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Found 599 results

  1. Hello guys! I have a question: how can I make a vector brush that draws a given shame over and over again? I’m making technical clothing drawings and it would be so nice not to draw zigzag stitches one by one. I know there are such brushes in AI but since they can’t be imported I wonder if I can make them myself in affinity for iPad. this is the shape and I want to make things like this: @ProDesigner sorry to bother you but maybe you can help me again ( by the way, I can by pass the paddle thing If you make a 3 points vertical line ) thank you!!
  2. Hallo Affinity Community, mit euch möchte ich meine Länderflaggen Pinsel teilen. Optimiert sind sie für's zeichnen bei 1% Abstand damit ein Streifeneffekt entsteht. Geeignet also für z.B. Texteffekte. Einige Flaggen waren durch ihr Design für runde Pinsel ungeeignet. Um sie dennoch hinzuzufügen habe ich sie umgestaltet, möglichst ohne ihren Wiedererkennungswert einzuschränken. War z.B. ein Emblem mittig und dadurch beim zeichnen schlicht unsichtbar, verschob ich es ein wenig über die Kante des Kreises/Pinsels. Manche Flaggen besitzen deshalb 2 Versionen. Die Pinsel sind in englisch übersetzt, auf 4 Kategorien verteilt und alphabetisch sortiert. Ohne englisch Kenntnisse wird man sich auch zurechtfinden da die Reihenfolge der deutschen sehr ähnlich ist. Enthalten sind 193 Stück + 59 Zweitversionen mit einer Größe von je 500 Pixel. Anleitung für 3D Effekt mit zusätzlichem feinen Linien wie auf dem Vorschaubild: 1. Beliebigen Flaggenpinsel wählen und auf die gewünschte Größe ändern, z.B. 60 Pixel bei 2K Auflösung. 2. Eine neue leere Ebene erstellen und 1x mit dem Pinsel darauf klicken/malen. 3. Live Filter "Rauschen hinzufügen" an die Ebene clippen und Wert auf ca. 25 erhöhen. 4. Belichtungsanpassung ebensfalls an die Ebene clippen und Wert auf ca. -2,5 stellen. An diese Anpassung (nicht Hauptebene) einen vertikalen bzw. je nach gewünschter Lichtrichtung schrägen schwarz/weiss Verlauf zeichnen, sodass der Pinselpunkt oben hell und unten dunkel wird. 5. Ebene duplizieren um die originale zu sichern und das Duplikat rastern. 6. Mit angeklickter Duplikatsebene über Pinselpanel "neuer Pinsel aus Auswahl" wählen. Den Pinsel bearbeiten und Abstand auf 1% reduzieren. Der Pinsel ist jetzt fertig vorbereitet. 7. Auf neuer oder zwei neuen Ebenen (z.B. bei übereinanderliegenden Strichen wie bei Buchstabe A oder H) zeichnen, z.B. einen Text. 8. Ebeneneffekte "3D" oder "Kanten schleifen-innen" mit einem runden Profil hinzufügen (bei zwei Ebenen auch jeweils einen Ebeneneffekt für sich (Effekt kann seit Affinity 1.9 verknüpft werden)). Bei einer gewählten Pinselgröße von 60 Pixel empfiehlt sich ein Wert von 25 - 30. Optional "weichzeichnen" hinzufügen. Nun nur noch das Licht an die bei Schritt 4 gewählte Richtung anpassen. 9. Falls zwei Ebenen verwendet wurden kann auf der unteren gegebenenfalls noch ein Schatten, der durch die obere entsteht, hinzugefügt werden. Das verstärkt den 3D Effekt noch mehr. Fertig Viel Spaß english Hello Affinity community, i want to share my country flags brushes with you. They are optimized for round brushes by painting with 1% space to create a streakeffect. Because of some flags are unsuitable i had to edit them. This packs contained 193 brushes + 59 with a second version, separated in 4 categories, translated into english and arranged in alphabetical order. All have a size of 500 pixel. Tutorial for a 3D effect with additional fine lines like on my wallpaper: 1. Choose a flag brush and set it to a size you like, for example 60 pixel on 2K resolution. 2. Create a new empty layer and paint 1x time on it. 3. Add "add noise" live filter and clip it on this layer. Set the value to around 25. 4. Add "exposure" adjustment and clip it also to this layer. Set the value to around -2,5 and add a vertical (or other light direction you like) black/white gradient on this adjustment layer. Your brush dot is now bright on top and below dark. 5. Duplicate the complete layer to save your original. Rasterize the duplicate. 6. With active duplicate go to brush panel and click on "create brush from selection". Edit this brush and set space to 1%. The brush is now ready to paint. 7. Paint on a new layer (or 2 if your lines cross each other like for letter A or H for a deeper 3D effect). 8. Add layer effect (If you have 2 layers use 2 layer effects. Since Affinity 1.9 it is possible to link them.) "3D" or "inner bevel". I recommend a value of 25 - 30 when you paint with 60 pixel. Optional smooth the effect a little. For a round 3D effect use a round profil. Now only adjust your light direction to a similar like on step 4. 9. If you use 2 layers you can add a shadow on the layer below to increase the 3D effect. Done Have fun Country_Flags_A_-_F.afbrushes Country_Flags_G_-_L.afbrushes Country_Flags_M_-_P.afbrushes Country_Flags_S_-_Z.afbrushes
  3. I'm not sure if this is XP-Pen's new driver or Affinity's new update, but I thought I'd mention it here. The 'tilt' brush modifier function does not seem to work in Affinity on my side (even though my tablet definitely supports pen tilt). I've tried it with numerous default and custom Affinity brushes with 'tilt' as a modifier, and the tilting of the pen does not seem to be making any impact on the strokes.
