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  1. This table had originally 5 columns which were merged to 2 columns. If you watch the video you will see that there columns called A, D, B and E. But where is column C and why are the orders reversed. Selecting cell by just marking them has to depend WHERE I place the cursor. See attached video. History bug: Separate all the cells and you will see that the width of the table increases. Moving the History slider back to the beginning won't get the table to its original width. Resizing bug: Manually resizing the cells to wanted is (nearly) impossible. Try the attached document. Feature request: As you can see, that the table had originally 5 columns and this is still displayed at the control area over the table or visible, when you want to add a column (says 5 columns). When the cells are merged, why does the control area over the table does not reflect the merge? mergecells.mp4 mergedcells.afpub
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to be able to easily insert images in place of the background colour of a cell. How can I do this efficiently? Thank you for your explanations.
  3. I wish to produce a table that includes cells with text and images in them, and wrap the text around the images. This means the following: One cell has text and an image inside it (the image is inside the table's cell in addition to the text) The text inside the cell wraps around the image inside the cell Repeat this process for other cells Is this possible, and if so, by what means?
  4. Tables have incorrect insets in Affinity Publisher 2 v2.0.0. In the screenshot, the table has insets of 23 mm horizontally and 8 mm vertically. The these, the bottom left corner of the selected cell should be exactly on the page margins (slightly higher and more to the left). The table interface is even lower than the actual cell (see guideline placed on the baseline). Also, when resizing the whole table, the insets shrink and grow. App Version: 2.0.0 Operating System: macOS Monterey 12.6.1
  5. It is possible to adjust the base line of text in a a table column so that it isn’t touching the top of the table dividing line, but rather is perfectly in the of the center of the column? (Affinity Publisher for iPad v2.0.1)
  6. I have a text field which I have pinned multiple tables to. The tables occur in the flow of the text field one after another. After doing so, I went to edit the first table in the sequence and inserted a row into that table. After doing so, the inline position of the following tables did not change position to accommodate the now larger first table. This led to the bottom of the first table becoming hidden behind the following inline table. Is this something that should be able to function properly, or is there something I need to do to have the text field recalculate the auto flow positions for the tables after the height of one has changed? As an additional related question... I have the text field auto spanning across pages. It seems like affinity does not auto split tables to keep them inline if the entire table will not fit on the page. Instead, it places the table on the next page instead and just leaves a space in the flow of the text field at the bottom of that page. Is this just the default behavior which can be adjusted, or is this currently the only behavior? Thanks, Mitchell
  7. When using Tables is it possible to set them in advance to use another spelling language other than the one in use by the OS? I often have to do projects with bilingual content. I can set the spelling language of individual Table cells to Spanish but only after filling them with something first. What I would like to do is group select all the cells first, before typing anything, and set their spelling language to Spanish so the text can be spellchecked as I type. It’s also a bit of a pain at present that when adding a new Column or Row to a Table already using Spanish the new cells default to the OS language. In short it would be nice to be able to tell the Table which spelling language it should use throughout when setting it up and have it stick to it. I haven’t needed to use Tables in Publisher before so I’m not overly familiar with all their intricacies. So is any of the above currently possible and I’ve just overlooked how?
  8. Feature request. I notice with the Table tool, Publisher can sort things in ascending or descending order, but doesn't give you the option to manually click and drag rows to reorder them. This is a handy feature in Adobe InDesign that I would love to see in Publisher as well. Currently, it appears the only way to manually change the order after the text is placed is to add extra rows, then copy and paste the text into the correct order.
  9. Can you change the minimum row height? Indesign for example you can go to cell option an change Row height to "at least"... I know I can do it manually -> Cell -> height but with 700 tables + limited time it's too tedious and not possible to do it manually on every single cell. Edit: It's alright, have to go back to Indesign. Publisher as it is now is completely broken... typing doesn't work anymore, whenever I click backspace it adds a rectangle, key mapping has completely changed... (I use the newest version 1.9) https://imgur.com/xFkBKVN https://imgur.com/xFkBKVN
  10. Hello all, I created a curriculum vitae with Publisher ( / Win 10) a few days ago and used tables for it. Today I have optimized the look a little more. When I thought I was done, I was horrified to discover that the order of the table rows had changed arbitrarily. How could this have happened to me? I can't reproduce it. Is an unintentional drag and drop possible? Thanks and regards, Felix
  11. Hello, I have created a table in Affinity Publisher. The format defaults to the default font (Arial). I have selected the full table and selected a different font. Cells that were not filled were unaffected and when I enter content into the cell, it defaults back to Arial, rather than using the font that was selected. Also, if I delete the content of the cell and enter new text, it will not keep the formatting selected, but default back to Arial. Any idea on how to retain the font format? Thanks Philippe
  12. How can I make a multi-page table with a single xlsx file? As I understand it, no matter the size of the table, I need to make it fit on the same page, because there is no function to keep it on the next page. Is it possible to make a table that is larger than one page? Affinity Publisher 1.8.3
  13. Hi! Still struggling to learn about table and such. I tried to change font from Arial 37.1pt to IRIS UPC 72pt. but every time I chose to change either font/size, it snapped back right to Arial 37.1pt. I tried delete the whole table and made a new one but the same problem still persist. For some reason, I was succeed to change the font and size at the last panel but not other table panels. Any idea guys? I attached the master page file without the artwork for more information. Thank you in advance. Forum Q and A.afpub
  14. I have created a table with several columns and rows and would like to insert a full-size image in each cell of the table. Is there any way to do this directly without inserting individual picture frames into each cell?
