect requires a reasonable amount of precision. I need to practice with this manual way 😅… but I expect a computer to do more of the work.

Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 7.52.30 PM.png

Excellent demo of the problems. 

Both of the E's in the Affinity version have problems with the top stroke's bottom edge. And the middle stroke of each is a bit wonky, too. 


It looks and feels like they've never used the FFD (Free Form Deformation) tools of other apps.

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On 11/16/2022 at 12:46 AM, deeds said:

Excellent demo of the problems. 

Both of the E's in the Affinity version have problems with the top stroke's bottom edge. And the middle stroke of each is a bit wonky, too. 


It looks and feels like they've never used the FFD (Free Form Deformation) tools of other apps.

Well to be fair, it's more user error on my part than anything, let alone a software problem. I think I've been too spoiled (and brainwashed) by Adobe's automation tools.

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