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    .ICO support?

    I already looked at that thread. So there are no plugins which allow for editing ICO files? I can always use GIMP, but I want to have a streamlined workflow. Are there any plans to support .ICO files? What other files can affinity not handle/export to?
  2. Hello there, I am currently on the 10-day trial of Affinity Photo testing the waters. I've been a long-time Photoshop and GIMP user, however I have recently become disgruntled with Photoshop and am looking for a powerful alternative. Affinity looks great in a lot of ways, however I came across something quite alarming. Affinity doesn't support ICO? Even the free open source Gimp can edit an ico file, why can't affinity? Will that support be coming soon? Is there a plugin that allows for ico's to be edited? Thanks! Jesse