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  1. I feel I ought to apologise because I know that some will think this pedantic nonsense, but there is no escaping a simple reality - DPI is not the same as PPI, and it does not belong in any dialogue box. The world is awash with confusion over this. Designers, publishers, photo editing, ALL need to know PPI. The only people that need to use DPI are the print shops and printing presses. DPI has no place in any software in Affinity, or anywhere in the desktop publishing office or suite. I await thine fury!..............(but I can prove it if you so must) PS, the dialogue box should really range from about 90 then 180 then 260 300 360 and stop there. 360 being the absolute maximum. No quality improvement is available or visible after 360.
  2. I've photographed a couple of weddings for friends (I don't normally do them) which the clients have asked for their digital photos to be put into an album. I have Affinitity Photo Publisher and Designer V1, and see that V2 is just released. As a photographer, Photo is the only app I really make use of. Basically I would be happy to buy the V2 suite at the discount launch price if you can tell me that I can use one or more of the apps to make a super printed Wedding album. I remember Apple Aperture had an album printing function within the software and Apple would get it printed and post to you. Or are Wedding photographers using the Wedding Album printers built in software to do the layout? Cheers, Spike
  3. After updating your iPad to iPadOS 16 you will find that it's no longer possible to print from any Affinity iPad apps. Our developers are aware of this issue but a workaround is to go to Document > Export > Share > Print.
  4. I am continuing to have a problem in which the displayed document for a booklet does not match the size shown in the printing layout. I set up a "greeting card" layout of four facing pages as a new document (no template), to be printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper. I verified that the on-screen rulers show it to be 8.5 inches by 11 inches. The contents fit within a .5 inch margin on all sides of the pages. When I attempt to print this, however, each has a white space at the top and bottom. I realized that this was caused by trying to fit a letter-sized image into a half sheet—Publisher does not create the correct layout for the 5-1/2 x 8.5 inch "pages" of a booklet printed on "letter" size sheets. In any case, I began trying to understand the relation between "pages" and "spreads" and I'm finding that it is impossible to understand. No matter what combination I've tried, I get ridiculously narrow layouts, or the center spread insists on being dimensioned as 8-1/2 by 17 inches or some other semi-random result. I had assumed that I would use 8-1/2 x 11 "pages" and a 5-1/2 x 8.5 inch "spread." Nope. Can anyone give me precise instructions for how to set up a simple 4-page greeting card layout that prints correctly on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper? Thanks!
  5. I can’t work out how to set up a template to print 4 pages of A6 on an A4 sheet, and end up with the pages properly imposed. Page Plus does this well. How do I do it in Aff Publisher? I’m using Windows 10 and an Epson ET 2726 printer.
  6. I have calibrated monitor and printers; I use i1Studio from xRite for both. I setup a document like this, 1 page: I insert a reference photo, this one: Now I print: I disable color management in the printer's driver and enable it in AP The "Xerox workcentre..." printer profile was created by me with i1Studio, it works great in any other app I have As a second check I export the document in PDF and print it with Acrobat, same profile (and the print is ok). So I'm asking: does AP honor the printer profile for a CMYK Postscript printer as old as a Xerox 7435? Infact it doesn't seem to, and ANY profile I use in the print dialog gives the same output. In general I'm very happy with AP it's just so annoyng to have this extra step when it comes to printing. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello all! The company I work for uses Microsoft Publisher (barf) and when you’re ready to print or save to PDF with the software, you’re able to customize your print. A good example—and what I’m trying to do with Affinity Publisher—is print a single (or double) sided business card, multiple times on an 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper with the cards placed on the paper so they will run through our business card cutter properly. I need to have 10 business cards per sheet with 2 columns and 5 rows. I need to be able to set the space on the top, left, bottom and right as well as between the two columns. It would be incredibly handy to create preset of this for printing, or save as PDF. Thanks in advance, Lawrence
  8. I have some artwork I have had scanned at 600 DPI and it has been saved as 3 files, a TIFF, jpeg and a PDF. The original size of the piece of art was 30cm x 25cm. I would like to have it printed as a tea towel by an online print on demand site but the template for that is sized at 72cm x 44cm. I can't upload the art to the website, I have to email it at the correct size or aspect ratio. How can I adjust one of the scans in either Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo without distorting it or losing any quality so that I can send it off for printing? Or is this not possible? I am very new to the software so I'm hoping someone can help me with some step by step instructions!
