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  1. Koniotaur

    Abr brushes issue

    Any update on this already?
  2. Koniotaur

    Abr brushes issue

    Awaiting for results of that investigation then. Edit Also same applies to Affinity Designer, results are same as in Photo.
  3. Koniotaur

    Abr brushes issue

    All of brushes I've shown come from 1 pack - Brush Pack v3 by Fenris31 on deviantart - link to it is in first post. Also I have uploaded that brush pack to that dropbox.
  4. Koniotaur

    Abr brushes issue

    BUMP Like I said, I've chosen some random brushes from that pack and made a comparison. Most of Affinity Photo brushes look garbage, they seem to always have same opacity (looks like variety ain't a thing). With chains for example the distance between each chain is completely messed up and I'd say none of these are usable for real. Also note, AP and PS (red text) were made using the same brush with some chinese name that I can not repeat or type.
  5. Short things short, I imported abr brushes from photoshop to affinity photo, some of them work all right, some of them have some weird lines and look really unlike they originally do, and some of them are a real mess. For now I'm posting only 1 example with weird lines and brush looking quite different, later on I'll update the post with ones where it's really messed up. Here's a comparison between AP (Affinity Photo) and PS(Photoshop). Abr brush pack is obtainable from here: Deviant art brushes In both scenarios used brush is as 5. As shown in image above.