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  1. OK solved this. Whenever someone tells me it works I know it must be something im doing. There are multiple virtual keyboard options on the surface book 2. It would appear the default virtual keyboard does not allow modifier lock or in fact allow the modifiers work in Affinity products. However the other keyboard options do allow shift, ctrl, alt to be locked and do work OK. So you can tap shift, draw a circle and untap shift.
  2. With the shift down and turned blue i cant draw. I draw an unconstrained circle I select the keyboard and shift. Cant draw circles . Just tried in Affinity Photo (was using designer before) and it does the same thing. With my fingers I think its probably impractical anyway. What would be best is a modifier button that you toggle on and then off with the pen whenever you've finished he alt or ctrl or shift.
  3. Have just started using a surface book 2 and affinity products seem to work fine in PC mode. However in pen and tablet mode i cant find a way to use modifier keys. So if i want to draw a perfectly round circle with a keyboard i would hold shift and drag the ellipse tool to the size i want. But the onscreen keyboard doesnt seem to work for modifier keys and affinity doesnt seem to have onscreen constraint options . I assume there must be a simple solution for this as people seem to use apple tablets without problems but i cant find anything like a touchscreen guide. Any other touch or pen
  4. I just saw this on Affinity photo. Open a NEF file with afinity Photo . (Nikon Raw) Did some minor tweaking. Devleoped Added a couple of layers Cropped Exported to Jpeg Exited affinity photo Affinity Photo asked me if i wanted to save I said yes Saved to default directory ( C drive - Local SSD) Exited Then when i tried to open the file it said file type not supported. After viewing this thread i saw the file was 0KB. As i hadnt saved the file prior to exit I wonder if the program closed before the file save completed.
  5. +1 in Windows as well. 99% of my use the gradient tool is to give nice clean fades when merging oversize scanned pictures or documents. Put a nice black to white gradient in a mask and you cant see the join. Either have black to white as the default or use the X D shortcuts to set gradient end points defaults to black and white. Or at least allow the settings to be saved so that preferred colours are stored for gradients. Who decided that white to light grey was a useful or even visible default for gradients? If it is useful for something can someone say what ?
  6. That was it. Thank you. For those wondering what an image layer is and why it exists this is the first post i found that explains it. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/23041-what-are-pixel-layer-image-layers/ I am a bit curious why create new document from clipboard would create an image layer and not a pixel layer , but affinity does clearly tell you its an image layer I just didnt know to look for it.
  7. These type of discussions typically and sadly become polarised very quickly. I was an irregular user of photoshop and will be an irregular user of photo, but i am finding some things a little less than intuitive. Doubling the width or height of a canvas for instance to merge two screen prints into a single document which is something I do a lot of . Yes you can do it in photo with math but is there another way? Perhaps a section in the forum called "questions from users transitioning from other software" would be helpful. I'm old enough to remember how Microsoft moved everyone fr
  8. I want to copy a small square portion of a layer. I draw a marquee using the box marquee tool I copy I paste It pastes a new copy layer not the marquee selection . I can mask or fill but i cant seem to copy the selection. I'm obviously making a very basic error but i cant find it.
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