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Found 363 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to use Affinity Photo and Affinity Design. Till now I used Photoshop. I'm missing some function in Affinity. Can someone tell me how to rotate the canvas in Affinity Photo and how to change the Brush size with the mouse like Photoshop.
  2. Would like to see bracket keys control the sizes like they do in Photo or Photo Persona to increase or decrease size of brush when using the Draw persona.
  3. I'm trying to create a color pattern image brush that would have a transparent background, so I save as a png without the background. When I create the image brush and select the image, the color has shifted. Really apparent in the blue/teal color. Why?
  4. Hi, I have big problems with both AD (also the latest Beta) & AP: I get very jagged/angular lines, especially when drawing quickly. It seems the digitizer can not keep up with the stroke. I made a screenshot in AD. It seems to occur more with the pixel brushes. The problem is visible in any brush I pick. see screenshot I am working with the last Version of El Capitan. I tried the latest Wacom driver, and also an older one - no difference. I have no Problems with other programs, I tried Clip Studio, Photoshop, Sketchbook and Krita and they work just fine. As it is, I can not use AD & AP for any kind of freehand drawing and painting, which really sucks: I hope you have a solution!
  5. Hi all, a new affinity photo user here. I just got the app on the ipad, and have not used this at all, so it's all still a tad foreign. I tired looking up some information on my issues, but found it slightly difficult to locate answers to my questions. So hoping some people can help me out here/ direct me towards the right place. 1. First issue regarding importing photoshop .abr files, I've tried with an .abr file with just one brush, and that seem to work. However when I tried to import a larger .abr file containing multiple brushes (around 700mb) the app would crash. The brushes are from photoshop cs5- cs6 so I'm not entirely sure if it's just a really large .abr file or it can only be one brush at a time? 2. Brush group adjustments, by default, there are multiple brush groups, with different kinds of brushes eg dry brush, drawing...etc. However it doesn't seem like you can edit / move / duplicate the brushes around between these groups? Or I just haven't figured it out. If anyone can clarify that, it would be great. The only thing you seemed to be able to do is edit settings, rename the brush, and delete the brush. 3. Having then tried to adjust some setting on the brushes, I've noticed that when I set brush size to 100% regardless of curve adjusts there is always this initial spot from the brush at a larger size as if I was apply a lot of pressure, however I would only be pressing extremely lightly, it was then jump to presumably what the size should be for that pressure, and then the rest of the stroke is fine. Attached are some images of some of the strokes, and settings which I've adjusted it to, again I'm not entirely familiar with how all the settings work, but I cannot figure out how to change the setting to have just a nice smooth line tapering properly. Hopefully someone will be able to enlighten me on my current situation. Thanks!
  6. I just created some Affinity Photo brushes free for use. You can read about them here: Or just download the file directly here: They are free for use, but are not to be sold. If you want to redistribute them, please ask permission. Have fun! -Tim
  7. You can replicate the error if you have the brush tool and you resize the window either from the sides or corners of the affinity photo window, after that the pressure of any brush can be detected and gets like lineal the only way I found to fixed it is to close the application and open it again.
  8. I'm experiencing a very slow cursor / brush while using a tablet with brushes form the "Textured" category (brushes that have large size and many rough / sharp edges). Cursor / brush works fine with mouse. Video LE: Never mind, turning off "High precision input" makes it work normally.
  9. Hi there! I love the Affinity products, but yesterday I encountered a problem: The brush tool is not working in Affinity Photo. Whether I create a pixel layer to paint in, or the Assistant helps create one for me, the results are the same--the brush tool will not paint. This came right after I updated to version 1.6.7. (My Mac OS is High Sierra, version 10.13.3, btw.) Thanks for an otherwise-excellent product!
  10. Is there a way for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to sync their brushes? Now I had to import one brush set to each application separately.
