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  1. As for total domnination of windows i have no questions, but regarging macos numbers... macs have weight only in us and some nothern European countries, more rich ones: norway, sweden, uk. German prefer Linux. Fact. But market share in the rest of the world is quite irreliavent. Evaluating appointed facts: provided chart looks pretty far-fetched and narrow-minded. Don't understand stubbornness of Serif. Make kickstarter (like wise people saying), i bet you easily reach needed money bar. 'Nough said - already told my opinion in previous message. I am out.
  2. I just bought Affinity Photo, windows licence. Currently using Windows 7 x64. Will use it till esu support ends and after that i am planning to switch to Linux, coz Win 10 + Chrome is sucky telemetry collecting platform and Macos is nothing special anymore (intel cpus, not native os and marasmatician ceo adds slendidness) So Linux is the only choice. Currently looking at Manjaro distro. I hope that Serif will change their minds and will add Linux support in a 3-4 years. I am ready to pay tripple price for such gift. ps Gimp is not an option - it is a pain. Adobe is globalistic morons, not fixing bugs, but moving and redecorating buttons.
  3. Hello, to everybody! Finally switched from ugly adobe. And would like to know is there any way to assign hotkeys for external 3rd party plugins?