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  1. Hi there, I have isolated a head shot image from it's background and now would like to place a brick wall background image behind it. The problem is that I need to transform/distort the brick wall image to impart some perspective. When I go to Filter > Distort > Perspective, my imported image is rasterized and cropped to the size of viewport. This makes it impossible to for me adjust the brick wall background as any movement of it will reveal whatever is beneath it. How can I apply Perspective filter non-destructively? without cropping? If this were Photoshop I would res
  2. I noticed that the Halftone filter wasn't working properly when I tried to apply the filter to a layer filled with 50% gray (or any percent gray) to create a screentone effect like those used in Japanese manga illustration. However, despite activating the filter and the preview of the effect being shown in the Filter studio the effect was never applied to the canvas. I tried doing a live preview but that didn't work either. I've added a photo of the situation in hopes that it will better illustrate the situation in case my words fail me. This method works in Photoshop and I don't
  3. When exporting to SVG, is it possible to export filters as SVG filters instead of raster images? Thank you in advance.
  4. Fairly self-explanatory: filters and adjustments could both benefit from a "favourites" feature, either automatically based on use, or manually set up by user.
  5. • In the Matting help topic, the before & after images are backwards -- the image captioned "After (Hover/Touch)" shows an image with transparency, which is the 'before' state. • In the Applying filters topic, the Settings section includes Before/After as among the general settings that are available from all filter dialogs. That is not true for all live filters. • I use the default for me US English localization. When I first open the Help window, everything is localized as expected. However, if I use the search box, some or all of the topics are switched to the British English on
  6. We can customize the main toolbar by long pressing it etc, and then add there some of the basic tools. But how about having a capability to add a filters and effects too there? Or have a own custom sidebar where to add them, so there wouldn't be need to open the list everytime to call something? It would speed up the workflow when user could add a most used filters and effects as buttons and then just tap them to get them added?
  7. What is the function of the "monochromatic" option that you find in several Affinity Photo filters? I have heard that "it is important" in several videos but I haven't heard what it does exactly. Therefore, I don't know when I should I use or not use it. I gather from the examples I have seen that it can be used with color images images and that it is not necessarily for B&W images as the name of the option may lead one to assume. Thanks!
  8. I saw a tutorial on how to remove dust, hair, and scratches. Is there a way to age a photo by adding dust, scratches?
  9. Hi, I just started using the program but throughout several video tutorials I have come to notice that I don't have the "New Live Filter" option on my Layer menu. Any ideas on why isn't it showing? And how can I get it to show? I'm currently running version 1.5.4 Thank you!
  10. I have recently installed the trial version for Affinity and was trying to understand the basics of the program. When I launch the program and open any photograph, histogram is not shown on the right side. I am also unable to see the Filters menu on the top. Even simple tools like sharpening are not visible to me. Can anyone guide me in this interface with these three things - How do I see the histogram on the right side? Where is the filters menu? How do I start the sharpening tool? I am also attaching a screenshot of the freshly installed program on Windows 7 professional.
  11. Attached are two screenshots I used Affinity to attempt to make legible. Every time I added a new filter layer, or simply attempted to apply the Sharpen tools to a background duplicate layer--and then clicked "Apply"--the changes and enhancements vanished. I need help getting this fixed. Thank you.
  12. Hi, juste as the title says, I wanted to know if i can find photo filters (or export some from photoshop) and if so where can i find them ?