  11. Just recording this bug on the Windows forum - previously reported over on Paolo's Mac thread. Show brush previews unchecked/Always show brush crosshair checked in User Prefs. Pixel Persona always defaults to brush preview - crosshair usually appears if round brush selected, crosshair not present if textured brush selected. Behaviour is present on both my main tower PC and my small HP laptop; have not yet been able to remove brush preview and only have crosshair displayed. Unchecking/checking both options in user prefs seems to have no impact either way. R7 Radeon GPU. Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone, I've posted a topic in Question area, discussing about the brush tool. It seems Affinity Photo couldn't handle pressure control very well. When drawing a line in Affinity Photo with a tablet, it always ends like a tadpole, like in picture one. What I expect is a line that have a fade off at the end, like picture two, is a screenshot from Clip Studio Paint. I'm not sure if it's the problem of brush tool or the problem of pressure control of the software, but I really hope Affinity Photo could add that kind of feature, as it's labeled "Professional Paint, Sketch, and Texture Tools".
  13. Recently I started drawing in Affinity Photo. One thing that confused me is that I couldn't figure out how to draw stroke like this: The line get thinner at the end of the stroke. This is a screenshot from Clip Studio Paint. I tried configuring accumulation jitter and flow jitter but still can't reach this effect. Does anybody know how to config the brush? Or do Affinity Photo support this feature?
  14. This has been an issue for a while now. The blur brush tool adjustments in the tool bar (opacity, hardness and flow) don't seem to be doing anything. I've been using affinity photo now for about 7 months now. This never used to be an issue - the opacity, hardness and flow sliders would all have an effect on the blur brush tool. However all of the sudden, one day they stopped working and the blur brush tool is stuck on max blur! Can anybody tell me why or how to fix this? Note: these adjustments work just fine on paint brushes, burn/dodge brush tools etc its only an issue with the blur tool.
  15. A feature I'd love to see after working with some complex masking with AP on the iPad is an easier way to jump back and forth between black and white when using a brush on a mask. Having two color swatches in the brush bar at the bottom when working with brush would be extremely helpful. Thanks for an excellent program.
  16. Hi everyone, I've been getting into using Affinity Photo heavily and it's almost become my standard tool if it was not for this major problem. The average size of .tiff file I am editing is 6000 x 4000 When adding a simply white feathered, brushed line, it is extremely slow at responding, and it takes a while for the app to catchup with my mouseclicks. This applies no-matter which blending mode I am using and seemingly the brush size / characteristics as I have read elsewhere. Doing the same tests using Photoshop CC, I cannot reproduce the same horrendous performance. I have tried many combinations of view quality, retina performance and Display method, but I cannot seem to rectify the problem. And I have experimented with using Dedicated graphics or on-board My specs are as follows: MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) Processor: 3.1 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory: 16 GB 2133 MHz LPDDR3 Graphics: Radeon Pro 560 4 GB Intel HD Graphics 630 1536 MB Any help or update would be appreciated
  17. Hi everyone! I am using Affinity Photo after a while and found that it is not possible to use layer masks. I know some topics said 'uninstall Affinity Photo' or 'press CMD + D' or 'use the real black and white color' and 'do not forget to set you opacity to 100 percent'. I also restart my Mac and Affinity Photo but it still won't work. Ik hope there is a possibility I forgot to try to make it work again. Do you have any answers that will solve this problem? Thanks in advance! Joran
  18. I finally worked out how to create coloured image brushes for both Vector & Raster formats in Designer.The raster brush instructions also apply to Photo too. When a member of a Face Book group I belong to, asked how to create a brush from a png image, I set about creating a video. No text or voice-over, just some nice relaxing Royalty Free music and my mouse movements. Recorded on a Windows 10 Pro system but hopefully Mac users will be able to see what actions need to be performed on their O/S. I have also included the two single brushes here with Permission from Nikki. Any comments are welcomed. Angela Nikkis_Irish_Flag_Bruashes_Tutorial_Video.mp4 Nikkis Irish Flag PIXEL.afbrushes Nikkis Patrick Day Flag Vector.afbrushes
  19. Hi, I recently purchased Affinity Photo along with a Huion Display Tablet (Kamvas GT-156HDV2) and was trying out the brush tool when I noticed that the brushes don't taper very nicely, especially when I start the stroke (was drawing from bottom to top in the attached image). and it also ends a bit funky too. Not sure if it's a tablet driver issue (also contacted Huion) or could be a compatibility problem? UPDATE: This also seems to be a problem in Affinity Design, but doesn't look to be as bad. Also, even when I apply pressure at the beginning of the stroke, it starts off with the thin line before it jumps to the correct size. I use other programs as well (Autodesk Sketchbook and Clip Studio) and I have not encountered this problem
  20. I'm a Photoshop user, but have gotten irritated by the bogged down app for the last few years. I found this app and am loving it so far. Only used it for an hour but hey! I'm trying to use the brush tool with SHIFT to constrain in the hor. or vert. but that apparently is for drawing a straight line from the last point the brush was. This would be fine except to do a pure vert or hor is hard with this method. Is there a key or alternative way to draw a straight line with the brush tool? I know I could use a line tool.... *shrug* Thanks!
