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  1. Hi! I bought Affinity Publisher to replace Microsoft Publisher. But how can I install the Finnish language support? When creating large publications in Finnish, the language support is quite crucial for a publication software. Microsoft Publisher has good Finnish language support, but how about Affinity Publisher? I found some information about installing an Open Office hyphenation language pack. But as far as I can see, there is no open office hyphenation dictionary for Finnish. Best regards, Tommi
  2. I did not realize that Publisher was storing and exporting meta data until I duplicated a previous document to use as a starting point for my new one, and my client noticed that the title field in the exported PDF file was the title of the original document, not the new one. I can edit the title meta data within Acrobat under preferences just fine, but was hoping there was a way to do that within Publisher, so I do not have to take the extra step of re-editing the PDF metadata every time I do a new export. Is it possible to create/edit metadata within Publisher?
  3. I just moved from PagePlus where I could select paragraph alignment, select 'hanging', and set the indent for the second and subsequent lines in the same paragraph. I could do this in a table and in fact need to do it in a table with Publisher. Looked at all the 'hanging indent' answers but they all seemed to be talking about something else. How can I make a hanging indented paragraph in Publisher?
  4. Hi, I am using publisher's latest edition and suspect that I accidentally turned off a setting. Normally, in the pages panel it will show my 12 pages which I can use to rearrange them. However, now all I see is blank space. In the content panel my pages are still there and I can scroll to see each of them. I tried resetting the studio. Does anyone know how to get the display back to normal in the pages panel please? Thanks
  5. Hi I am trying to export a 24pp brochure to PDF with bleed area and cut lines in CMYK. But every time it comes up with a pop up saying an error occurred unable to export. I have also tried exporting locally, same problem, or the program crashes. I really need your help the document needs to be submitted tomorrow. many thanks
  6. Hello Affinity Team, I would like to color the "Frame Fill" in a "Text Frame" and set it for expample to 70% opacity. The text itself should not become transparent! The problem: In the input area for "Frame Fill" I can apparently only make the color transparent via a slider. But this slider does not show how much opacity is set. This makes it almost impossible to set the same transparent background for several identical text frames. Or is there somewhere a possibility to adjust the opacity value numerically for "Frame Fill"? Thanks for the help; kind regarss, Rüdiger von Schönfels This is an example of a "Text Frame" on a picture. The background-color of the "Text Frame" should be transparent. The Font Color should not be transparent: Here I am setting the Color for Frame Fill and the opacitiy with the slider which does not show any number to check or justify the opacity
  7. The year is almost over, so let's share some reusable fireworks items for your possible flyers and new year cards. - Note that those firework assets are always groups of vector elements, thus if you want to recolor some of them you best select the whole individual group. These assets are usable for things like shown in the following examples ... The corresponding fireworks assets file as a zip-archive: fireworks.zip
  8. When the publisher is started, the arial font and the normal text styles are always selected. Can self-defined fonts etc. already appear at startup?
  9. Greetings: First as a disclaimer, let me state that I am very supportive of your business. I've been buying your products (even some I've not needed) to support your competition with Adobe. I want to see you succeed. With that said, Publisher 2's functionality surrounding Books (I feature I requested and was very excited to see) was not ready to be released. It is the most unstable software I've used since Windows 3.1. I've chased down some bugs and hope this will help you fix your product. My Hardware & Project: Affinity Publisher v2.0.0; macOS Ventura 13.1; Mac mini M1, 2000. I am working with a Publisher book that has 16 chapter-files. The book is just under 100 pages in trade (6" x9") format and is rich in illustrations and tables. It includes a Table of Contents and will contain an Index when that functionality becomes workable. Terminology: "Crash" means that a program unexpectedly closes. "Hang" means that a program becomes unresponsive, cannot self-terminate, and must be terminated by the operating system (i.e. "Force Quit"). By profession, I am a software engineer. I'm attaching several videos that were recorded in chronological order. This behavior is repeatable. Affinity-01 -- I open the book-file. I open the chapter-file that contains the Table of Contents. I close the chapter file that contains the Table of Contents. The program hangs. Affinity-02 -- I open the book-file. I update the numbering in all chapter-files of the book. I open the chapter-file that contains the Table of Contents. The program crashes. Affinity-03 -- I do not open the book-file. I open the chapter-file that contains the Table of Contents. The program crashes. Affinity-04 -- I open the book-file. I open the chapter-file that contains the Table of Contents. This demonstrates that the file can be opened