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  1. I just tried to change the font size of text within a text box in a Publsher file, and when I did, the program crashed. I tried doing this 4 different times with the same result. Any suggestions for how to remedy this? Thank you.
  2. [Updated Sep 26 2023] Learn how to publish books and other long documents with Affinity Publisher 2.2. This in-depth manual is filled with steps, tips, and recommendations for: Documents, Pages, Master Pages, Sections, and Baseline Grid Text Frames, Text Flow, and Stories Books and Chapters Cross-References, Table of Contents, and Index Notes - including Footnotes, Sidenotes, and Endnotes Fields - including Page Numbering, Running Headers, and Custom Variables Anchors and Hyperlinks Printing and Exporting - added Sep 26 Settings for Colour and more - added Sep 26 This manual does not cover text formatting, graphics, and many other core features. It is intended to explain the advanced features that you’ll need to publish a long document, especially the Books feature introduced in version 2. Updated version: Publisher Manual Sep 26 2023.pdf Q&A Is there a full manual I can purchase? No, this is all there is. Is this really free? Yes, I'm making it available free of charge. It's copyrighted to prevent others from publishing it as their own. Is there an iPad version? No, the steps and screenshots are for the macOS and Windows versions. Why does it use a print layout if it's a PDF? It's a demonstration of how to use the features it describes to create a print book. Original version: Publisher Manual Sep 18 2023.pdf
  3. When I apply a master page only to a right-hand page, it still seems to affect the left-hand page with its text wrapping settings. Let me explain. In the attached facing pages Publisher document, I have two master pages. The Base master page contains just a left and a right text frame. The Image master page has Base applied to it and in addition contains two picture frames with text wrapping on: In the document, I applied the master pages as follows: First spread: page 1 – Base, page 2 – Image. Second spread: page 3 – Image, page 4 – Base. So each spread has different master pages applied to its left and right pages. Curiously, on both spreads text wrapping also affects the page that only has the Base master page applied: I expected a page that doesn’t have a picture frame on it to be filled with filler text from top to bottom, because there is nothing on the page or its master page that could cause text wrapping. Is this behavior a bug or is it by design? How can I apply a master page to a right-hand page in a way that doesn’t affect the left-hand page of the same spread? Ghost master page text wrapping.afpub
  4. When I add a single page in my document on publisher it messes with the entire layout of the other pages and also creates multiple pages. Also when I move pages around it screws with the entire layout of all the pages below the pages I moved. So if I am using smart master pages that means I can't add new pages or move pages around? In the second video I show how I moved the page that uses the same smart page and then the content disappears and the page is not moved. Now I have 62 page document that I spent a day working on and my client now wants to add some extra pages but an easy task means that I will need to do it all over again. Is that a bug, am I missing something? I hope it is not a bug and someone can help me with a solution. Screen Recording 01.mp4 Screen Recording 02.mp4
  5. Hello! I have a book document with about 160 pages and would like to make a copy of this document to experiment with different formatting. To do this, I want to delete most of the pages beforehand. I only need a few pages as a playground, but I want to keep all the basic settings of the original document (page size, paragraph and character formats, etc.). However, as soon as I delete multiple pages, the entire document falls apart. For example, if I delete pages 10-90, it seems that not all of the front 80 pages are deleted, but only a portion of them. At the end of the document, however, many pages are missing. The last text frame shows an text overflow and the last 30 pages are no longer displayed. Somehow the page delete command seems not to have deleted all the pages that are at the beginning of the book (why I don't know), but instead chopped off the back. 1/ Are there any hints or reports on what to look for when deleting pages? 2/ How can I reinsert the 'invisble' overflow pages with the linked text frames at the end of the document? Thank you
  6. Publisher V 2.1.1 freezes every time you click "export". Windows 11 latest version. Urgent action is required !
  7. The first and second parts of my book are not numbered correctly. Multiple attempts to sync the numbering brought no results. Is this a bug by Publisher or why is it happening? I have created all pages correctly (Cover [ ][x] ... ).