  4. I've been having to use a workaround to save edits made on brushes. Most of the time Photo won't save the changes I make to brushes unless I either duplicate them after the edit or if I click on a different brush WHILE I have the edit window open.
  5. In Affinity Designer, how do you convert a vector brush stroke to a curve. Yes, the stroke itself is a curve, but with the brush applied it has texture (width, scratches, drop-outs, etc.) in the stroke. I'd like to take the "rendered" vector stroke and convert it to an outline curve (kind of like converting a text letter to a curve). How is this done?
  6. I've had a lot of good feedback from my first batch of brushes, so I've made an improved set. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I am. Gumroad
  7. Hey Fellows! Sometimes I try to open the brush edit panel but Affinity crashes immediately without a warning. I don't know if this is because I have too much brushes or could be something else.
  8. Just installed the latest upgrade yesterday. In the old days you used to be able to take a black brush and paint out certain areas of a filter you had applied to an image. Now nothing happens. I can only paint on a pixel layer. Can't even paint on a mask. What is going on?
  9. I've looked through all the preferences in Affinity Photo and I'm not seeing a way to turn off the shape of a brush when painting? Say I have a grass brush selected. When I'm painting the outline of the brush on the screen gets in the way of what I'm trying to do. I had thought in the preferences that Show Brush Previews was going to be what I needed but appears not unfortunately. Is there a way to do this at all? Thanks, Mark
  10. Hi, I have big problems with both AD (also the latest Beta) & AP: I get very jagged/angular lines, especially when drawing quickly. It seems the digitizer can not keep up with the stroke. I made a screenshot in AD. It seems to occur more with the pixel brushes. The problem is visible in any brush I pick. see screenshot I am working with the last Version of El Capitan. I tried the latest Wacom driver, and also an older one - no difference. I have no Problems with other programs, I tried Clip Studio, Photoshop, Sketchbook and Krita and they work just fine. As it is, I can not use AD & AP for any kind of freehand drawing and painting, which really sucks: I hope you have a solution!
  11. I'm trying to just get a basic brush but everything that says 'reset' doesn't rest them (under more button and also under preferences pane)...any other ideas or is this a bug?
  12. For some reason today, my brush and pen will not align and is off axis (see photo). I am using a basic mouse). I do not recall what may have occurred to start this but it was working fine until today. I even tried updating to the new version hoping that would correct the issue but it did not. Also, it appears that the brush is locked on some sort of "virtual" center point. For example at a point in the document, the brush aligns as normal, but the further away the brush is moved from that fixed point, the further away the brush becomes aligned with its marker, including direction. For example if I start at the point of alignment and move my brush marker north, the ACTUAL brush starts to move south of the brush marker. Conversely if I move the brush marker south, the actual brush starts to move north of the brush marker. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug, but when I tried importing vector brushes, it doesn’t load. I’ve uploaded a screen record. Pixel brush are ok. But vector brush doesn’t import (load). I’m using iPad Pro 11” 2018 with the latest OS and Affinity Designer 1.9 IMG_1204.MP4
  14. Would be nice if you could add toggle key to switch between brush and eraser. (not B/E but single key to switch) I was asked this functionality from artists who use Affinity as painting tool many times.
