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Found 92 results

  1. I have installed Nik plugins for the Mac version of Photo and my preview screen on opening any plugin has a horrible colour cast and desaturated image. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, is there a solution. Please note that the same install has worked fine in Lightroom and Photoshop. Thanks, Peter
  2. I have successfully installed the NIK Collection of plugins into Affinity Photo. However, when I click on them I get a dialogue box saying "the plugin can only be applied to the active layer. If you would like to apply the plugin to a separate layer, please check to make sure your application supports the NIK Selective Tool and that you are not working in a limited functionality mode such as the Quick Fix mode of Photoshop Elements." (Substitute the name of the plugin with the word "plugin" above.) Can anyone please tell me what I need to do to get NIK Collection to work? Thanks. Chuck
  3. If like me, you are not that switched on when it comes to configuring Topaz plugins for use on a Mac look at this article in the Topaz forum: http://discuss.topazlabs.com/t/topaz-plugins-with-affinity-on-osx/3850/6?u=nick
  4. JValentine

    Problem with Preferences

    Is anyone having problems with Preferences? Mine won't open, all it does is close the app Affinity Photo on a Mac! Would love to install my Plugins!
  5. Hi all, has anyone been able to add Topaz plugins to Photo?
  6. Hi, I’m the author of the Flaming Pear plug-ins. Recently, customers have asked for support for Affinity Photo. It appears the plug-ins don’t quite work correctly because Affinity often misreports the pixel format. In particular, - the FilterRecord’s filterCase field always contains the undefined value zero - four-plane RGB+A data is reported as just three planes. So plug-ins are unable to access the alpha channel, which, upon exit, is full of garbage values. I’ve attached a document summarizing how Photoshop and Affinity report the pixel data differently. If this could be fixed, it would likely repair the compatibility problem with many vendors' plug-ins. Affinity Photo alpha channel reporting bug.pdf -Lloyd Burchill
  7. I am new to Affinity Photo. I was pleased to see that it was possible to use Topaz plugins. However I cannot workout how to get Affinity to recognise where they are. I have followed the Help topic and looked on this forum but am not getting anywhere. I have Photoshop CS5 (which is where I looked for the plugins.) I am using a PC with Windows 10 I am aware that using these plugins is a work in progress. It is a bonus I was not expecting. I suspect I am missing something obvious in the instructions so help would be appreciated I have attached a screenshot of the position I have reached. I hope it helps
  8. Out of curiosity, I've dug out Version 3 of Knoll Light Factory, that was originally supplied with a Serif Photoplus bundle. Although it's installed, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise the plugin. Does anyone know if it's compatible with AP, and if so, how did you get it to work? (All my other plugins Like Nik Collection and Topaz Labs work fine) Thanks
  9. Would it be possible to install and use a plugin called Focus Magic64.
  10. What is the chance our existing plugins like NIK and Topaz can be accessed through Affinity?? Hate to leave those behind!!! Thanks TL
  11. With the extortion experts Adobe screwing users of Creative (Accounting) Cloud with its revised pricing 20 to 50 percent, never has there been a greater need for a competitive alternative. Affinity comes nearest but shows no enthusiasm for closing the gap. When will it address the problems around plugins on Mac, or support Photoshop Actions, or have a file organiser, or make headway into reducing its gigantic file sizes? Solve these and you could have the world beating a path to your doorstep.
  12. Hi: Pixelsquid has a plug-in for Photoshop which allows the import of 3d objects to be rotated within the scene. Just wondering if Affinity has considered contacting PixelSquid to create a plug-in for both Affinity Photo and Designer for both operating systems?
  13. I know it's available as a plugin but, now that google have confirmed no more development of nik collection, what chance/ value in obtaining it to extend AP and/or to maintain the tools and perhaps tightly integrate? Seems to me to have value as a tool set, as a positive means to bring more users to AP, and makes business sense both to Serif and to Google (who can only otherwise disappoint current Nik users, of both the paid variety and those who got it for free) - why let it atrophy...... Regards.
  14. Hello, when you take the competition serious then you should open your apps for plugins and another services like invision. This is the future. When we make web design we need to present it like a real website. Mokups are very common and important. Please, make this feature available. Thank you.
  15. Hi, I recently installed the trial version of Affinity photo along with the google nik plugin. My issue is that when another user logs in and starts uses Affinity photo they have to re-add the plugin. Once the plugin is added for that user on that Mac they won't have to re-add it. We currently have 6 PC's with the trial version on and if multiple users use the application and move around it becomes quite a bit of hassle to re-add the plugin over and over. Is there anyway for the plugin to be added for every user that logs into that computer? Thanks, Will
  16. Alien Skin Software's Blow Up 3 Plug in works great in other applications but seems Affinity photo does not see it? any suggestions? options or work around please. Mac - Florida