  8. Affinity team, are there some publisher templates available??? affinity programs are so good, just inspired to develop my creativity. Some good training??? Thanks Gyan
  9. Hi! I bought Affinity Publisher to replace Microsoft Publisher. But how can I install the Finnish language support? When creating large publications in Finnish, the language support is quite crucial for a publication software. Microsoft Publisher has good Finnish language support, but how about Affinity Publisher? I found some information about installing an Open Office hyphenation language pack. But as far as I can see, there is no open office hyphenation dictionary for Finnish. Best regards, Tommi
  10. I have tried restarting the program, restarting my computer, turning off all other applications to reduce RAM usage, turned off antivirus/malware, saving the file with 1/3 of the pages removed, resaving the file with lower DPI... yet it doesn't stop the crashing. I have attached all the crashes so far today. If you need a copy of the file itself to test then it would need to be private because it is a yearbook for a school. Thank you for your help! I need to get this to the printers ASAP but I can't export to PDF with facing pages. I need an internal bleed and facing pages makes the bleed from the opposing page save onto the page even if I export as pages instead of spreads. The only way I have figured out how to do this is by turning off facing pages THEN exporting as pages. Jessyca 2d351e03-d872-4b2c-b488-8d24e66243da.dmp 6a876d4d-94dc-492e-b469-8b615b439728.dmp 8570f8ce-16d7-4e86-9de2-bef384fed12b.dmp 0a9e24b9-91ad-4608-97f8-9facc894b911.dmp d249d8f9-c622-4705-83dc-9333dfdc7c1f.dmp 7c2982f3-6ab7-4ea3-b88a-5d42f031c012.dmp 36f2908d-4e8e-4ca8-9b20-a217495142d5.dmp f6e7abf2-76ba-4989-ba45-342a765e96c1.dmp
  11. Apologies if this has already been asked, but is there a way to edit an index mark? I can delete it, but if I try to select the word or the index mark itself and add mark, it adds a new one rather than editing the existing one. (This makes sense if I want to put multiple marks by the same word but not if I want to adjust an existing mark.) The reason I need this is to edit the marks the Index panel inserts. Its find in document feature is much nicer than adding marks manually, but it doesn't let me add an override style to make one entry the primary one (bold or italic, for example). It seems like I can only use the find in document tool and still designate a main entry if I: Don't add the main entry from the index panel's find Add an index mark for the main entry manually, setting it to use an override style. That mark must be the first one for that entry on the page, or it won't use the style. (I assume it uses the style for the entry's first mark on each page.) Even if I do that, the index sometimes ends up making that page number, plus several page numbers after it for the same entry, use the style instead of just the first one. Maybe I should be reporting this as a bug? This screenshot shows a contrived example from when I was trying to figure out how to make the page number for the main entry different than the others. You can see the emphasis style got applied to several of the "enemy" entries instead of the 1 that I set to use it, and I had to insert both main entries manually instead of from the index panel.
  12. I have recently noticed that the integration of all the apps can create difficult and confusing to edit artwork. I love Publisher, it carries all the features and swaps between the apps efficiently but I love designer too for the export persona, for outputting sliced and diced web or other components. However as the Designer section within Publisher doesn't contain this I have to use both for some projects, i.e brochure content taken into Designer to generate web content, specifically sized with retina versions varied formats etc and using the continuous output function to save time. As an example, I took a table from Publisher and pasted into Designer. Despite there being no table functionality or interface in Designer, I get layers flagged as tables, can edit the text within, can scale all, but have no way of setting cell margins sizes etc. Some minor functions are in the top bar, merge and separate cells for example, but no others. Now, I could go back and edit the table as I want it to be in Publisher and copy across again, but what is odd is there is no way to separate the artwork that is a table to make it editable within Designer as native artwork, it remains as a table in a piece of software that puportedly does not support table creation. In addition if I click on and edit the table content using the text tool, I can then draw another table on the page… that I can't then format. This is not so much complaint as an observation of the confusion some of the interlinked functionality can create and should be redressed. It lays apparent that the bulk of each app is contained within the others but that specific functionality is hidden away - which can cause issues as you can't then easily edit out what you no longer require. For example some others… And object with text wrap (AP) will still cause text to wrap when pasted into AD, despite no text wrap functionality on display. A text frame with fill and stroke settings and insets can be cut and pasted, characteristics remain, but fill and stroke settings in AD will only alter the colour and line of the text itself, not the container as text frames don't exist. I had used paragraph decorations to create solid blocks behind copy in the table. The text styles come across beautifully, fully listed in the Text Styles palette, with the aforementioned decorations. But Designer doesn't have paragraph decorations, so again leaves you with appearance characteristics that cannot be altered to suit the required layout without reverting to publisher, or stripping of style and rebuilding using background shapes in Designer. I'm sure there are many many more examples, and know that I have had similar "why can't I edit this" moments many times, but as most often I'm in Publisher I can switch between and utilise all the features where they live. When swapping fully between apps this is more frustrating.
  13. I have a table in the master table with a bottom border set in each cell. In the pages linked with the master applied, it shows the table in layers as unlinked attibutes Text and Text Frame. This is so you can style the cell text & cell frame independently from the master. Except you can't change the bottom border. Selecting and cell with a border in the page shows no cell styling contextual controls and everything in the Table Window is disabled. Applying a Table format where the borders are removed also does nothing. Removing the borders in the master won't work either because they are unlinked and I can' apply the master as the unlinked text content means it just makes a mess of duplicate content. Is this a bug that you cannot edit the cell border in an unlinked table from the master table? Either that or its a terrible UX if there is a way as its impossible to discover? I would think that you could individually modify the unlinked cells but none of the cell formatting controls are enabled.
