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Found 23 results

  1. Affinity Photo tutorial. Create a snow globe. This tutorial uses live filters, FX, blur, shadows, shape tool and more to create a snow globe. https://youtu.be/d-lX3UVoj98
  2. I have been getting strange effects happening when I use the live perspective distort filter. In this example I have text with a outer glow effect and have used the live perspective filter. You can see a strange box at the bottom right. Its not consistent either. As I move around and zoom it changes. Its not just a screen rendering issue. When I export to image file it also shows up. I have included the Affinity file here so it can be looked at: AffinityBug.afphoto Details: Affinity Photo 1.8.4 on macOS Catalina. I have the same issue on two separate Mac computers, additionally the same rending issue is there when opening it in Affinity Designer as well as Photo. AffinityBug.afdesign
  3. When trying to make a 4 photo collage, I wanted to find an easy way to feather the edges of the photos together, without having to start drawing shapes and be precise (to speed up workflow). I did find a work-around for it, though not very practical or speedy. But, in searching, I stumbled upon something that could be improved. When using the Live filter: vignette, the effect still applies to the whole document, even when the filter is linked to only one of the layers, as you can see in the screenshot. What are your thoughts? Have I maybe skipped a step somewhere? Also, does anyone know a good way to quickly feather edges of a layer? Only the edges I choose though. If I did not skip a step: I suggest, to improve workflow and practicallity: A dropdown menu when applying a Filter where you can choose between "Full document" or "Selected layers", so you can choose to have it logically affect only the layers/area you need. Using my own document as an example, to only vignet the top right object/layer. As an extra suggestion: the option to quickly select a layer, to convert it to a smart object that you can edit in its own document. Perhaps an extra option in the Layers menu and when Right Clicking a layer to "Edit in seperate document" Which will automatically convert the layer to a smart object, create a new seperate document and allow you to edit seperately with no extra steps in-between. Live editing of the seperate document, where the adjustments directly transfer to the main project, would be a nice added feature, so you don't need to constantly close and reopen the smart object. Though, I see how that could be more difficult to implement. I've already run into the issue several times that I need the ability to edit a smart object seperately and have read of several others that have too, so I do see a need here that could be filled, at least in a more practical/intuitive way.
  4. I have a gaussian blur layer, which when exported to tiff, is not applied to the same level (amount) as the screen preview in AFP 1.7.3. In order to have the same amount of blur in the exported tiff, I have to increase the blur radius from 0.9 to 3.8px
  5. Again I had a task where I had to use Live Filters in combination with Layer Effects and encountered a display problem. At first I thought it was caused by my Win 7 system and the built-in graphics card. When I tried it on a Win 10 system, I got the same result! Since the error occurs systematically on Windows systems, I assume that there is a calculation problem in the Live Filter matrix. But I would be interested if this error also occurs on OSX systems with Metal GPU! Tested on: - Microsoft Windows 7 Enteprise x64 (6.1.7601 Service Pack 1): HP EliteBook 8760w / 32,0GB RAM | Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QM | NVIDIA Quadro 3000M / 2GB DDR5 - Microsoft Windows 10 Enteprise x64 (10.0.17134): HP ZBook 17 G4 / 64,0GB RAM | Intel(R) Xeon(R) E3-1535M v6 | NVIDIA Quadro P4000 / 8GB GDDR5 APhoto_Filter_Bug.afphoto APhoto_Filter_Bug_2.afphoto
  6. I tested the performance of Affinity Photo with a live filter and found that version was much smoother and without artifacts. Unfortunately, I can not show a comparison because I have already applied the new update. Maybe you can build it in the based on my example ?! magnifying glass.afphoto
  7. Hey beebs! I'm using the trial version, tried to use the Gaussian blur but it makes some edges when moved, I guess it made to after I merge the filter. I told my self it would be a rendering thing but it turned to be rendered with the edged as you can see in the photo attached. Please I need help with this error! Cheers!
  8. HI I bought Affinity for the iPad why cannot I download the above files?
  9. Hi all, trying to install luminance, studio retouch and live filters on iPad Pro 12 usin ios11.2.6 and Affinity on installing it it tells me to “open in iMovie” and not “open in photos” as per installation guide. I don’t have iMovie on the iPad only other options I can find is “save to photos”. any assistance much appreciated. thanks in advance Kas
  10. The other two brushes freebies installed NP... but this is what I get with the Live Filters...
  11. I have been experimenting with using the perlin noise filter in Photo and it is very nice to have a perlin noise filter right within photo. However if it could be done as a live filter with a few improvements would be awesome. Add the ability to stretch the noise Add the ability to angle the noise Here is an example of an effect I did using the perlin filter, it was a bit complex and I would love to be able to go back in and just adjust the noise without having to completely re do the whole thing
  12. Hi. I'm trying to export this file, but it won't render correctly, and it won't export correctly either. Some of the live perspective layers clip incorrectly when exporting. Design by Ajay Style Guide Aesthetic > Depth Perspective Drawing.afdesign
  13. Hi, since downloading AP 1.5 on my mac with os Sierra, I have not been able to retouch live filter layers, such as gaussian blur, etc. When I create a Gaussian blur live filter layer on top of a pixel layer and I try to use the paintbrush tool to remove or reduce the opacity of that layer, nothing happens. I used to be able to do that with no problems before.
