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  1. Why would there be a need for an extra app, when the notification can be done through the application itself? Re-inventing the wheel for not a good reason.... imho
  2. I think the subject (rather stupid one might I add considering the support are constantly responding to questions) is Affinity dead or When is the next beta has become so tedious and pathetic that makes me cringe every time as they don't seem to get, the next BETA will be ready whenever it will be ready....! but someone will ask these two questions again and again and again....!
  3. God listen to yourself!!! DONT BUY IT!!! Go back to Adobe but stop threatening Serif with your nonsense. As far as I am concerned Serif does not need "customers" like you!!! Like Children Are we there yet????/ STOP!!!! You are not helping the process. This is how Serif operates and if you don't like it Lump it!!!! No one ever praises them for some damn good software but crying because they have not had a BETA for a while....
  4. Funny I had this yesterday on Windows but I cannot recreate it for the life of me and did find it odd.
  5. Brilliant Walt. This is EXACTLY what I wanted an poorly explained!!!!!!
  6. Good question - What I meant was only relating to external resources being modified. The Fix all would be essentially a manual button to trigger what Walt suggested - But now the option that it does automatically (preferences) answers my request. I am working on a very heavy image based book and the images get updated quite frequently and this was the reason but the boys at Serif had already thought of this and had an option which I had not seen.
  7. Walt - I think your suggestion is the best given what we have.
  8. The idea was rather than me going to each individual resource and press the "FIX" button, I would have one button that would do this (Based on my screenshot).
  9. It would be the same. an "UPDATE ALL" button would be in order - unless I have missed something here. My point is to process multiple files in one go.
  10. Apologies if this has been asked before but can you please consider adding a "FIX ALL" button for Preflight if there are multiple files/resources that have been modified like attached screen. It makes life much easier and less errors and time scrolling up and down finding the modified files.
  11. I am not sure what you mean. They are pretty much the same (Unless it is OS Specific Feature). I use Windows for my personal work and MAC at work and have not seem any major differences. To be fair to Serif, they have done their best to make sure they have the same "User Experience" where and when possible.
  12. I can only echo Aongus's words. Affinity suite has been a god sent for me for my book projects and it delivers outstanding results and value for money. I don't what I would do without the trio. (Although I use Publisher & Designer the most). Good on you Serif. Keep it up!!!
  13. I use Nitro PDF and been using it for years. https://www.gonitro.com/
  14. As far as I know Serif don't offer a roadmap unless I have missed something.
  15. Good points. I am one of those desperately wanting and needing RTL support for a major projects and lord knows the amount of "mountains" I have moved to get it to work on Publisher/Designer but I know it will not come until version 2 or 3 or 4 of the software so I have given up and using my un-orthodox methods to get the job done as apart for this, Publisher is amazing! So I have given up on a road map too...
  16. But Bruce a road map has to be maintained and kept up-to-date. If one feature cannot be implemented then you remove it. Simple as that.
  17. Great to see Affinity Photo on the tonight's Apple presentation....! Well done Team!
  18. Hey Allan, Just wondering what did you use to build the website? S
  19. @Dan CThank you so much! Adam must hate me! lol - Sorry Adam! 😆
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