  14. Hi, I am having a strange problem on Publisher. I created a stroke on text converted to curves, but when I try to export it to any vector format some strokes are missing. Nothing I tried work! Additionally I can't expand the stroke in Publisher, because that option is missing! Of course I can open the page in designer, but I have 50+ pages and "Edit with Designer" opens only one page, so that is not a viable option! Because of that I missed my deadline ... 😞 But it will be helpful if I understand what is the problem. I am attaching a test file to see what I mean - just try to export it as any vector format. Also why is "Expand stroke" missing in Publisher and why "Edit with Designer" opens only the last page. I am using version 2.1.1 of Publisher and Designer on Macbook air M1. Thanks! Bad_stroke.afpub
  15. I have been trying Publisher Beta since it came out - and absolutely loving it - congrats to the Affinity Team for such a great job! Can't wait to buy it. I just wanted to check if there is a preview/presentation mode in Publisher that hides all tools, toolbars and guides and makes a single/facing page visible - and you can quickly go through the pages using some shortcut. In some other popular software such presentation mode is available. In case such feature is not there yet in Publisher, adding it would be really handy not only in Publisher but also in Designer.
  16. Windows 10 Home 1809, Publisher There are plenty of ways to apply a paragraph style while preserving character formatting but I can't seem to find a way of quickly overriding all of the formatting. I've found that I can apply the paragraph style and then apply the [No Style] character style afterwards but that sounds like going the long way round. All I want to do is just "blast" the text with the paragraph formatting and completely wipe any character/local formatting that was already applied. It seems to me that, at the moment, "Apply ... to Paragraphs" and "Apply ... to Paragraphs And Preserve Character Formatting" do the same thing as I've never noticed a difference in their functionality. Am I looking at this wrong, is there something I'm missing, or is this a bug or incomplete functionality?
  17. Is there a way to change the space or distance between the spreads/pages/pasteboard? Within InDesign preferences ( Preferences > Guides & Pasteboard > Pasteboard Options ) there is a way to set this. I can't seem to find this in Publisher. I always found this helpful because sometimes I don't want to see the other page and prefer to focus on the page I'm designing. Thanks for any help or advice!
  18. Here is Freetone, a PANTONE alternative if anyone is interested. https://culturehustle.com/products/freetone
  19. Hi, I'm a bit confused. I looked in the forum but I do not seem to find the detailed answer I was after. I apologise if it exists and I clumsily missed it. How does text overflow from text area to text area in one page? How does text overflow from text area in one page to the next page? The project is a 300-page book, approx. Now... the issue is if I use Microsoft Word, text flows automatically. But I would rather use Affinity Publisher because if I produce the book, in its entirety, I will save a few thousands in post-production from a MS Word "manuscript". I thank you all in advance for any advice, as I am fairly new to Affinity. Kind regards
  20. I found this strange behaviour. EDIT: this also applies to Beta I want to change the layer order in the layers panel. The three other picture frames (sibblings) get deleted randomly during dragdrop as well as after droping the draged layer at the new position in the stack. All bitmaps are linked. 2023-06-14_bug_publisher-2.1.0_picture-frame-dragdrop_001.mp4 The only way to get the the layer to the target position without errors is by using the menu ordering commands (or keyboard shortcuts): It seems that, allthough the insertion position is marked BETWEEN the other picture frames, the draged picture frame is droped INTO the hovered/targeted picture frame and replaces its contents. Additionally the draged picture frame looses its content randomly. Here is a simplified test file with embeded bitmaps: 2023-06-14_bug_publisher-2.1.0_dragdrop-pictureframe-deletes-other-layers.afpub 2023-06-14_bug_publisher-2.1.0_picture-frame-dragdrop_002.mp4
  21. I am designing a book that will be spiral-bound and therefore loose-leaf printed. Consequently the print PDF needs to be exported to 'All pages' (instead of spreads). When I set the inner bleed in the document settings and then export the PDF to all pages the inner bleed on the pages ends up being the page content of the facing page. If I have e.g. an image that goes all the way to the spine I have to stretch that image into the facing page in order to create an inner bleed for that page. I need to be able to seperate the spread in order to create proper bleed for the pages … in inDesign this known as 'Allow Document Pages to Shuffle'. Have I missed something in Publisher or is this indeed not possible in the current version? I have attached an image to illustrate the issue.
  22. In Publish, Is there a way to convert select pages of a color document into greyscale?
  23. I downloaded the MSIX and installed Affinity V2 Photo upgrade (2.1.0) but why, why does affinity always make it so hard to handle the designer and publisher? Unable to find the earlier V2 of these on my Windows 10 desktop, and which should I try to upgrade with -- MSIX ir EXE? Please try to give COMPLETE AND CORRECT INSTRUCTIONS for upgrading.
  24. I am not using proper terminology but I want to see images and objects that are not on the page but on the workspace or off canvas on every page in publisher. In Corel Draw is called the desktop and the settings are found in the page palette if someone knows what I mean by that. Thanks
  25. I make a vector graphic in Designer and want to use it in my Publisher layout. I copy it. No paste option in Publisher. Can I not paste it in Publisher? Is there a decent workflow here? Do I have to export as PDF or SVG and re-import into Publisher? 🥵
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