  14. You've created this great compare feature called splitview which is a tremendous help when altering the parameters of a filter as it gives you live feedback as the settings change. The problem? It only works with the "old" method of adding filters and not the live filters. The way AP works at the moment it means you have to either miss out on live filters or miss out on the compare features when applying filters. Please enable splitview and mirror compare options for the live filters so we don't have to miss out. Thanks
  15. Live Filters are one of Affinity’s better assets. I wonder if they should have their own palette just as Adjustments and FX have. If so please make preset previews optional - see my post here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/27333-adjustment-palette-previews/
  16. i'm sure there must be an explanation for this, but i can't figure one out. if i open an image file, add any number of whatever adjustment layers, and then i group all the adjustment layers together, AP behaves just like i would expect: the effects of the adjustments are still visible, and i can turn them on and off by turning on and off the group. however, if among the adjustments i insert any live filter layer, as soon as i group the adjustments + the live filter, the cumulative effect disappears, just like i had applied none of them, no matter how the group visibility is set. any clues?
  17. Do you experience buggy live filters sliders ? more specifically the blur and sharpen filters ? I keep doing a CTLR RESTART REBOOT to refresh the app on a regular basis but it doesn't look to me like it is really stabilizing it. Have also reinstaled from the app store on a regular basis but to no avail. When you do a reboot CTLR RESTART is it necessary to select everything or can you keep some personal preferences like studio? any other suggestion for the live filter sliders that do not stay in place and do not slide normally? any suggestion to stabilize the app? change preference performance settings??? working on a mac pro 6-core 64gb and AMD FirePro D300 2048 MB
  18. hello, my affinity photo 1.4.1 beta 2 crashes when applying a live pinch/punch filter layer to a stack of images. i reproduced the crash multiple times following these steps: 1) create a new stack from ten jpg images 2) apply a highlights/shadows adjustment 3) apply a hsl adjustment 4) apply a live pinch/punch filter layer => crash (before setting the cursors) steps (2) and (3) apparently are not involved, since the crash happens even applying the live pinch/punch filter immediately after the stack is created. the only information i could find in console, that looks related to the crash, is the following line: 10/01/16 17:10:51,793 com.apple.launchd.peruser.502[226]: (com.seriflabs.affinityphoto.beta.109680[86346]) Job appears to have crashed: Segmentation fault: 11 the problem seems not to be related to the number of shots in the stack (i got segfaults with a ten images stack, but also with a two or three images stack). most of the live filters work as expected. i got segfaults with the following live filter layers: - twirl - spherical - pinch/punch - lens distortion - perspective the segfault happens for both mean and median based stacks, i did not try other modes. i run osx 10.9.5 ona quoad core i7 2010 imac with 16gb ram.
  19. hovering with a paint tool (brus, pixel tool,...) or erase tool causes affinity photo 1.4.1 beta 2 to display transparent areas after applying a live perspective filter. trasnparent areas come and go when hovered, so it looks like it's only a display effect. see screenshot detail, atached. affinity photo 1.4.1 beta 2 osx 10.9.5 imac 4 core i7 late 2010 ram 16gb edit: this happens only if the "preserve alpha" box is checked.
  20. i just realized that when using the inpainting tool / patch tool and others on a layer that has a perspective filter applied, the tools get misplaced by the perspective. for example, the inpainting tool red trail appears where it would be if the perspective correction was applied again... that is in the position where the points where i dragged the tool have actually been moved by the perspective filter. the attachment is a detail of a screenshot i took: the misplacement between the trail and the cursor is well visible, since the cursor should be just over the bottom of the trail. is this the intended behaviour? imho, it looks like a bug, since i would expect a correct interaction between live filters and tools.
  21. Affinity Photo v. 1.4. OS X El Capitan When you apply spherical filter to a layer and decrease the layer opacity to be less than 100%, it is distorted by some stripes of significantly lower opacity. Please find the sample attached. Test_Spherical.afphoto
  22. I keep looking at your videos tutorials but I just find no way to repeat what James is doing with Live Filters: If I choose the bottom, background pixel layer to nest a Live Filter and then try to move the Live Filter layer to another place in the layer stack it will not work... ... what happens is if I try dragging the Live Filter out of the background pixel layer, the pixel layer comes along... So basically what I end up doing with Live Filters is deselect all layers from the menu bar so that I can place them on top of the layer stack Thank you!!
  23. what is the point of having LIVE LAYERS & ADJ. LAYERS? What are the differences ??? apart from behaving differently in the layer panel which create of course creates confusion. A right click or shortcut for deselecting layers would be great for using live layers more freely. Thank you!!!
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