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  1. My apologies for not being specific. For example with Photoshop which I’m trying to get away from I have over the years created actions/macros to do some basic touch ups on portraits such as a macro that enhances eyes that prompts me to select the eyes and will then continue through processing additional actions. This could also apply to teeth or skin retouching as well. Another example is compositing. I may have a portrait taken where the background isn’t ideal with a blur lens which makes it easy to replace the background so I have a few preset backgrounds and effects I apply such as lighting to help blend and would like to be prompted for a selection. As as it is now I make a macro to do these things but have to go back and re-mask if u will. I completely understand these are a little random but there are marketplaces on other platforms that do just these things and I’m a day one supporter of affinity photo on macOS and iOS but literally just now with macros (overlooked macro support was there in Nov) I’m just now jumping in and trying to make some home grown options that I can run on my iPad. I think even even with what it can and can’t do it’s really amazing and can’t wait until we can do more advanced things as a lot of friends and family have iPads and I could make macros and get them engaged in doing more with photography and this app as well. Hopefully this explains a few things a little better.
  2. That’s unfortunate as I was really hoping to see a way to prompt for a selection or mask since this would really open the door to touch up macros and blending multiple images with macros.
  3. In the last 24 hours I've recently dived in head first with the macOS and iOS versions of Affinity Photo. I feel like this is something I've been waiting for since the iPad came out and just realized this week the iOS version can run macros let alone macros made on the desktop version. I am beyond thrilled however I'm running into a few issues I was hoping someone could help me with. I'm attempting to create a macro that will make a layer mask based upon a selection which is essentially selecting out people in a photo. When I make a macro so far it will always repeat the same selections which if that's the best it can do for now then I can work with that however I'm hoping there's an option that when the macro is ran it'll prompt the user to make their own selection and would be even better if this would also work similarly on iOS but not holding my breath on that just yet. Is there a way to have a macro ask the user to do something at this stage of development? If not are there any good workarounds and would those work on iOS? Also is it just me or do some filters (Only thing I've really noticed so far) work differently depending on if it's ran on iOS vs desktop with same settings on same image? Perlin Noise is something I'm working into a macro and it just seems to blend better on iOS but with same exact settings on macOS it has to be heavily modified to reach something similar when ideally I'd like to have the same result on each platform. Edit: So I see there's some actions that have settings next to them and within that there's an eye that can be clicked that will prompt a user so is there a way to have this come up for a selection or to mask something on a layer? Any help is appreciated.
  4. Thank you for this! I could have sworn I tried this and didn’t work before but now it is so it’s exactly how I’d want it to work just some how overlooked it. Im going to be doing a lot of trial and error with macros from desktop to iOS and aside from not yet being able to create them on the iPad this was the only other barrier I came across. Ive noticed some effects like lighting and especially with Perlin noise appear differently on desktop than on iPad. For example Perlin with lighting can transform a clean background into what looks like a backdrop on iOS however using the same settings with Perlin and lighting on iPad it looks terrible (mainly Perlin is what’s most dramatic between the two platforms). So being able to do some trial and error is really great and helps out a lot! I really would like to figure out how to have it prompt for selection for a macro so I’ll ask in main forum regarding that. Thanks for the the suggestion on looking at the example as well as I’ve been diving in on tutorials and everything else I can find.
  5. I have a few questions relating to Macros on both Mac & iOS devices. My first question is also a testimonial to what really won me over to Affinity Photo this week. I was editing a photo taking in a living room on my iPad in Affinity Photo and was trying the macros out and ended up with a photo that now looks like it was taken in a studio. I recreated what I did on the iPad on my mac and turned it into a macro but there's one major issue I have. My macro creates a layer mask of for the people in the photo and this overall macro is one I'd like to reuse however I can't for the life of me figure out how to have it ask to make a selection when ran and would that also work on the iPad? In case that's not clear I'd like to run a macro on either device and if part of that macro requires a selection to be made have it prompt me to make one. Secondly I accidentally imported the same macro in twice and created a duplicate and did not see an easy way to delete the duplicated live macros. I ended up deleting the app and reinstalling but this seems a bit drastic especially as time goes on and with the additional macros we can import now from desktop version would like to see a way to manage these on the iPad. Lastly will there be a way to create macros from the iPad itself in the future? I'm honestly blown away by the ability to create macros and effortlessly sync them to the iPad and I didn't even realize this was possible until this week. While I've owned both Mac & iOS versions of Affinity Photo this is what really caused me to push aside other apps. This is amazing.
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