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  1. Oh thanks Alfred. I feel real stupid now. I was sure I had tried that already, but obviously not. Now it worked fine. Grateful greetings from sunny Sweden
  2. Hi, I saw an earlier thread with someone having problems installing macro packs. Read that but I still have problems. My downloaded packs have the extension afmacros but when trying to import on my desktop version it seems Affinity wants files with the extension afmacro (without the s). So quite logically Affinity says it can't find anything to install best regards //Eva
  3. Wow Simon, sounds great! I will certainly check out for that
  4. Great to hear that a book is coming. I find it difficult to follow video tutorials. When it's time to try what I've seen in the video I have already forgot what I just saw I just got the Designer book and it seems very good. Although I think that a book in PDF format could be sufficient and easier for you to keep updated.

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