from within the book (but not from without the book) without it crashing. I then update the Table of Contents. I'm then able to save and close the chapter-file without the program hanging. Summary: I believe instability in the Book features of Publisher 2 are strongly related to the handling of the Table of Contents. When I work on chapter-files with the book-file closed, I do not experience these problems. With the book-file open, I experience frequent problems with the chapter-files. Additional Observations: II'm transitioning this product from InDesign with new files. While I'm copying elements from IDML files, the work started with a new Affinity Pub 2 template. I got as far as brining in all the material, formatting it, and building the table of contents. I am unable to build the Index. After creating the index markers of three of the chapter-files, I attempted to create the index. Not only did this result in crashes as I attempted to build the index multiple times, but the index markers from those three saved chapter-files have been removed. I'm concerned that the file structure's integrity may have been damaged as Publisher tried to build the index. As you work this problem, I'd appreciate being kept updated. Again, I wish your company continued success. Best Regards, Mark Affinity-01.mov Affinity-02.mov Affinity-03.mov Screen Recording 2022-12-20 at 09.39.44.mov
  10. I have master pages with a table. Pages have master applied and then custom information input on them. Discovered error on table ( an extra line on the border on a few cells) I edit the Master but the page does not update. If I clear the master (and lose the custom info I've input) and re-apply it is fine. Is there a proper procedure to force refresh pages with masters applied without losing the custom text I've input? Unchecking "replace" existing creates a bolded effect on the whole page. Update 1: Fiddled more and its as if a large chunk of my pages lost their "link" to their master. So when Master is updated nothing updates on the page. My current doc the 1st 2 pages update but the subsequent pages do not. I manually updated 30 of my pages so far by clearing and reapplying master but this cannot be the only way to "refresh" the links. Cannot reproduce the issue yet on another. Update 2: Updated to 1.7.2 still same issue Update 3: Side note that when I duplicate a master that has already been renamed - the duplicate has the exact same name as the original -- seems it would be useful that the duplicate indicates COPY or other indicator so that the wrong master is not edited by accident. If you do not rename the Master it does change the Name for example I just created Master X and when duplicating it made Master Y. Update 4: I had a thought to create an additional master that had all my workbook text in it, then overlay (by not replacing existing master) on the 1st master on each page, which would allow me to quickly "re-apply" the necessary master to fix my original issue, so I created a new master and created a few dummy "Options" in my layers (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) to enable as needed once applied to the appropriate page. However once this new master is applied to the page I am unable to change the options as they are greyed out and seems to be permanently locked. So thats a no go at this moment. Thanks!
  11. Hello friends. Is there any way to make corners rounded in Publisher? I know that corners of some regular/default shapes of Publisher can be made rounded. But I'm talking about the corners of random shapes. Looking forward to your opinion. TIA!
  12. I have a document with a large number of embedded png files. I would like to export them, without recompression and ideally "automagically" in a specific folder. Currently, I don't see a way of doing it except of opening the file in Photo v2, copying layer to the clipboard and executing File --> New from clipboard. Any better options?
  13. Hello, There is a Welsh Hunspell dictionary created by the Welsh Government (http://techiaith.cymru/data/lexicons/hunspell-cymraeg/?lang=en). Is there anyway to add this so it can be used in Affinity Publisher V2. I use OSX Ventura on an iMac. I've searched this forum and most of the questions and replies seem to refer to Windows OS. I suspect it won't be straight forward on a mac. thanks Ade
  14. First of all - THANK YOU for finally fixing the resizing anchoring 😍 I need this a lot for web design where each content page simulates another HTML document height. Now all last used anchor and size-(un)clamp settings are remembered - such a timesaver 😘 All page content is now anchored to the right corner/side after OK. Unfortunately only the master page object always snaps back to center - ignoring the used anchoring. Why is this relevant ? In my usecase i would like to place some recurring header elements onto one or more master pages to have them on each simulated content page. But if the master page layer always jumps to center after resizing i always have to manually shift this object back to top. This is so annoying after time that i don't use master pages for web design at all. Too bad, because that would be very helpful here.
  15. I have a web desig with 1920 x 6000px made in v1. If i open the properties dialog the preset select in the size tab shows some hashlike option string. Same happens with a fresh DIN A4 document created with the beta. After changing the initial size (DIN A4 initial preset was ok) to something custom -> OK, next time the dialog shows the cryptic option string too.
