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  1. Has hiding the selection line been asked about before? I used this a lot in PS and it was very helpful when tweaking/aligning the image portion to see behind the marching ants. Also, even though I'm impressed with the image adjustment tools, some buttons for moving a single pixel at a time would be useful as well. Thanks
  2. Hi! I found that cutting backgrounds in product photos I've have to work on is somewhat tricky in Affinity Photo. I try to switch from PS to AP, but similar functions in both programs gives different effects. See attachments and you see squared edges in AP, and smooth (no feather etc.) edge in PS. Any suggestions?
  3. Good morning, I have a suggestion which I would love to see in the app: multiple selection of project/photos to quickly eliminate/move them. I’m working with a lot of photos (100-200 every time) and I have to do pretty much the same things with everyone of them and, after exportation, I don’t need them anymore. So, every time I finish that specific work I need to eliminate every single photo (also to save space in my iPad) and it takes to much time to eliminate them singularly. So I wold like to see a tool, similar to drag and drop (that permit me to import a lot of photos very quickly
  4. Selection is something crucial in design software and should be intuitive and easy but at the moment it is very difficult to perform certain tasks when a project becomes complex. Example: I have an object which contains multiple objects inside of it, maybe houndreds, thousands and I have no way to find where they are located in the layers panel. On the canvas I can clearly see where they are and the simplest way to select them would be via a rectangle or lazzo selection, but "Hey, they're located inside of an object, so I can't, unless clicking on them one by one, but again, they're
  5. When using the Grow/Shrink selection the active layer is changed. I think this might occur with some other tools too but I need to pay more attention to it. It's annoying because more than once I've continued working in the wrong layer.
  6. Please excuse me if this is already on the roadmap: Zoom to selection is great as it is, except for the shortcut; it's a two handed shortcut. The 0 is all the way over there... needing the right hand to come off the mouse to get at. That's pretty ridiculous when you consider that zooming to selection is for the process of immediate editing, which is done by the mouse. So the shortcut for this must be an entirely left handed "ninja fingers" move so the user can continue working at a rapid, immediate pace without having to remind their mouse or stylus. Which brings into question the rest
  7. Hi, good day everyone. I'm wondering is there a way to convert pixel layer to image layer or shape because I can't find the option or button, and is there a way to create a path from selection? Thank you.
  8. Hi, To remove the background around an object in a photo I can use the pen tool and draw a shape above it then use that shape as a mask. I want to use a selection made with the selection brush, turn it into a shape to save me time. (I find adjusting shape masks much more efficient than playing with selections.) Is this conversion from selection to vector shape possible in Affinity Designer? Thanks
  9. When using the rectangular marquee tool, sometimes I know the exact pixel dimensions that I need to be selecting. I would like to have the ability to specify a selection box size and/or ratio, rather than simply dragging an area.
  10. When selecting for example by dragging a rectangular, I do not see the current dimentions of the rectangular. Also I am unable to set a preferred fixed size for my selection e.g. 1024x300px.
  11. I have asked this very basic question before but never received an answer. So I am trying again. Is there a way to draw a circular (or rectangular) selection from a centre point? With the shape tool and all transformations this is done in a consistent manner by holding down the Cmd key. With selections the Cmd key is (inconsistently) elsewhere assigned. Since most of my selections end up being converted to a mask layer I have a work around by drawing a shape layer and then rasterising to a mask and dragging it in the layers palette to where I need it. But it's irritating and seems rather
  12. Hi, there is also another bug, this time with selection marquee. When the layer has applied some live filters or for example some crop mask, selecting it by intersecting with the marquee is unfortunately not stable. The behaviour is shown in my video. Selection.mov
  13. Hello, I want a selection that I made to be filled simply completely with one color. I used the fill tool and changed tolerance to 100%. However, some dark pixels have alpha in them and they are not being overwritten. How can I simply make every pixel of the selection white, with no alpha?
