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  1. could we please have updates if you are planning to do it? That would be really useful!
  2. So, I try to import a macro in my program and this window appears but I don't even know where this file is located or if it even exists? I would like to copy them in this file so they could be linked anywhere on my mac or my iPad in a near future. To specify, I think it requires to copy my macros into this unknown file to be able to import them at all.
  3. Ok but I think my comment just got lost in the wind : Is there an option for "Indent to here" like indesign?
  4. It would be really nice if we could open INDD files with affinity publisher...
  5. So if I copy vector objects from affinity publisher and paste to affinity designer it transforms it in an image and no more vectors but if I copy from designer and paste to publisher it stays in vectors...
  6. that doesn't change the problems I mentioned... I don't see any difference with my version @MEB
  7. @JimmyJack is does kind of the job but not the best result with the dark blue lines =/ P.S. I linked my off.pub file! autoportraitPinShop_Affinity.afpub
  8. So I am showing you what I think is what I was looking for but the transparency gradient doesn't apply the same way on every objects of the group so it is kind of weird... picture linked to show you what I mean.The arm, the dark blue lines and the light blue doesn't react the same way but this is the same mask applied on all of them...
  9. I want to make a transparency gradient to a group of objets so they can progressively disappear... So a mask that allows me to take 100% visibility to 0% with only one step for all the group of objects.
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