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  1. If you like this check out Macula. https://www.boldmonday.com/typefaces/macula/
  2. Scripting support is not a replacement for new features. Every useful feature that a lot of people might need should eventually be in affinity designer so every artist (which is the target group here) can use it without having to download some plugin first. But with built in features you can only do about 95% of the things you might want to do. The last 5% is usually some niece functionality that very few people need. I personally would need it to do "mathematical" drawing. Power duplicate is cool but what about geometric sequences, logarithmical/exponential ones, or animating certain pro
  3. As a pro app It would be great if affinity designer (and of course also photo, but I haven't used that to date) supported a linear color workflow by default. That is where the gamma is taken into account for color manipulations. Best would probably be to have a gamma setting on a per document basis. As far as I know all software with professional color management has an option for this somewhere in the settings. Especially if this is used in a production pipeline that relies on proper sRGB handling this functionality is critical. Hoping to see that soon on the feature roadmap.
  4. In my opinion Affinity designer is a remarkable tool regarding how new it is. My compliments to the entire development team. There is one point of critique, though, which is that in my opinion it is not "The first OSX vector drawing app that has figured out how to do Bezier curves correctly" (besides, what matters is being best not first). Coming from an Inkscape background and having used apps with very limited bezier drawing capabilities (e.g. the old pages) it feels natural to have "symmetrical" nodes, meaning nodes where the tangent handles are constrained to have both the same slope
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