  15. Hi, I'm new to use Affinity Photo and Affinity Design. Till now I used Photoshop. I'm missing some function in Affinity. Can someone tell me how to rotate the canvas in Affinity Photo and how to change the Brush size with the mouse like Photoshop.
  16. Can Affinity Designer create an Art Brush, as in Illustrator? Create a vector object and make it an ART brush that can then be applied to a stroke, while remaining a vector, and then Expanded back into the individual vector shapes for further modifications of those shapes. Attached jpeg is the sample I'm working on. The top image was created in Designer, which I copied into Illustrator and made it an Art Brush. I then applied that brush to the curved strokes below. Everything I've read about making brushes in Designer says that you need to make your art a png. This means it is no longer vector and its pieces cannot be modified later. You can see where it would be very time consuming to make those curved versions of the original art by hand. An Art Brush accomplished this in seconds. If Art Brushes are doable in Designer, please include a description or a link to the procedure. I'm really trying to make Designer my go-to vector app, but the more I use it, the more I need to go back to Illustrator to perform simple tasks. Shape Builder, Warp Options and Image Trace are also features I use frequently.
  17. I have been annoyed by this is the past, and I hoped this would be addressed in the new version: Every time after I have drawn a stroke with the brush or pixel or vector brush tool, a circle indicating the brush size pops up in the middle of the screen. This is extremely annoying and unneccesary. It distrubs the flow of drawing in the app to such a degree that I tend to avoid it altogether. Why can't we get rid of this, as it has no function whatsoever?
  18. Would be nice if you could add "Clear" mode to Brush. Painting artists often want to use two different erasers at the same time so the clear mode is useful for them.
  19. I apologize upfront for the numerous questions, but I'm still kind of new to Affinity and I'm trying really hard to eliminate Illustrator altogether. Let me start by saying, I love Affinity Designer, but I ran into a big problem... Does anyone know where to buy true vector brush kits for Affinity Designer? Brushes that don't pixelate when exported? I saw one brush kit at https://www.retrosupply.co/collections/affinity/products/the-vector-brush-toolbox-for-affinity-designer, but I don't know for sure if they're true vector brushes. Has anyone tried them? To give you an example why this has become a huge issue for me--I recently did an illustration for a customer, and because the brush I needed turned out to be raster, I had to go into illustrator, recreate part of the illustration and bring it over to Affinity. I tried to create a similar brush in Designer, but it was still raster, so I recreated the brush I needed in Illustrator and redid the work there. Is there a tutorial on making vector brushes in Affinity Designer, true vector brushes? I read somewhere that Designer doesn't support vector brushes? Is that true? It's a little frustrating when you have to duplicate work, because the vector program you're using isn't always vector. It even warns you that part of your drawing might be converted to raster when exporting to a pdf. Why? Does anyone know why Designer allows raster brushes to be added to available brushes in the first place, and why--assuming Designer supports vector brushes--they wouldn't be somehow separated? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help me figure out my options.
  20. Hi, Say I stroke a closed shape with a Vector Brush (in Designer). There is always a gap at the terminal point. Say you don't want the gap. No matter how you edit the brush's Properties – including Head or Tail Offset, Overlap, Pull, etc., – there's always a gap at the closing node. Is there a trick I don't know? (Besides opening the curve and tugging the end nodes for visual stroke overlap.) Wouldn't visual vector-brush stroke closure be a desirable feature for some/many purposes? ¿Could this option be designed into Brush Properties, in a later A.D. update? thanks in advance, – pbass
  21. Hi, The new custom brush feature works great, the only thing that doesn't is size Jitter (at least for me). I've tried it with different selections, shapes etc. Any ideas or does somebody has the same experience/error? edit; wait, does it only works in Designer? Hmm... thanks
  22. Short things short, I imported abr brushes from photoshop to affinity photo, some of them work all right, some of them have some weird lines and look really unlike they originally do, and some of them are a real mess. For now I'm posting only 1 example with weird lines and brush looking quite different, later on I'll update the post with ones where it's really messed up. Here's a comparison between AP (Affinity Photo) and PS(Photoshop). Abr brush pack is obtainable from here: Deviant art brushes In both scenarios used brush is as 5. As shown in image above.
  23. I like to proppose an additional feature for Affinity Photo, which I was missing: up to now she slider of Hardness, Flow and Shape has no effect on Pixel brushes, only with round and square brushes. It wold be a nice feature to change also pixel brushes with this sliders.
  24. I like to proppose anadditional feature for Affinity Photo, which I was missing: A function which fill a Path (Vector curve) with a Pixel-Brush on a new layer, like the function in Designer which fill a path with a vector-brush.
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