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Found 1,673 results

  1. Hi, I created a vector logo I need to export it to another vector format. It has only vector elements in it. It is all vector curves and text. The issue that I am having is that the the main icon keeps rasterizing after export to EPS or PDF and other vector format. When I open it back up in Affinity Designer the part with the main icon is reterized. The text is fine. It does not have any effects, it is all made up in Affinity Designer in curves. Can you please help me? Thank you!
  2. Hi all, Publisher crashed during an export to PDF. I get to the export screen, but while exporting it crashes. Exporting to JPG works fine. Attached is the report from the Apple System. I have a: MacBookAir10,1, BootROM 6723.61.3, proc 8:4:4 processors, 16 GB, SMC. Any suggestions? Thank you and all the best! Crash report.rtf
  3. Hi, I have found a bug. In the file opened in Designer visualization is ok but if I export on pdf a part of file have a not good quality. Why? Thanks
  4. I use Affinity Designer to create files that I export – using "SVG (for export)" – for other apps, such as Cricut Design Space. The problem is that the Affinity Designer SVG export contains scientific e notation values like: <g id="topback" transform="matrix(-1,-1.22465e-16,1.22465e-16,-1,854.039,695.404)"> that other apps, specifically Design Space, chokes on. Trying to import that object into DS results in unusable, malformed objects. Sometimes I can "fix" it by editing the SVG file from the above, to: <g id="topback" transform="matrix(0,1,1,0,854.039,695.404)"> resetting the transform matrix, but it doesn't work for all objects, I haven't dug into how to map the space transforms properly, and I'm trying to avoid learning/doing that because this step is a huge pain. Based on a bunch of SVG parsers, the files are technically valid, and Affinity can re-import the SVGs, but I need them to work with the other apps. But this issue doesn't happen all the time and I can't figure out exactly what causes it to occur in the first place. Nor can I figure out how to fix it. I've tried deleting the offending object and re-creating them, but the new objects are affected exactly as the one it's replacing Any ideas would be very helpful. THANK YOU!
  5. Hi. This is an old, old, old solved bug returning on 1.6.1 If I duplicate an artboard and change the name, its associated export slice retains the old name. Also, changing existing artboard name doesn't change slice's one. It is happening randomly. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not, I can't find a pattern to give you steps to reproduce. Not sure if is a general issue or is triggered by something. I suspect it happens on documents created in the previous version. It seem to work correctly on documents created directly on 1.6.1 Feel free to request further info or a problematic document.
  6. Hi everyone,,, having trouble exporting to specific mm sizes when saving SVG vector graphics [for signage] Are have prepared 48 sign panels at full size artwork 600mm x 600mm as a series of artboards I want to export them at 512x512 px PNG for some rendering software and full size [mm] as SVG and AI files to the sign fabricator.. both having trouble in both regards When I exporrt as PNG i get each artboard exported at 7000 x 7000px [roughly the overal document size [eg all the artboards combined] in mm] so I have to batch resample them down to 512 x 512 in photo designer as a seaparate task... When I export the files as full size SVG each panel is exported as 7000x7000px [2500x3500mm] , not 600x600mm as expected the new file defaults to px units even though my parent document units are mm... as for getting 2500mm rather than 600x600mm has me mystified. did a lot of research before coming here.. nearly all tuts refer to pixel sizes , not mm any help appreciated BIM HSL SIGNS -2.afdesign
  7. Hi everyone, probably a newbie question, but I just want to get it right before sending out my document for printing. I have created a document with multiple elements that have a 90% fill opacity (see screenshot attached) and overlay eachother: The colors I used are "normal" ones, so neither spot or overprint colors. When I export the file as a PDF (CMYK colors) everything looks as intended, so the opacity is still there. What will happen during printing? Will the opacity be visible on the printed document as well? Or will it be removed before printing, so in my example above it would be orange with 100% print opacity and the overlay effect would be lost? Thanks!
