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  1. There is a better application that I use on daily basis - https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/ and best of all it is FREE and updated regularly.
  2. I am with you. I am happy that they fixed the crash on V1 so, all systems go for me.
  3. This is one my side projects for 2022. I run a FaceBook group on the BOAC Speedbird aircraft and "The BOAC Speedbird Adverts" book which contains 133 rare adverts (B&W and colour) from 1940-1970. The adverts were cleaned up using Affinity Photo and the cover was put together with Affinity Designer and of course the book was put together using the Affinity Publisher. For more info visit https://speedbird.shop
  4. Would Affinity work with this? https://www.tourboxtech.com/uk/product.html
  5. Regrettably - RTL is still not supported in V2 - in the meantime you can use this free and nifty software: https://leomoon.com/downloads/desktop-apps/leomoon-parsinegar/
  6. Does this mean the issue with the font selection of a text object in all the trio will be fixed? The current suggested solution of uninstalling several windows updates is frankly unacceptable.
  7. Is there anyway to switch off the preview pane from the export dialogue box? It is taking time to compose the preview and to a certain degree it is not needed for me.
  8. There is no need to use such words the way you have in the title! How old are you???????
  9. WOW! Thank you. An Icon would have been nice! In fact - To be able to customise the toolbar would have been nice!
  10. Is there a reason why Photo does not have "Image Place Tool" like Designer - This has become such a vital tool for my work flow. Please consider adding it.
  11. Thanks - I have found a crude work around - But I won't uninstalling anything. I have V2 - I guess time to upgrade....
  12. All 3 applications crash when I place a text object and go to change the font. Crash report from Designer attached. I am running 2b5db33d-f105-45f2-baa1-522e6dc0358f.dmp
  13. This means nothing! - I am amazed you are comparing Serif to this. I tell you what - Would you like me to pay for your licence? Would this make you happy? is it the £89.00 that is bothering you? You pay 299 for a software and crying for 89!!!. If so let me know, otherwise don't waste poeple's time with such nonsense and pointless comparison between two different business models and wonder why it does not work. I am amazed you are still banging on about this! I think Ash has made his point(s) very clear and Serif know where to stand and what to do. There is no point going on about this and this thread should be locked.
  14. You are talking absolutely rubbish!!! - This is a major version!!!! - A free update is normally within two weeks of a launch of the new MAJOR version NOT a year after! As Patrick says, they got eat! If you had bought your copy two weeks ago I can understand but not a year ago! Clearly you are not a regular user and are here for a "Freebie". A lot of effort has gone into the software, and this is not "Shareware!
  15. Thank you for your words Ash - Affinity is the basis of my project and I cannot work without Publisher - Despite some of the quirks the trio are one of the best software in their respective fields - I think it would be better when and where possible to have the BETA testing public to avoid any hiccups and making the software far more robust - Furthermore do a survey on the most frequently requested features once in a while would be great. I personally feel it is often ignored with a "currently no plans to introduce such feature..." is not helpful. A prime example would be RTL Support. The universal licence is good but not always useful as for example I don't use a mac or an iPad so - I don't benefit from it. (Even though I have bought V2). Like many here I started my design with Serif Page Plus in the 90s - so as far as loyalty is concerned you have mine because your software is actually very good and intuitive, coupled with the videos - So you have 3 GEMS which I used EVERYDAY. Let's move forward and thank you once again.
  16. It has been asked before and never made it to APUB as for the reason I am not sure, Ironically Serif PagePlus has it.
  17. It is very unlikely to come to Publisher. You can use this site: https://barcode.tec-it.com/en
  18. With you may be but not with me... You obviously have no idea about customer service/loyalty - Stick to your pixels & vectors...!
  19. I don't know why everyone think it is about the price???? Are you guys really upset about the price? or are you upset that you didn't get any preferential treatment over the new users?Would you be happy if it costed more to the new user? or do you think what you are getting from Affinity is not worth its price?Think about it... It is about recognitions of customer loyalty esp when it comes to a small company. It is about understanding your customers and building a relationship and not acting like Adobe: "...Are you leaving? OK Good bye!" or Twitter! So yes 89 quid might not be much but the image their portrait makes the loyal users think, why did I bother bashing the bible for them? The issue for me has never been the price but differentiating customer loyalty and relationship...
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