  9. When I export a document as a PDF, the PNG with transparent background has a slight different color than the rest of the total background when printing. When I look at the PDF on my desktop it all looks fine (see attached image 1) but as soon as I print it, you can see that the transparent part of the PNG has an other color than the layer below (see attached image 2). Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?
  10. Hello, is this possible to fix this photos with Affinity Photo to be easier for reading and printing ( especially that ). Main goals: Make background paper white Make text contrast Remove shadow - all background to be close to white or white. I know that sample resolution is very low which complicates this task. Thanks for help
  11. Hey, i love AD, but since day 1 i have struggled with print. Im having issues, i could never get 100k black, then i got it buy playing with the pdf settings, now i cant get shadows to export on a pdf. its strange because i configure the settings one way and i CAN export the shadow but NOT achieve 100K, vice versa, when i get it too print 100K, i cannot export drop shadows in the same document. im attaching the affinity file, if anyone can get this exported, with shadows and 100kblack (proper colours/cmyk) i would appreciate it highly, and let me know the export settings and where/what im doing wrong. I work in a marketing agency, the owners have owned print houses, they have 100 years knowledge in print and im not just saying it, they are literally experts ive never heard anyone with even close knowledge in the industry. which makes it even stranger that i cannot get document to print as desired! we have printers in office, outsource work, all the workers are from print houses and repo. to add more to this, ive also uploaded my export settings on how i achieve 100k black, but sing these settings i cannot export shadows. when i get the shadow but no 100k, i just use 'press ready' and alter nothing, but like i say, that doesnt carry the 100kblack. the document is set up 100% correct - (there is no 100k black in use on this document EXCEPT the example square on art-board 'proof' LJmykar.afdesign
  12. I'm working on horizontal A4 size art board and when I print it, it doesn't fully print. Somehow, A4 paper size in print option is shorter than actual art board that is the same size. I tried to change the options in Affinity and printer itself's options, but both doesn't solve the problem. What should I do?
  13. Greyscale become multicoloured when printing from Affinity Designer. Obviously a conversion to/from color profiles happens inside Designer. How can I prevent this from happening? (This happens to all colours. It is just shown best with greyscale.) My printer expects data in the same colour profile as my AD files working profile. (ISO coated v2 (eci)) When exporting a PDF/X1a and printing with Adobe Acrobat everything is OK.
  14. Hello, I'm having recently some trouble with bleeds. I'm a newbie to graphic stuff, I've created a poster and now i need to print it and cut off the edges, so there are no white borders around it. In the document setup, I've set the bleeds to be 3mm on each side. When exporting, I've added all the crop marks and all the stuff, but when I export it to the final pdf file, the bleed marks are 3mm away from the poster, not in it actually (please see attachements, and the bleed is much bigger just to notice the difference). I want Affinity Designer to put the bleed marks in the actual poster, so there will be part of the image cut off. Unfortunately, I can't set bleed with minus at the beginning. Could anyone please help me? Thank you. A lot. Mike ostrava4.pdf
  15. Hi, I have been testing the Affinity Publisher Beta since its launch and find it to be performing well in most departments, but for a few glitches here and there which is being actively resolved by the developers in the subsequent builds. Kudos to them for the good work! One feature I would really like to see added in APUB to its already impressive list is "print preview". The ability to view the file to be printed, make imposition layouts, multiple ups, booklet layouts, add bleed, trim & registration marks will be a great help to the printing fraternity. With this one addition Affinity Publisher can break the monopoly of Corel Draw among the print industry in India. That said I have nothing against Corel Draw, it is a good, steady and mature software with lots of features and amazing ease of use. Its main drawback is its forbidding cost! I feel another able competitor in the market will bring about the right balance. Really appreciate if the APUB team can consider this feature for the future builds. Regards, Vijay
  16. Hi Team, There seems to be a problem in the way AD versions 1.9.0 through to 1.9.2 recognise and pass vector line information to our Trotec 'JobControl' print driver. The print/render will now produce a raster red line instead of a vector for files created in any version prior -> 1.8.5. If I redraw that very same line (then snap it to the existing path in 1.9.2 Beta for example) and print the file to JobControl, the line will print correctly. We have hundreds of files with complex cutting Artboards in them. As it stands we will have to recreate every red cut line from every shape and layout if versions 1.9.0+ will not print lines created in previous versions. The only way to get around this is to export every file to .eps format first. But then we lose all the group/layer stacking and colour tagging which is used for hiding and printing different combinations of large piece-count layout files. Another change in 1.9.0+ is that it does not recognise the 'Defined by driver' paper size in the AD print settings used to print to the correct laser-bed sized file. I now have to change the setting to 'custom' each time in the AD print dialogue and enter the size manually to have it set the correct 610mm x 305mm file table size. I have been printing for two and a half years into JobControl using exact RGB colour values for both red and blue vector cuts. Stroke width is not critical as long as it is sub 0.05mm, I always set ours to 0.02mm. I mention this because I have read a number of posts here on the forums which believe a critical 'hairline width' for Job Control is necessary for cut lines to be recognised and rendered. This is not so. JobControl is more concerned with the RGB value and seems to accept any stroke value under 0.05mm (0.14pt). I have tried the printing process with numerous files created in versions ->1.8.5 and all red/blue vectors seems to behave the same. I am keen to get to the bottom of this as it's a big time-consuming workaround for us for years to come if the files can't translate into future AD versions for easy, reliable laser printing. Can provide files and system info through a secure channel.