  15. I have drawn up a table with several columns and rows and would like to snap picture frames to the edges. Unfortunately the frames do not snap into place at the edges of the table. Is there a way to switch on the snap to table edges?
  16. I am fairly new to the three affinity products on a desktop. I have run into a problem In trying to use publisher to set up a grid (template) to overprint S/A labels. The attached file does not print on my HP Laserjet 700 M712 monochrome printer nor if I try to print directly to PDF (Microsoft print to PDF). I can, however, export to PDF and get to print the file that way. Admittedly is is a fairly nonstandard paper size (B6) but this does not cause a problem with the printer. Have I missed something fundamental in my set up? teststroke.afpub
  17. After creating a table according to the instructions given in the tutorial titled "Tables", I have trouble inserting my file from Excel. After selecting all the cells in my table, I choose "Paste without Format" as he says in the tut, but all my data ends up in a single cell and my table gets expanded way off the page. HELP!
  18. The ability to Automatically convert tabbed text to tables would be a real time-saver. (This would also go a long way, before Publisher has a robust word processing file importer. Right now, copying an pasting a table from Word to Publisher results in tabbed text) .
  19. How do you delete a table format? Using table formats in the Table Formats Studio tab, you can end up having loads of formats. So the need to delete obsolete ones arises. How do you delete table formats?
  20. I have an issue when trying to edit the last row of my table. When you try to adjust the height of the row, either up or down in size, the table cell continues to grow. Even after you delete the last row the table grows in size. Table_Bug.afpub
  21. Maybe I don't see the trees in the woods ... I cannot find a way to change the background color of table cells in Publisher (and I'm sure there is)... and I also could not find anything here or on YouTube about it. Can someone please point me to it? Thx so much in advance.
  22. When I create a table everything goes well until I type in it. I can barely see what I type and I can't seem to change it. I seem to be able to change the font type, size, bold or not but it doesn't seem to change how it's displayed. It's like there is a fog over the table. I've watched the tutorials which are great but they don't seem to address this issue. Please help, I don't know what I'm doing.
  23. Hey guys, I really need your help. I don't know if I can tag the support staff from Publisher, or most experienced users. I would like to know if there's a way to make sequencing numbers automatically. I need to make a weekly planner, and put the days numbers in specific places on the facing spread. So it's the same spread, repeated 4 or 5 times (depending on the month), and the numbers go from 1-31 and then restart next on 1 for next month. I made a sketch (attached). So the litle circles are the fixed places on the spread that the numbers should go in to. The week starts on mondays and as an example I put this particular month starting on tuesday, so monday is 31 then the next number is 1. An so goes on. And that's it, I just really need to do this the fastest way possible. I already notice that I can copy-paste excel cells into a publisher table. But then I would have to copy paste on every spread, so it's easier to just type myself. Unless there's a way to make like a table that covers multiple spreads, and I don't think that's possible. Please, any suggestion is valid. I don't know all the possibilities of publisher, so I'm really hoping for your help. Also, if anyone has some sort of model or template that think I can adapt to my purpose, it would be more than welcome! Thanks guys <3
  24. Ok. So i managed to get the TOC spanning two pages as its become too long for one page. But is it possible to set that the second page start with the style that I have marked? Right now it looks a bit messy as the second page does not look good as a continue of first page. How can I make this look better? Thanks!
  25. So want to add 2 style names on same line so that it can look something like this. Where I have Name and then TAG or the other way around if possible. This is picked up from a tables in the document. But when i try this I get this. How can I have them on the same line? is it even possible? I have tried searching for this, but not sure what the right search would be. Thanks!
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