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  1. Thanks, that helps! Viveza 2 is still in black and white.
  2. I have the similar problem on my Mac. I see the plugins, I can select them, but the filters are not called. Cees
  3. Since I use the updated Affinity Photo 1.8 the Nikcollection (Google) does not open anymore. The Nik filters are visible in Affinity, but does not open. What do I have to do? iMac Cees
  4. I had already updated my iMac with the latest version to check if the black/white problem would vanish, but unfortunately. For the time being I can not use Viveza until there is a solution. Thanks for your help. Cees
  5. Thanks for your answer. Could it be caused by HIGH Sierra? Cees
  6. iMac, High Sierra. Yesterday I installed Nik Filters, I made a photo in Black and White with Silver Efex Pro. Today I opened a color photo in AP and wanted to use Viveza 2, the filter opened in black and white! How come? Cees
  7. Tried to install the Nik Filters following the clear instruction. But nothing is visible and operational after the restart. The filters are visible in Lounchpad and the new created folder. I am using High Sierra. Whats going wrong? Cees
  8. The Blemish Removal Tool enables you to remove small imperfections from images with a single click. The tool is available in both Photo Persona and Develop Persona To remove blemishes: Use the Layers panel to select a layer to work on. Click Blemish Removal Tool from the Tools panel. Adjust the context toolbar settings. Do one of the following: Click on the target area. Drag from the target area to the sample area. But there is no Layers Panel in Develop Persona And though the blemish tool does not work in the Develop Persona Pls advise. Cees
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