  8. Is it possible to export affinity designer to PSD file with editable text? If yes, how?
  9. Hello, I am facing a peculiar issue. I have two windows laptops on which Affinity photo is installed. But only on one of them I get this error when exporting an image after finishing the edit - If I turn the embed metadata option off, then it works. However, on the other laptop there is no such issue. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling affinity photo on the machine, but the issue persists. Incidentally, the machine with this issue is the faster of the two. How can I resolve this? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello. I'm attempting to upload art made in Affinity Designer to Teespring. I export as a PNG, Resample: Bilinear and don't resize the image larger when creating my listing. After creating the listing, the preview looks pixelated. Other shops don't have this pixelation problem on their product pages. I'm concerned about the quality of the shirt. Their design tips say to turn off anti-aliasing in Illustrator. Can I achieve a similar result in Designer to prevent pixilation of a printed product? I see an export option for nearest neighbor but I don't fully understand this or if it will allow my design to be printed with high quality. The artwork are vectors and they are only pixelated when uploaded to the shop. What would you suggest?
  11. Here is an error that I was able to replicate on my system MacOS Catalina version 10.15.7 (19H15) Affinity designer app store version 1.8.6 In the attached affinity file you can see that the white object is in a group by itself and the group opacity is set to 90%. When exporting this to pdf (see attached), the grouped object has weird glitches around the edge. The version on the right is smooth and round. glitch.pdf pdf-glitch.afdesign
  12. Hi, Just wanted to list this bug that I've been getting. I used to get it way less frequently, but with the latest update it happens very frequently (sometimes on the 2nd export and definitely by the 5th export). More specifically, I have a file with multiple artboards in it. I export elements out of one of the active artboard, in PNG format (I select 'export only selected without background' in the Area tab). The window then disappears, nothing is exported (because the save dialog window does not appear) and nothing works afterwards. This error is more likely to happen when I drag and drop a previously exported PNG file into the file (to test that it is okay) and nothing happens! The file does not appear. Same if I try to drag and drop it in Photo. Might be because it got corrupted during the export? The only fix for me at the moment is to close the software through task manager and start again, until the same crash occurs. I have created clean files, only one artboard at a time etc, I reset the settings by having the CTRL button pressed on launch, the error will keep happening. It is a Windows 10, tower PC with 32gb of RAM, Nvidia 2070RTX, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, so I don't think it is my specs. I even lowered the max ram to be used in the performance tab and that seemed to make it work better for a couple more exports than usual, and then the same crash happened. Thanks for your time! Edit: Additional info: So I have been looking at the exported files that seem to cause a crash and cannot be drag and dropped, when I open them by right-clicking and select 'Open With', Designer will open them, but the file will have a shortened name and appears in all caps - vs other exports that can be dragged and dropped, whose naming appears correctly. Some elements that could not be dragged and dropped eventually fixed when I re-exported them, but some are always problematic and I have done nothing different to their exporting process. -- Manually renaming the files, allows them to be opened & dragged and dropped normally. But the naming is exactly the same as before (!?). Final Edit - I have narrowed it down to something within that specific file I was trying to export from, other files (exact same multiple artboard style, same exporting process and naming), have been exporting just fine. There is obviously a bug there, but I cannot share the file in question as it is work related.. As this is something that has happened before though it might be worth looking into ( consecutive exporting from multiple artboards from within the same file, has caused my Designer to crash on numerous occasions).
  13. Hi, I work in product photography and my clients need all their images clipped with the clipping path tool and also want to image delivered in TIF/PSD format including the clipping path. I usually work with Photoshop but are ready to jump ship since I am fed up with all the bugs in Photoshop. To make the jump I need to somehow export the clipping path I create in Affinity Photo within the PSD/TIF export so the client can just open it and see the path. Is there any workaround to export the clipping path in a file? Thank you!
