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  1. I am planning to upgrade from iPad 2017 to iPad Pro. In this case, would I need to buy an additional liscense?
  2. Hi Dan, many thanks for your quick answer; I transfer the file from a pendrive to the iCloud storage in the iPad, so it is basically the case as you describe it :-( I have not uddated to v12 yet, so I cross my fingers and hope this afternoon it will be solved. I will update as soon as I have news, however it seems weird for since apple includes this camera in their list of supported cameras for v11...
  3. This is a weird problem I have when working with Affinity photo in my iPad; I don't think it is a bug, therefore I place this here, but if you think it should be posted in any other category please feel free to move it ;-) The problem: When I try to import from cloud a .NEF file taken with my Nikon D750 the thumbnail is a white box, making it thus pretty difficult to select the picture I want to work with. But if I try it with .NEF files from a D700 the thumbnail is visible and I can easily select the picture I want. May be I need to do an upgrade of any kind in either the iPad or Affinity? many thanks manolo
  4. Thanks MEB, I have lookd in Amazon and discovered that Serif has already created a placeholder for the Photo Workbook, with date October 24th, 2017; is it reliable or there is no eta yet as you mentioned? About the books in German, is there any specific one you would recommend? thanks again :-)
  5. Hi there, first of all I want to express my gratitude for the countless video tutorials you provide. However, I miss some structured how-to manual, such as the Workbook for Designer. Can anybody recommend an Affinity Photo workbook? many thanks