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DelN's Free 'Nature' Brushes for Affinity Photo


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Just posting the link to my free 'Nature' brushes and 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes. They are both split into two be cause they are quite large files. 

If you like them and use them, let me know  and I will upload other brushes I use. Or better still, post artwork here that you have created using them (I'd love to see it!)




DelN's Free Nature Brushes.jpg

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I 've been trying to create a mist-laden forest using masked-out trees, some mist that I painted on individual layers, trees in the foreground which are clear, while those in the  distance are coloured by the mist; many of the ones in the distance I filled with the colours taken from an image I found in Pinterest, which I used for inspiration. I love the mood these ghostly, atmospheric mood pieces evoke...

https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=misty forest&rs=typed&term_meta[]=misty|typed&term_meta[]=forest|typed

If you find one you like, you can create a colour palette in Affinity Photo really easily by opening an image and, in the 'Swatches' palette, clicking the small horizontal lines (top right), then clicking 'Create Palette from Document', then selecting either 'As Application Palette' or 'As Document Palette'. I use 'As Application Palette' so that I can use the colour palette in other documents. You can always 'Export Palette' if you want to save the colour palette for later use.

I created a few colour palettes from images of misty forests and use them to colour the trees in the distance to get the same look as the image. I also drop a couple of mist and fog layers (that I painted using my 'Atmosphere, Mist and Fog' brushes) between the tree layers, thereby creating the look of a mist between the layers of trees, which, hopefully, I have achieved. Some of my favourites to use are the 'Atmosphere' brush, the 'Wipe on Texture_White' brush and the 'Paint on Atmosphere' brush (see example brush strokes below).

There are quite a few layers in the Affinity Photo file (see below). I also include a screengrab of the 'Swatches' palette and the 'Ghostly Blues' colour palette.

Check out Pinterest page https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=misty forests&rs=typed&term_meta[]=misty|typed&term_meta[]=forests|typed, which is 'Misty Forests', and https://www.pinterest.co.uk/search/pins/?q=mist and fog&rs=typed&term_meta[]=mist and fog|typed, which is 'Mist and Fog' or do a search in Google...

And a simple brush stroke of one of the Atmosphere brushes makes a great background for text made from the 'Nature' brushes, which I love experimenting with...


Owl Flying Over Mist-Laden Forest.jpg

Swatches_Ghostly Blue.jpg



Create Palette from Document.jpg

Wipe on Texture_White.jpg

Paint on Atmosphere.jpg



Letter K.jpg

Number 2.jpg

Number 5.jpg

Number 5_2.jpg

Number 23.jpg


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Hi DelN!

Very nice stuff! But I see a problem with some of the brushes. It is the light angle. The most obvious example is the Pearl Brush: the highlights are on different sides, following the direction of the stroke, but not a realistic lighting. In case of the pearls it should not really be difficult to solve the problem, because you only need to set the Rotation to zero. It is more problematic with brushes that use other shapes.

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Hi Iconoclast,

Yes, well spotted. Thanks for highlighting it. In hindsight, I should have spent more time on the gold one. He-he! I made the alpha and numeral examples really quickly - with just a quick brush stroke - so that I could upload them and show that Affinity Photo brushes can be used in so many different ways.

I enjoy creating illuminated letters like the monks used to when they created the beautiful manuscripts in the monasteries between 1100-1600. I even animated them in the past in Adobe After Effects, and in my animated PowerPoint portfolio when I was looking for a new job. This was before I discovered Affinity Photo, and used to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Painter and CorelDraw to design.

I find I am using Affinity Photo more and more these days. I don't use Photoshop at all now. Not since they forced their users to RENT their products. I used to spend hundreds of pounds each year on Adobe products. And I used to use E-on Plant Factory and Vue to create my trees and shrubs and misty valleys. But you have to rent that software too now, so I stopped using it...

Affinity Photo and Designer are such good design tools, and great value for money...




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Firstly, many thanks for these fantastic brushes.

I just wanted to check, how many sets are there? I've downloaded one file of the Nature Brushes and Parts 3 and 4 of the Atmosphere Brushes, is that the complete set? In your first post you said "They are both split into two ".  

Again, many thanks for sharing your skills and your generosity.

Acer XC-895 : Core i5-10400 Hexa-core 2.90 GHz :  32GB RAM : Intel UHD Graphics 630 : Windows 10 Home
Affinity Publisher 2 : Affinity Photo 2 : Affinity Designer 2 : (latest release versions) on desktop and iPad

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Hi PaulEC,

I'm glad you like them.

There are 4 brush files. 2 parts to the 'Nature' brushes and 2 parts to the 'Atmosphere' brushes. I had to split them cos the file sizes were so large. I also uploaded images of what each brush stroke looks like and it's name, also a step-by-step tutorial in Word on how I created them. So you can create your own. It covers masking out backgrounds and brush settings... Hope you saw these. Let me know if you don't find the other 'Nature' brushes...


DelN's Free Brushes Pt1.afbrushes DelN's Free Brushes Pt2.afbrushes

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Hi DeIn

I found the post with the tutorial and one Nature Brush file and another post with the two Atmosphere files, but I can't seem to find the second Nature Brush file!

Acer XC-895 : Core i5-10400 Hexa-core 2.90 GHz :  32GB RAM : Intel UHD Graphics 630 : Windows 10 Home
Affinity Publisher 2 : Affinity Photo 2 : Affinity Designer 2 : (latest release versions) on desktop and iPad

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Thanks so much for these!

Acer XC-895 : Core i5-10400 Hexa-core 2.90 GHz :  32GB RAM : Intel UHD Graphics 630 : Windows 10 Home
Affinity Publisher 2 : Affinity Photo 2 : Affinity Designer 2 : (latest release versions) on desktop and iPad

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