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  1. Walt, Here is the example I remember offhand. The Levels dialog in Windows has Output White Level and Output Black Level sliders which are absent in the Mac version. This from Udemy Affinity Photo: Solid foundations video 11 (done on a Mac) Getting the Dark and Light Right, Part 1. I've also seen some disparity in the Affinity Revolution videos but I don't recall them specifically. In the future I'll document all such discrepancies. Dave
  2. Thanks Walt, W10 Ryzen 2700 64MB AMD Radeon RX 580 This did not happen with Photo 1.7.1, only after updating to 1.7.2 Oops, mea culpa, I just restarted Photo and the dialogs stay put. So, the problem is triggered by some (as yet unknown) action. Stay tuned.
  3. When I watch video training, I note that the dialogs on the Mac are different from those on Windows. Would it be possible to post a list of the differences and an explanation as to why? Thanks, -dmd-
  4. With photo version 1.7.2 (Windows), dialog boxes for adjustment layers open in the lower right corner of the image area. However, if I attempt to move them, they snap to the very top of the screen. When I attempt to move them from this position, they immediately snap back to the top of the screen. However, if I move them to a separate monitor, they stay where I move them. The same is true for live filter dialogs.
  5. Okay, when I tried to Update Photo, Designer, and Publisher, all updates failed and then when I attempted to access the previous version of the update that had failed, I saw this In each case, I was able to get things working with a restart of Windows. I also note that when I initially attempted to Update, clicking on the update file began the process. After the restart, clicking on the Update file brought up a dialog asking where I wanted to install. I hope this will help anyone else having a problem with the update. Kudos to Serif for getting back to m
  6. When I started Affinity Photo, I got a message saying that 1.7.2 was available. I downloaded it and attempted to update. Got the message Setup Failed. When I then tried to start Photo, it was missing and couldn't start. So I deleted the downloaded file and went to download it again but I cant find a link to download it. I get the same New Version Available dialog with Designer and Photo but I'm not willing to take a chance on losing them also. How do I download Photo 1.7.2? Thanks, Dave Davis
  7. Sorry, I should have done that from the outset. The file is attached. Also, W10 64GB memory, Ryzen 2700, Radeon RX580 Regards, -dmd- clock.afdesign
  8. Often, but not always, I end up with a large black rectangle on the screen after using the 3d effect. I have closed and re-opened designer and the problem remains.
  9. The answer. provide by Wosven was that the Elliptical Marquee tool had its feather set to 64mm. When I zeroed it out everything was fine. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
  10. When I draw an elliptical marquee in Affinity photo, the outline of the selection appears just as it should but when I release the left mouse button, the outline disappears. If I draw a huge ellipse, then a much smaller ellipse is sometimes outlined when I release the mouse button. Using the rectangle select tool works normally. However, the add, subtract, intercept, xor, and divide buttons are inactive and the modes. Ctrl drag changes the mode to subtract. I want to report this as a bug but thought I should check here first. Photo version - Windows Thanks
  11. Hooray. It was indeed the monitor, more specifically the contrast. Curiously, I have two identical 4K monitors one on DP and the other on HDMI. I was always viewing Affinity Photo on the HDMI one. Had I moved it to DP I would have seen the checkeerboard and (hopefully) realized the problem. Thanks to everyone for your help. -dmd-
  12. I just realized that the eraser brush was set to 50% hardness and 50% opacity. With both set at 100% everything is erased to white.
  13. In the first screenshot below, I did this. Opened new file with transparent background selected. I get a document with a completely white background Drew in black with the brush - note the checkerboard outline on the brush stroke. Erased a small section of the drawing. Note it becomes a checkerboard. Also, I can create a new document, flood fill it with black and then use the erase tool which creates a checkerboard. If I then go over the same area with the erase tool, the checkerboard gets lighter with each pass. There has to be a setting somewhere that I have sc
  14. Okay, I have installed photo on an old machine ad the checkerboard background displays as it should. I then uninstalled photo and reinstalled photo on the machine in question. The problem remains.
  15. Thanks, but the brightness can't be the problem as the checkerboard shows perfectly with GIMP.
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