  13. This has probably been asked for a few times, I did a search but didn't see anything... would love a preview toggle tick box for filters and adjustment layers in AP. Something similar to the toggle tick boxes in the effects panel. It's a bit of a pain to have to add the layer to the stack to toggle it's effect on and off to see if you really want to commit to it. Kind of surprised this isn't part of the initial popup panel. Maybe I'm not seeing it anywhere and there already is one...? Looks like we have merge, delete and reset. Can we add preview to this please? As a side note, I'v
  14. For me one of the greatest UI updates from Photoshop lately has been the layers filters. Being able to search layers by name or to show only the text layers has been a great time saver for me since it has been introduced in Photoshop. Having something similar in Affinity Designer would help a lot. By the way, I would love to see 2 other options related to the layers panel : Always show the selected layer (removes the need to constantly use find in layers panel) ; Only show the current art-board (in case of multiple art-boards, only the layers of the current art-board are visibl
  15. Hello: When I open the filter window for Lighting, it opens with it's header out of view in the top of my screen, and centered on top of my image. Since I can't mouse over the header of this window, I can't move it. Can't find any way to resize it, either manually or with Affinity/Windows keyboard shortcuts. In searching, did not find anything in these discussions. After playing around, I found that pressing Ctrl + Alt + up/down/left/right arrow, if rotates my entire screen, and the window header becomes visible. I can then see and click/hold the header and move the window. Then I rota
  16. I've been playing with the Distort Filters and I can't see any change at all after applying the Deform filter. Tried every possible combination of adjustments and an A-B comparison of my layers before and after applying shows no difference. What am I missing?
  17. The term I am using - cutout - has nothing to do with masking or removing an image. Instead I refer to the Photoshop filter factory effect. I use tis effect to simplify colors and shading to create a cartoon like image. It varies on numbers of levels to effect, edge simplicity and edge fidelity. I use this filter to create posters, flyers and more for clients. I am liking the windows beta of Affinity Photo and am seriously thinking of giving up my Photoshop CS6 for it. The workflow is a tad different, but this is one capability I can't find. I don't want to pay the exhorbitant cost of Adobe's
  18. Hi all, I saw on another post that 'Artistic' filters such as Cutout are on the roadmap but does anybody know a workaround to get something approaching the 'Cutout' filter result using the current tools? As below:
  19. Hello, I just downloaded Affinity Photo and can't find the layers or filters mentioned in the Vimeo videos. I looked through the forum and found that I should go to View->Studio-> and Layers should be there, or to reset the Studio and layers should be there... it's not. Please see the attached image. How can I find these things? Thank you, Kersey
  20. Hi, Is there a way to create a custom "filter" in AF made up of several adjustment layers? I know you can save presets for adjustment layers individually. I am talking about saving a preset that involves several adjustment layers and possibly filters. For example, I came up with a workflow that creates an effect that i want to be able to reuse but I see no way to save it, except for saving each adjustment layer individually. Thanks!
  21. Photoshop Plugins: Most do not work or perform wrong function: I went to the plugins section in the preferences section. I added PS CS6 program under plugin search folder. I added \ as the path by selecting my mac hard drive. Am I missing something?
  22. I need to be able to edit the svg's produced by affinity designer. I would like to animate them and to modify the effects. One major problem I'm having is that there is just no sensible way to export svg's through designer. Code Readability I was pretty upset to discover that the exported code was all exported on a single line, with no options to change the number of required decimal places or to format the code. I could cut down the filesize by less than half just by exporting to two decimal places of precision, which is more than enough for web use (in my cases). Lack of SVG
  23. Is there any way to filter through layers, or could this be possible in the future? The layers panel is good, but perhaps could be even better. For example: Sometimes using live trace in Illustrator produces hundreds of layers and doesn't group them. Say you have a black and white patterned image. The black and white layers will be mixed up together. But say I only want to change the color of white layers, or to hide them, I have to go through the mixed up layers one by one. I would love to be able to filter layers somehow. By color would seem one possibility. The media assets
  24. Hi All, I am an experienced LR user, with some GIMP experience migrating to AP, reason I say so, I am not a experienced PS user and an AP beginner, so I may miss some of the concepts, however I have observed the following issues, I can do a little help with in my understanding. First AP team great job and product! Keep up the good work, I really like working with AP and comments below are meant in a constructive way. 1) Personas, great concept, why is there no Panorama Persona and no Stack Persona? Both develop an image and end up in the Photo Persona, I tried both with RAW files a
  25. First of all, let me say that I like so much of what Affinity Photo and Designer have to offer. My struggle with them are along the lines of the interface and some usability issues. I am sure you are working on these but I thought some user feed back in the spirit of wanting to help contribute to improving would be welcome. I am a photographer and a designer, so I am working with multiple images. I have stepped away from Adobe because it's simply overpriced. Paying continually high fees for marginal development is frustrating and "pocket draining". Adobe bridge is maybe not the fin
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