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    Download issue

    Hi MEB Yes that it, I hit download and up pops the open in iMovies, i have just done it again and it still wants to open in iMovie. Unfortunately I’m on the move for a bit and iPad and cameras is all I have. Kas
  2. Hi all, trying to install luminance, studio retouch and live filters on iPad Pro 12 usin ios11.2.6 and Affinity on installing it it tells me to “open in iMovie” and not “open in photos” as per installation guide. I don’t have iMovie on the iPad only other options I can find is “save to photos”. any assistance much appreciated. thanks in advance Kas
  3. kas55


    Reinstalled os and Affinity then started as suggested in Seems to have sorted it for now. When can we expect a proper fix?
  4. kas55


    So, running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 with infinity and Nikon plugins and all’s well. Then I update to affinity 1.6.6 and its all gone wrong. Froze on installing, sorted that now it opens and won’t start from dock. Will start from apps so refreshed app in dock, no joy, all plugins are missing, if I go to preferences I get nothing at all no preference screen nothing. So can’t set plugins or anything else for that matter. The opening logo remains for ages. And the opening screen no longer appears at all. In general its gone to crap. Have checked Mac and can find no problems, no issues with fire walls so. Where can I find the old affinity 1.5? I’ll use that as it worked. Or what’s the matter with this update???. Starting to regret giving up PS. Attached photos are 5 minuets after opening, and can’t do anything with it.