  14. I faced the old AD problem of hairline \ gap like in I read most of such topics. any solutions works fine. Problem still exist after export. May be only "force pixel alignment" delete a few "gaps" but not all and in other situation they still visible. and of course even if some of gaps will hone after export, while working on canvas - this gaps are annoying and then try to guess how many of them will stay. This problem exist since 2015... Top app and so frustrating. Did not find any updated about this Exported png and source file for testing. Here separated white blocks, and in some cases where they snapping each other "gap" can exist after export, some time no test.aftemplate
  15. Hi, when exporting an artboard to PNG I get an image with an unwanted white border all around. The margins are 0 in the document setup but I didn't find a way to get rid of that border. Thanks for any help
  16. I've recently created several vector only designs in Affinity Designer. When I go to export them as SVG instead of being vector svg files they are svgs that contain raster pngs embedded in them and hence don't scale properly. This is not what I want. 😢 Is there any way to tell affinity designer to export the vector design as only a vector svg not png embedded in svg? Are there features of the software that force the design to export embedded pngs, and if so is there a refence to which ones so they can be avoided and alternate methods employed? I've noticed specifically that outer shadow fx seems to trigger this, i'd really like to know which other features trigger this behavior so that i can make svg vector safe resizable designs. Anyone know a reference to this aspect of Affinity Designer? Many Thanks. ❤️
  17. Hello, I have a web layout that I've created using Affinity Designer and I want to export it as a PSD with layers (preferrably editable where possible) so someone I'm working with who only has and knows Photoshop can make changes. However, when I export the layout no matter which preset I choose (even PSD preserve editability) it always exports flattened to one pixel background layer. I'm opening the result in Photoshop CC 2018. What do I need to change so that it will export my document to layers?
  18. Hello, I have created a simple watermark. It contains some text and a pixel layer. All in a group with color overlay, outline and outer shadow layer fx. I have saved it as a separate .afphoto file, so I can easily add it to pictures. In the .afphoto file, it looks totally okay, but after exporting it, it looks like the pixel layer got a second outline. Since it looks different from what I see in Affinity Photo, I guess it's a bug. Cheers, Frank P.S.: Here is the .afphoto and the exported JPEG. Untitled.afphoto
  19. I am experiencing a bug with the latest Affinity Designer version ( : When exporting to a PDF file, the different layers are not exported as they should ... Once the PDF file is opened in Adobe Reader (and Adobe Illustrator) the layers preview pane does not show any layers. The bug is repeated as many times on Windows 10 version and this on two different computers. I specify that the bug occurs by using the menu> file> export ... as well as by using persona export ... This is particularly annoying when exporting PDF files with CutContour and cutting printing ... I hope you will solve the problem without difficulties and wish you good luck ... receive my full consideration. Guillaume
  20. (split by mod from this related thread ) New to Affinity Publisher - 5 page document for web viewing + embedded small file images (see below) Doc set up (see below image) and the calculating exporting to PDF small digital size is taking far too long. I have to choose PDF (flattened) for the document to export. Resulting in light grey lines around the images. I have tried to follow members thread on the same problem with no avail. Please help - this is for a client. [1.8.6 version on macOS Mojave 10.14.6]
  21. Hello, A client is asking for the working file of a flyer I created on Affinity Publisher. Which would be the best export option to send them? SVG, EPS or PDF? I'm testing it out and I'm leaning towards SVG because it at least groups the text layers together. Whereas EPS does not group anything together and the layers are scattered everywhere, which I'm afraid will be confusing for the client to use. Wanted to hear others' opinions. Thanks!
  22. Hi all, I made a complex illustration for a poster with lots of structures, brushes etc. The exported Pdf shows a strange fogginess in some parts of the illustration in Apple Mail only – in Adobe Acrobat, in the app Apple Preview, the preview in Finder and when converted in Photoshop everything looks fine and the values seem to be o.k., too. However it is not only irritating me, I am afraid my clients may see the same effect in their mail programme, so I wonder what is the problem and how to get rid of it. Any ideas? Screenshot attached shows the display in Apple Mail 13.4 on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 on the left, the original file in Affinity Designer 1.8.6 on the right.
  23. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer for exporting JPG. My Problem is the File Size is too big, even with compression of 0%. Example: 80% compression = 80,3 KB 0% compression = 66,2 KB Why remains the File Size so big? Could it be a bug? (The problem is with Mac and Windows. I have tested it.) See attached my examples. bg-header.psd
  24. I often use Publisher to export parts of graphic compositions. For that, I use File -> Export, and then from the dropdown, Selection with background. I suggest creating some way to bypass the need to select from the dropdown. My suggestion is to add a shortcut to the existing Cmd+Shift+E. I suggest Cmd+Shift+Alt+E to auto select the "Selection with background" from the Export dialog.
  25. I use the field "filename" in my publisher document, say "bulletin001.afpub". When I export this document to a PDF with filename "report001.pdf", the fields in the document are updated to the name of the exported file. I'd prefer to have the original filename "bulletin001.afpub" showing up even in the exported PDF. Is there a setting to achieve this?
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