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  1. I've just done a fresh Windows install, and forgot to keep the downloaded macros that I saved, for both Affinity Photo & Design, when you install them for the first time. It's not allowing me to re-download them. Is there any way I can get them? I thought maybe they would be in my library, but I'm guessing after a fresh C Drive install, everything is now at a default setting. Only purchased Photo & Designer a few days ago, so the answer may be obvious. Thanks in advance, Kiarian
  2. I'm trying to find the equivalent of Photoshop's filter gallery function on Affinity Photo. Let's say I want a frozen ice sculpture look in Affinity Photo. How would I go about doing this without the filter gallery? Would I use custom macros for this?
  3. B&W images can have many different facets and moods for a given motive, so it always also depends on the intended expression that they should convey. Here are a few (six) different B&W conversion macros for tryouts and to play with. - You may have to customize their settings to your individual needs, since not all input images are the same. BEFORE & AFTER MACROS OVERVIEW THE LIBRARY MACROS FILE B&W Plays.afmacros
  4. Hi, In the right-click context menu on layers there is a Mask to Below which doesn't seem to be accessible from the main menu. Since the right-click menu is disabled while recording Macros, it means that this function can not be recorded in Macros, however It would be really useful. Please add a way to run this command during Macro recording and have it recorded. As a separate request please make it possible to assign a hotkey to the "Mask to Below" function.
  5. One of the great things about Photoshop is its actions. There is a big market in this that is a real challenge for Affinity to crack. Other programs, such as On1 Photo Raw, have very easy to use presets. Affinity seems in its early days with basic macros and single-adjustment presets. However this also means that there is opportunity to overtake Adobe with a more sophisticated 'recipe' system. Things to include: Scalable images of recipes as applied. Nested system so you are not faced with all recipes at once yet can have many on tap without overwhelm as you search for the one
  6. Hello, I just downloaded Affinity today and it came with a free Macro-pak which I also downloaded. When I follow the instructions to import the files it says no files found although I can see the files when I search my files through windows, I am pointing to the correct folder but it just does not seem to be able to see them, can someone help me?
  7. Does anyone know the best way to create a watermark on a transparent background? I've been able to create a watermark on an individual photo. However, I'd like to design a watermark that I can use on every photo I create. Selling my photos online is my goal; but I don't want to post any photos unless they have a watermark on them. Zenfolio allows its users to add a watermark. If I could create a single watermark on a transparent background, then Zenfolio would add the watermark to each photograph. I haven't had any luck using the clipboard. Also, is there a way to create a m
  8. In PS, I have a one key action that inserts a text layer that I use as a watermark on photos that I post. I can have over 50 files so this is useful. I tried making a macro in Affinity and got the notice that: "Cannot record "add a frame text" My workaround is to create an Affinity file with the text layer and copy and past that layer but that involved more keystrokes. Any chance you developers are working on this?
  9. Hi, I try to create macros which operate with various changes to selection. In order to restore selection at end of macro, I save them to Spare channel in beginning of macro and Load them from Spare Channel, then delete Spare Channel at end of macro. First the macro seems to work correctly. However if there are already some Spare Channels, the macro fails to target the correct Spare Channel for deletion, and deletes the pre-existing Spare Channel, leaving the newly created temporary spare channel. At the least macros should record that the Spare Channel deleted was the same that was creat
  10. After a recent crash, was unable to access any macros or create new ones. Reloaded AP, still getting an error message when attempting to import "Unexpected Macros Format". Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Clicking on a macro doesn't result in running the macro. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  12. First I apologize if I am repeating things already asked for. I like the way macros allow me to automate things but in the future it would make the feature much more usable if more actions could be recordable Such as 1. nesting items within the layers panel 2. setting a fill with the gradient fill tool 3. select multiple objects/layers.
  13. What I'm wondering is if I create a macro that adds a bitmap texture will that texture be exported in the macro if I export it?