  16. I found two inconsistencies: 1) Now also WebP and JPG XL support zoom 👍. Adding the hand/pan cusor is a good idea 👍. But only if the user knows the shortcut CTRL+1 it's now also possible to zoom to a 1:1 pixel preview for WebP, JPG XL. Eventually it might be better to add some distinct icons to the header or footer of the preview panel to promote all actions the user may execute ? Moreover it's a little bit choppy sometimes when you try to zoom with CTRL+mousewheel or CTRL+1. The reason might be, that you have to ensure that the document preview rectangle is in focus. Meaning if you zoomed out to far and use CTRL+mousewheel to zoom in again or CTRL+1 for pixel preview you often get no feedback from the panel. Unlike in the normal document viewport where you can use the CTRL+mousewheel and all zoom shortcuts everywhere (outside pasteboard, on background) in the export dialog panel you have to explicitely target the document rectangle to zoom by shortcuts or mousewheel. Meaning first click or hover inside the preview thumbnail and then use mousewheel or shortcut. This is counter intuitive because there is a 50% chance that a user might experience the zoom functionality as broken - not knowing that he has to zoom directly inside the visible thumbnail, not elsewhere. 2) Witin one usage session for some fileformats the dialog does not remember the just used last custom settings, e.g. interpolation, quality, lossless. If I do an export e.g. to WebP with 45% quality and bicubic -> OK -> save and open the export dialog for the second time all my last used custom settings are reset to the default WebP settings. For e.g. JPG the last custom settings are remembered with the next export dialog open: I guess this applies to all three apps.
  17. This applies also to Designer and Photo installation. After starting the installer (doubleclick .msix in Windows explorer) the install process starts and proceeds in German. When the App is started for the first time the EUAL agreement shows some Strings in German and the license in English. Maybe this is only in the beta ?
  18. I know this is not ab bug and there are huge discussions about the graphic appearence of the dark/light UX. I found some situations during all day work where i really could hardly distinguish the area a dialog or palette covers. This is especially obviuos with undocked floating palettes. E.g. sometimes it's hard to tell quickly which "X"-close buttons belongs to which dialog. I guess all dialogs and floating palettes would profit from the distinct black (?) outline border that is applied e.g. in the "New" dialog. It may look a little bit less "nice" but for usability reasons this might be helpfull.
  19. I'm getting this very unhelpful error message when trying to export my Adesign or Apub documents if more than one page / artboard.
  20. Jut installed Affinity Publisher v2 as trial and started a new document, 8"x10" 150 pages, as a test and then File > Place... , open the files dialog and no .doc documents where visible in the list. I selected all the options to no avail. (Screen capture 1). Then I write the file in the file name of the Place files dialog and it throw me an error. Apparently Affinity Publisher do not imports(Places) Word files. Is that an error? or it needs the full version to work or what happened? (Affinity Photo and Designer are not installed yet.) Thanks for any help.
  21. Hi! I used several templates in publisher v1 for windows, color CMYK, Fogra39 Now i opened this template in v2, adjusted some vector grafics (also cmyk) 100/100/100/100 —> solid black. The color looks very grey instead of black. Now the interesting part: When toggling now to the preview mode: color is shown directly! Also export to eg PDF shows the correct colors. Using the exact same file in v1 and inserting the same vector grafic -> all view modes and exports are correct. Any idea?
  22. Hi all, I think I need some advice on the best way to create and print an A5 Booklet using my home printer (ideally from start to finish). I have searched the forums but have been unable to find any help on this topic. I have created a document (in A4 format, I believe? (.afpub file attached)), but when I come to print it, I am unable to get it to print in A5 Booklet format. I have tried all possible combinations in the print settings (my HP LaserJet4250dtn printer supports duplex printing) but no combination seems to produce the required result. I am not sure if I have created the document using the incorrect template, just missing something in the printer settings, or BOTH! Any advice or pointers/links would be greatly appreciated. Catalogue2.afpub
  23. Would be nice if long preflight comments are collapsed to 2-3 lines by default and expandable with the "read more" button.
  24. I've photographed a couple of weddings for friends (I don't normally do them) which the clients have asked for their digital photos to be put into an album. I have Affinitity Photo Publisher and Designer V1, and see that V2 is just released. As a photographer, Photo is the only app I really make use of. Basically I would be happy to buy the V2 suite at the discount launch price if you can tell me that I can use one or more of the apps to make a super printed Wedding album. I remember Apple Aperture had an album printing function within the software and Apple would get it printed and post to you. Or are Wedding photographers using the Wedding Album printers built in software to do the layout? Cheers, Spike
  25. Hi guys how do I space the cells in the table? I want there to be a space between each cell.
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