  21. Hi there. I have just started using the trial of Affinity Photo and so far I quite like it. Coming from 17 years of PS I find it very intuitive. But I'm having an issue with the paint brush tool. After a while it refuses to paint in white. Yes, only pure white. It will paint other colours just fine, including black and the lightest possible grey. If I paint with white nothing shows up. As soon as I switch to any other colour or shade of grey it paints no problem. This happens on masks and pixel/background layers. I have the flow and opacity both at 100%. Protect Alpha is unchecked. Blend mode is normal. But it can't be those settings, because as I said, every other colour except white will paint fine. If it were a problem inherent in my settings I assume it would effect all other colours, too. If I quit and restart it goes back to normal and will paint with white, but after a while it stops again. If I open a Any ideas? I've never come across this issue in any editing software before. Did I break it? Edit: Nevermind. Apparently there's some RTFM-ing I need to do. Looks like I hit the crossed out circle next to the main swatches on the colour palette and it took away my white painting ability. Mods can feel free to delete this post if you like.
  22. Dear Affinity Photo Customer Support (and anyone willing to help) I've been using Affinity photo for about a month now and I love it! Finally something powerful that I can afford while I study digital painting. I do have just one problem that I have encountered that really bothers me though. When painting and using the hand tool thats been bound to a physical button on my drawing tablet (that happens to be a T-12 Cybertablet from Adesso), the paint from the brush tool sticks to the canvas on the place I am touching even though the hand tool is being used. In short, when I have the brush equipped and I activate the hand tool I still leave marks. This is really bothersome as you can imagine since there are unwanted marks all over my studies. I am on a windows Laptop running Win10, 64-bit AsusTek, 16gb RAM. If someone could issue me a fix or lend a hand in any way I would appreciate it. - Thanks in advance Chicken
  23. Hi everyone, I downloaded the promotional brushes, and installed on my affinity for iPad. I noticed that they come with brush name in the list. How I can show my brush name in my custom library? I have many custom brushes created by myself, but every time it's hard to distinguish one from each other. I'd like to have a label with their names. Like I have with this new promotional brushes.
  24. I love Photo for Windows but could you tell me if this is a glitch or am I missing something. I know Designer would probably do the job first time but I only need to put a precise shape around part of a photo using a brush. I have started by using the pen tool to create the curve in a new layer. With this highlighted I have clicked on the box between the stroke colour and point width to access the Stroke style. Clicking on the Nul, Solid line or Dash all do what they should but the Brush button just leaves things as a solid line. I already have the brushes open and brush selected in the right hand tool bar. Within the stroke style box the pressure drop down works to vary the width but when the properties box is clicked the Brush pop out box is empty and all sliders grayed out though I can click between General, Dynamics and Texture. I can use the Brush with the Paint Brush tool but this does not give me the adjustable curve I require. The problem is still present in the beta and also if I try to alter the stroke of any shape. So where have I screwed up. Thanks for any help you can offer, Graham Curve Stroke Problem.afphoto
  25. Hello, I want to retouch some scanned black and white negatives on the iPad. The blemish removal tool and the inpainting brush work fine but sometimes I need to use the clone stamp or the patch tool. The tools clone the film grain structure very unsharp as you can see in the attached files (before and after, in the middle of the pictures). Are there any preferences that I have to change?