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  1. Gear Maker, thank you, this seems to be working... it's just now my "techy gotta know why" mind is preoccupied with why did it work one way for a while as the instructor said it would and suddenly go to glitchville and basically forcing me to go another route? I guess that's the world of gadgets and gizmos - hopefully, this won't present a problem with the more complicated projects on the horizon. Other than this I'm enjoying the program very much and the improvements over Adobe's Ai and their "subscription" policy. Again thank you for your assistance.
  2. Thank you, Old Bruce, however, "snapping" is not engaged AND every possible place to check snapping options is empty other than the screen tolerance option of the default "3"
  3. I'm having a problem getting used to ADesigner as a noob.... I have been practicing with the pen tool per an online course and seem do be doing well until the pen tool starts to snap to unseen guides/grids and I ultimately have to back up to the last practice project completed without issue, save and close ADesigner and then restart to continue. This seems somewhat weird and very annoying - actually extremely annoying. I'm using a Windows 64 bit laptop with Intel i7-3520M Core, running Win10 Pro with 16Gb ram & Wacom Tablet. I can currently run the Adobe Ai, Ps, Id, Ae, Au, Pr and other intense power programs without any issues. If anyone has encountered this issue it would be much appreciated to get a solution as quickly as possible. Thank you all for your assistance
  4. Just installed Affinity Photo and would like to change the default directory for plugins (and other directories saving logs, files etc) to a drive other than my SSD "C" drive due to its small capacity. How do you change the "plugins" directory in Photo?
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