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[New 1.2] User Guide for Canny Vectors – Free Vector Tools application for Windows


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New version 1.2.

Attached is the latest user guide for my application Canny Vectors.
The guide was written entirely using the Affinity applications – Publisher, Designer and Photo.
Constructive criticism is welcome as I would like the next version to be even better.

You can install the application via the links here:





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New version.
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Hi Garry, 

Wow that's impressive what you created and published all with Affinity software. I'll take a closer look soon and send any observations, I'm no expert for sure so I hope that more experienced users jump in too.

An attractive and smooth TOC and PDF bookmarks to multiple levels, that's what I need but I'm still a bit worried about them in Publisher, there have been issues with them but perhaps all sorted by now. Did you run into PDF bookmark problems that still haven't been fixed by the developers? Yours are all created simply from paragraph heading levels or you manually created anchors to generate bookmarks? 

I'll give Canny Vectors a shot and get back to you soon, hopefully others will chime in soon with feedback for you. 

Kind Regards, 


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Thanks for your interest Kevin B.
I had some issues with PDF Bookmarks but I think many of the problems were things I was doing wrong – sometimes by simply not knowing that I had to do certain things which weren’t clear to me from the documentation.
There is still one problem with the PDF Bookmarks in my PDF that I am aware of, which is that the ‘Chapters’ aren’t in the correct order – Centrics comes before Panes in the PDF Bookmarks but they are the other way round in the document.
I don’t know if this was because I was using 1.9.2 and will need to be checked with the latest version of the software, or whether it’s something else I have done wrong.
The bookmarks and anchors functionalities of the software still need a lot of work to be nicely usable – I have added some requests – but they can be ‘tamed’ if you work at it.
Anyway, I hope you like using Canny Vectors and find some interesting uses for it.

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Quite a lot of things to address there so I’ll see if I can give answers where I can.

Note: You might be better creating your own threads about these issues so that they are not reliant on my thread – your questions aren’t really about my user guide, as such, and could be better-addressed in their own threads.

I’ve never seen anchors disappear myself, as far as I can remember, but I have had problems with them, such as their ordering, and mass-deletion not being possible, and other issues whose details don’t spring to mind at the moment - I wrote a thread about it somewhere. That functionality in 1.9.2, for me, wasn't quite mature enough for use in large important documents but that could just be my natural level of aversion to risk.

I am using version 1.10.x now and will be editing the next version of the guide in that software so I will see how it goes.

The PDF Bookmarks are only available to readers who have their PDF Bookmarks visibility switched ON in their PDF reader software. Also, not all PDF reader software can handle PDF Bookmarks, so it’s probably not best to rely on people being able to use them.

I didn’t quite get all of the Hyperlinks right in my guide – probably my fault – so they aren’t all how I wanted them. I still need to look at getting that right – I think I just picked the wrong anchors in various places.

The ‘compass’ – thanks, glad you like it – was drawn by me in Designer and, from what I remember, it wasn’t difficult to do. Some four-pointed star shapes with some manual ‘fills’ and an ellipse.

I hope I have been able to answer most of your questions.

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Version 1.2 is now in the Microsoft Store.

The latest version of the guide is attached to the first post in this thread.

New in Version 1.2:

  • Tracks Function – Create many types of rotational designs.
  • Routes Selector – You have a choice of the order in which most designs are drawn.
  • Colour Schemes – Seven new schemes.
  • New Shapes – Spikeys, Flowers, Rectelipses (Squircles), Quaternates, and path versions of other shapes.
  • Code Viewer – Improved viewing options.
  • Fields – You can now determine if the shape positions are automatically recalculated.
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