  14. It would be great if de macros functionality also was enable on affinity photo for iPad.
  15. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for working all our online shop product Photos and it does a wonderful job. Once in a while I need to create a Macro to simplify my process and the last one I created is Guides for a square picture in percentage, but it seems that when the crop is different the guides calculate badly and don't appear properly in the places I need them to go right on the percentage I've calculated, because If I have to create this macro for all the different crops in the world, well, there is not much sense in creating a macro, I just end up with a list of thousands d
  16. I am unable to open Skies.afmacros; I am informed that it is the wrong file type! I would like to reinstall this zip file but I no longer have the original of the email! Can I be sent the link again please? When comparing file size I see that the file is much smaller than the other macros and has the pro word uplift which I assume is is wrong. I have all the up lift epic skies files however.Many thanks.
  17. Hola, Acabo de subir un tutorial sobre Macros y Personalización de Affinity Photo. Espero que os guste.
  18. Affinity Photo (Version 1.5.2) - April 27, 2017 Hello, We would like to build a Macro that includes different layers to build some sort of 3D image impressions including a separate background. Below you'll find the exact steps we've taken so far: A. MACRO PROCESSING 1) Drag and drop a .jpg image into Affinity Photo 2) Activate Macro 3) Document --> Resize Document to 560px x 395px, Units: Pixels, DPI: 450, Resample: Bilinear, Resample activated/ticked --> Resize 4) Document --> Resize Canvas --> 640px x 640px, Units: Pixels,
  19. Affinity Photo (Version 1.5.2) - April 27, 2017 Hello, We would like to build a Macro that includes different layers to build some sort of 3D image impressions including a separate background. Below you'll find the exact steps we've taken so far: A. MACRO PROCESSING 1) Drag and drop a .jpg image into Affinity Photo 2) Activate Macro 3) Document --> Resize Document to 560px x 395px, Units: Pixels, DPI: 450, Resample: Bilinear, Resample activated/ticked --> Resize 4) Document --> Resize Canvas --> 640px x 640px, Units: Pixels, Anchor: Center --
  20. Hi, since today update my Windows Affinity Photo does not recognize the macros and can not to import them.
  21. Just updated to the new version ( and my macros are gone, both the ones I downloaded and the ones I created in the previous version. I can bring up the import dialog, but it doesn't display any of the macro files I have on my drive. What should I do now? Windows 10, 64 bit
  22. I was recently trying to create a batch process to run macros, but did not get that far as I found that the macro did not record the actions within the external Topaz plugin. This is the first time I have tried macros and is therefore a disappointment, given Topaz documentation re PS CC actions support, I was anticipating Photo woudl be the same. That aside, my problem is now that whenever I try and record and save a macro to the library, the 'save to library' button causes an immediate crash. Process: Affinity Photo [572] Path: /Applica
  23. I love Affinity Designer, please keep up the good work. It's coming along nicely, but I have run into some basic usability issues that significantly slow down my workflow. I think these would be useful for most users. Please add some form of vector trace - I am still keeping other vector apps for just this 1 feature. The Selection Marquee can’t select layers within groups - can this be added as an option or to the direct selection tool. With large documents, finding and selecting multiple layers really slows down the workflow. When ungrouping fro
  24. One of the strengths of PS is the huge community around PS Actions and the use of these. Are there any similar for Affinity Macros (I know of the Macro Pack, but that's is not what I'm looking for)? I assume that some/most of the Affinity Photo users are moving from Photoshop to Affinity Photo (or at least know what you can do in PS), so I would suggest that the Affinity Photo team create some examples of macros to show how to do the “same” things as some of the PS Actions. This would also encourage the Affinity Photo community to contribute to making Affinity Photo a true competitor
  25. Hi ! Recently I purchased Affinity Photo and it's my first post here I fall in love affinity Photo features, workflow and monthly fees free concept, but some bugs are really dissapointing. Considering to switch from adobe products to Affinity Photo, because it completely covers my needs. Really wish success to you, guys, and know how important feedbacks is, so there is one. Please forgive me, if I created theme in a wrong forum tree. I'm working in IT, my system is fast and clean, so please don't advise to turn off antivirus or smth. like that I already tried to tweak my machi
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