  17. Dear all, I have an outdoor exposition coming up, for which 20 of my photos (bug portraits) will be printed on 1,3m x 1,3m boards (51x51 inch). Is there any option in Affinity Photo to upscale, to add pixels (as in: a higher ppi)? The photos are originally 6240 x 4160, but since the prints will be square, they will be cropped. Do I need something like Topaz Gigapixel, or is there a tool in Affinity Photo that can do something similar? Cheers!
  18. Hi. I posted this bug but on a previous version, so i'm not sure if this is the best practice but am starting a new thread. I got too busy with work to follow up on this and have just continued using photoshop in the meantime. In the process of writing this I think i've narrowed down the problem. Windows 10 Affinity Photo Epson surecolor SC-P9560 (aka 9500 9570 in other regions) Printing from driver Similar issues going way back posted here and here basic problem: Epson SC-P9560 has uneven minimum margins for sheet prints (roughly 14mm top and 3mm bottom). In every other software i've used (PS, LR, Qimage, Mirage) the print/preview will reflect these minimum margins, and any resizing to printable area will respect these boundaries. In order to have a centered printable area, you must check the following box in the driver: If for example I set up an image file at my exact print dimension and send it to the driver in any other software, I must check this box to get a centered print. This is expected behaviour, and in rare cases I will print with a 3mm margin on one edge for a particular image. In Affinity, it seems that checking the above box actually de-centers the print layout. I won't go into great detail showing examples (they can be seen in the previous post), but can provide more context if people don't understand this. unchecking this option seems to produce a centered print, which is opposite the expected behaviour. Confusingly, leaving it unchecked also allows printing with the factory minimum (~3mm/14mm) margins. Assuming that this behaviour is consistent, it could actually be a little more convenient for me overall (I can ignore the "centered" checkbox), but it's definitely odd behaviour, and completely threw me from adopting Affinity for the last 6 months. IMO this should at least be noted so that people don't have the same issue. I wonder if AP is doing something similar under the hood for other printers that show a similar layout problem? Thanks. Will update if I discover anything new.
  19. I am trying to print various images / photo's from Affinity Photo using a Canon Pro 1000 printer and for some strange reason all attempts have resulted in the image displaced e.g. not centred. The margins are all set up & look good & even in soft proofing but the A2 printed image is offset to one side (rt.) approx. 2→5mm in both portrait & landscape. When editing / printing using the Canon software then the photos don't have this issue. I've noticed other posts on here that have similar issues but I've not discovered a solution. If anyone is able to advise me as to what is amiss that would be great as not being able to produce a correctly positioned photo kind of defeats the whole purpose of my purchase.
  20. Hello everyone, I bought an Epson XP-15000 and I'm trying to print from affinity photo on MacOs. I've done the soft proof correctly and now I'm in Print menu but I have some doubt. About color matching I set up this: But here in printer features there are a large number of parameters. How can I set them, please?
  21. Would be nice if you could add an option to reset the number of copies every time I print. Remembering the number is often annoying.
  22. Hi, If I use a grid adjusted to my requirements in designer and place content in it, can I also print the grid lines in black. Thanks
  23. is this planned? This is absolutely crucial part of printed work. REALLY needed ASAP.
  24. I have weird issue where I set the size to 5x7 in but when printed it is not 5x7 in. size issue.afpub IMG_1448.HEIC
  25. Hi Guys, Im currently working on a name badges template for a company. The size in Affinity designer is 74mm x 24mm When I export to pdf and print it they are 70mm x 23. This is also when "fit" is turned off. Is there anything I need to change when exporting to pdf? could DPI have anything to do with it? srry Im a web guy and not a print guy :P Hope you can help.
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