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  1. @owenr I hope so, but I don't want to buy the software with having the same situation, anyways what you recommend, contacting the customer support or buy the software?
  2. @R C-R this is the file with the last move I made for the object, and you can find a video of the full screen. (using affinity photo trial version) GBE - 2.mov gussian blur error.afphoto
  3. please check the video I have attached, you can find how much I moved the object within the canvas. cheers!
  4. actually not out of canvas, but looks that the edges will be rendered in png format, but the edges could be removed if I zoomed in and out (not always), more or less why the software renders the error and the edges. Cheers!
  5. you can check this video to see what happens when I move the object! (this recording from affinity photo trial version) GBE.mov
  6. @Dan C sure! but I couldn't find the file I made before I guess I didn't save it. but here you can check another one I made for you to check. (if you couldn't find the solution I can send you a video of using and saving the file) cheers! gussian blur error - F.afphoto
  7. Hey beebs! I'm using the trial version, tried to use the Gaussian blur but it makes some edges when moved, I guess it made to after I merge the filter. I told my self it would be a rendering thing but it turned to be rendered with the edged as you can see in the photo attached. Please I need help with this error! Cheers!
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