  14. Date Seen 15/04/2016 Versions OS X 10.11.4 Affinity Designer 1.4.1 Bug Description Clicking on an artboard that is not currently selected doesn't select it. Clicking on any layer which is not on a currently selected artbaord doesn't select it. Severity Major UI flaw Steps to Reproduce create a document with 2 or more artboards place some layers on each artboard select any artboard click on any of the non-active artboards or layers on the non-active artboards Actual Behavior Clicked objects are not selected and do not become active Expected Behavior Cl
  15. Hey! i tried to select the hedgehog clipart to change the background. The smart select tool is really uncomfortable for this issue. I tried alsoon the ipad as the touch display makes it easier but this was also very hard to solve. I was only able to manage to select the complete white parts of the hedgehog as you see below. in the end i found a KI tool which helped me (hedgehog black outline, white inside and green background), but I am sure that some of the experience users here might have a good tip for me how to solve this challange with affinity photo as well!
  16. Whats going on here?!?!?! Just having a mess around with Beta to test if it's yet possible to use for vector sketching without freezing (No not yet) and come across this bizarre selection behaviour, where you click on a stroke and it selects completely different stroke, but outline mode works as expected - see grab Bug? Screen_Grab_2021-03-24_at_09_23_58.mov
  17. Having issues when trying to paste. I first make a marquee selection in a photo, long tap with one finger, select copy, long tap with one finger, select paste, and it pastes the whole image in another layer. It does not paste what I had selected. Even if I take that same selection and inverse it and select cut, it cuts the whole picture. It’s as if it doesn’t know I have a selection. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a long, long time and now I’ve just given up. Please help.
  18. Hello, so i use the freehand selection tool i choose polygonal and start to trace the selection! like you can se on eh first photo. when i arrive to the first point to close the selection, the selection will be modified like the second photo! and this happen in all kind of photo with the same tool, sometime became a circle sometime change shape but still isnt the shape that i trace. someone had the same my problem? there is a solution?
  19. Is there a way to convert a Pen Tool path you make into a selection. There is a selection from layer I can do, but I would like to just convert the path into a selection, without having to create extra layers.
  20. Hello, A very frustrating phenomenon keeps occurring while trying to select parts of a picture in Affinity Photo for iPad. Even though anti-alias is turned off and feather is set to 0, the edge of the selection i still blurred and I’ve found no setting to fix this. Am I missing something here? All I want is to have a nice, crisp edge on my selections but it doesn’t seem work. Anyone having the same problem?
  21. If you have some connected textboxes, allocated over some pages and you mark text by using Command+PageDown, only text on the last page is visible selected/covered (see screenshot). Same behavior if you use the mouse. Its "only a cosmetical" problem, but it makes some unconfident feeling in the workflow.
  22. I wanted to thank the Serif team for adding what I called "Select Object by Trait..." (listed as #6 in last year's post) to Affinity Designer 1.9. It definitely helps speed up the workflow. I certainly appreciate the added functionality; great job!!! Hopefully we can see a few more of these remaining 8 features. I listed them here again and would love to hear people's thoughts on them. Most of these suggestions can span all the affinity desktop products, but some are Designer specific: 1. Organize Assets, Swatches, Brushes, Style Libraries with
  23. I have 2 colors black and yellow. I want to select only yellow area and delete it. Thank you.
  24. I want to copy a small square portion of a layer. I draw a marquee using the box marquee tool I copy I paste It pastes a new copy layer not the marquee selection . I can mask or fill but i cant seem to copy the selection. I'm obviously making a very basic error but i cant find it.
  25. Hello all... I am trying out the iPad version of Photo and really loving it. I have all the photoshop shortcuts down from years of use and spending some time figuring out the transitions needed. Prblem I am having is in two ares... 1 - When I make a selection in the selection persona and make my adjustments in the photo persona I can’t find the way to then deselect the marching ants! Why is there not (unless I am just missing it) a “deselect” or “hide” command? 2 - Why can’t I just paint a mask to do my adjustments with? One would think having a
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