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A font to watch out for

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This is pretty wacky and I'll be watching its development. Thought I'd share it here for other fontholics to appreciate:



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I encourage kids to go ahead and play on my lawn. I mean, how else can I make sure the death-traps work?

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I'm all about wacky fonts and I respect the hell out of him for creating what must have been extremely challenging.  I actually love the idea behind this font, it's clever, mad creative and quite relevant in terms of recent popularity.  But I can't say I'll be getting this when it comes out... The "I" looks like a "[" - meh, I can look past that.  The "V" looks like a check mark - whatever, still cool.  The "K" looks like its' either the only lower-case letter in the set, or not a "K" at all lol :P but I dig it.  What kills it for me is that a handful of the characters lack the significant illusion of depth that the majority of them prominently showcase, which is kind of what the whole font is based off of :/ 

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