  17. On 1 makes Photoshop compatible plug-ins. I am trying to use these with Affinity Photo. 1. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins and add Plugin Search Folders. ---since the dialog box specifically mentions "Folders" can we assume that this is in contradistinction to "Files"? 2. On 1's Plugin Folders reside in Mac=>Applications=>ON 1 Photo 10. --each of the Plugins resides in its own subfolder. 2a. Add ON 1 Photo 10 Folder to "Plugin Search Folders" Box in Affinity Photo. 2b. Enable Root "/" in Plugin Support folders (though Plug-in Support is contained in On 1 Photo 10 Folder 2c. Select "Authorize Global." 2d. Select "Close" 3. Restart Program. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. 4. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins and add Plugin Search Folders. 5. Add path to "On 1 Photo 10" subfolders where each plugin resides (MacHD=>Users=>XX=>Applications=>On 1 Photo 10=>Plugin Files 5a. Select Authorize Global; then Close 6. Restart Program. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. 7. Go to Preferences=>Photoshop Plugins=>Open Default Folder in Finder 8. Go to Default Folder 8a. Copy *.plugin files from On 1 Plugins Folder 8b. Global Authorize 8c. Restart Program. 9. Failure: Under Filters=>Plugins, no files appear. (Allow unknown plugins is checked). So what am I doing wrong? I understand that an automated installation won't work in the absence of Photoshop. But these are Photoshop-compatible. They might work with Affinity Photo if I could get them installed. The trip down the rabbit hole following all these steps was unsuccessful What will work to INSTALL these, so that Affinity can see them? Does Affinity work with *.plugin files or is it looking only for folders, or...who knows???
  18. Can someone please give me a step by step to add NIK plugins, Ive downloaded but can not load install.
  19. Good news for us ! Perhaps I'm not the fist one but I found the way to use all the plugins of the Nik Collection in Affinity Photo. After installing the Nik Collection by following tutorials, we all have the same problems : Viveza 2, Sharpener Pro 3, Dfine 2 et Selective Tool doesn't work. The problem come from the Windows format of the config file of each plugins. In fact, this file is a text file format with the .config extension. Analog Efex Pro 2 - natively works Color Efex Pro 4 - natively works Dfine 2 - you have to replace the Dfine2.config HDR Efex Pro 2 - natively works Sharpener Pro 3 - you have to replace the SHP3.config Silver Efex Pro 2 - natively works Viveza 2 - you have to replace the Viveza2.config (after a quick test, this one doesn't work very well, because of a color problem - I'm not enought competent to solve it) Selective Tool - can't works in AP because it's a sort of scripts panel to call Nik plugins with different ways - We could create similar actions with AP Macros. How and where replacing the .config files ? Go to the folder you create before installing the Nik collection / Google / In Dfine 2 folder > replace Dfine2.config (you have to login) In Sharpener Pro 3 folder > replace SHP3.config (you have to login) In Viveza 2 folder > replace Viveza2.config (you have to login) If you didn't erase the way to access to these plugins in AP's preferences, they works now. Enjoy it ! configs files.zip
  20. According to the page which MEB created, listing the PS plugins that AP can see and use, Vertus Fluid Mask 3 should be "available". For me, it is not, using AP for Windows. Preferences>Photoshop Plugins does not even list it though it is stored in the same folder as all my other plugins which I use/have used in PhotoPlus X8. Any suggestions? TIA. Jeff
  21. Hello. Now testing AP for my professional retouching job. Have some questions: 1. Paint Mixer Brush. How can I make it "auto clean"? I can see "auto load" option, but for retouching purposes auto clean is very needed! To click "clean brush" after each stroke is pain. 2. Frequency Separation as a filter is amazing feature! But I need copy of each layer to work on them. And I need clipping mask option for layers. Is there any same thing in AP? 3. And MAIN QUESTION - Imagenomic Portaiture plugin. I'm using it everyday for blurring low frequency layer. It quite nice for this operation. I added plugin's directory to list and it even starting. I can see it's interface but... nothing works. New layer with mask - nothing happend. Just new layer - nothing. And when I tried to apply it to current layer - AP hangs up. So.. what about this plugin? It's very famous and usable. As famous as Nik software plugin pack. That's all for now. Continue testing..
  22. Affinity Photo is just awesome and I believe more and more artists are adopting it has I did some time ago. Everything is great and is getting better with every update. But one of the things I never understood was why name the Plugins options in the preferences panel as Photoshop Plugins. I understand that in the beginning we may needed some kind of reference but since it's possible to install and use the plugins without Photoshop and since they aren't done by Photoshop, I don't see the need to make that reference. This is my sincere opinion and a simple suggestion/request, why not name it just Plugins? Thanks for all the effort and support, Pedro
  23. I have the plugin AKVIS Nature art on Seriff Photoplus X8. Can this be added to the Plugins on Affinity and if so How
  24. I've been using the nik plugins (sharpeners and color Efex) successfully for many months. I've just decided to have a go at using viveza but have had to give up. When a file is loaded into the plugin all the colours are wrong. I've read about a problem in the windows forum and have tried the suggestions in there to no avail. The colours displayed in the loupe window appear to be correct though. Just thought I'd better flag up that there is a problem with the Mac version as well as the Windows one. A great shame as would be great to be able to use the plugin.
  25. I have just received news of the latest Adobe CC price hike, and I do not like it - it's a price rise too far. I have Affinity and played with it a bit and I like it a lot, but there are issues with it and my current workflow that have prevented me from taking it up as a mainstream editor. My current workflow is in Lightroom/Photoshop with plug-ins from Topaz and other independent providers. I use Lightroom to import and organise my work into virtual folders using keywords and presets. I use an iMac. My issues with Affinity are with photo organisation and plug-ins. Is there an independent, cheap or free photo organiser similar to Lightroom that uses keywords similarly to assemble virtual folders and import and organise workflow, and is compatible with Affinity? Why does Affinity not support all plug-ins from Topaz and when will it? I'd love to hear what users here use to get around these shortfalls?

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