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Found 41 results

  1. Hi all, I'm working on a Coordinate Image. In Designer I created several artboards to match my stationery elements, let's say "business cards", "letterhead", logos, mail signature and so on. The resulting file (let's call it ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN) is pretty technical and needs a bit of compositing to be presented to the Client. I decided to create a new file (let's call it PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN), all made of A4 artboards that shares the same backgrounds and my company details, in which I composed the visual presentation for the client, catching elements from ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN. I embedded ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN in PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN. While working on PRESENTATION, I needed to modify and create some new or ad-hoc artboards or elements in ARTBOARD original file. Double click, work on it and then close. Everything's worked fine. BUT the original ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN is not anymore updated, and it is stucked on a version before I embedded it in PRESENTATION.AFDESIGN It had been forked in twos: one stands still as before embedding, and the other is embedded and "ENCLOSED" in PRESENTATION file. So, what if I need to re-use the modified ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN (the updated embedded one) in another file? I mean that if I need to make another PRESENTATION2-SPECIAL-FOR-CEO and want to use the embedded updated one, how can I do that? The original ARTBOARDS.AFDESIGN is no more updated (shame on that!!!) and a lot of suff added during PRESENTATION compositing are lacking and it seems there's no way to save the updated ARBOARDS.AFDESIGN out of embedded context. Am I wrong? Is there something I do not understand about it? Is there something missing on embedded management? Thank you so much
  2. This might be feature request, or maybe I am doing something wrong? If I place/embed an AD document into an APhoto document, when I double click on the AD layer in APhoto it opens it in a new document tab also in Photo. My question is - if it is an AD document imported, shouldn't it open it in AD? The Edit in AD option is not available for this embedded document either. (linked documents as opposed to embedded would be nice also, but that's a different topic). Thanks, -damian
  3. First off thank-you for such a wonderful product :D Any chance to open embedded ruler guide images like the one attached. I think Photoshop can embed them in .jpg, .tiff, .png etc.. almost any flat image format. Thanks
  4. The antialiasing seems to be deactivated when masking an embedded document: Left: shape, right: embedded document Layers (osx 10.11.6, AD 1.5.4)
  5. Hi, Why should I make a file to later embed in another project when it doesn't reopen this file but creates a copy "<embedded>", this should either change the native file or there should be a function for me to create an embedded file straight from the main project. Current workflow is weird.
  6. Hi again, When playing with embedded documents, two things are missing to me (but perhaps I've not found them yet) Let's say my embedded document has a width of 1024px. Once embedded to a parent document, we can decide (quite often) to resize it, and if ever, I'm missing: • An information on the transform panel telling me by how much it has been resized from its original size. (ie. transformed width = 643px --> scale would show somewhere 62,79% • A button + right click menu entry, etc. to instantly scale it back to it's original dimension What do you think?
  7. Would love a way to auto import or have an option for immediately bringing in global swatches into or from an embedded image for a current working open file without having to do the whole export/import/clipboard palette workaround. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm using the Windows Beta Version and I'm trying to add a 16x16 pixel logo and transform it to around 400x400 px. When I'm transforming the pixel logo, it will be displayed very smooth, if I will open the embedded picture it will be displayed correctly. Is there any way to disable the antialiasing? br Fchen
  9. Hi. Please make in 1.5 Photo and Designer better modifications. First of all ability to place Linked, not only embedded document, converting selected layers to embedded/linked document. After applying Perspective tool to embedded document it becomes just pixel layer, make it keeping smart object like in Photoshop after applying any modifications. Add ability to make independent copy on embedded document, not only instance. Converting between Linked/Embedded. Look how it works in Photoshop, all modifications on Smart Object are just adding like smart filters or smart modifiers. It is very important to have this features! Thank you.
  10. I created a document and placed a AD doc inside. I duplicate this embedded document (making 2-up thank you cards out of a 8.5x11). Then I go to edit this document to make some color changes for example, I get only one doc to update. Why won't both update since it was a duplicate of the embedded doc?
  11. Does Affinity Photo recognize embedded fonts in a pdf file? I print a lot of wide format graphics and there are times when i need to layout files a certain way that the RIP will not let me and I need to do it in photoshop. When I open the file in AP, if there are fonts involved, it asks me to replace them if they are not available. In PS, it recognizes the embedded fonts and it rasterizes the file without a hitch. Is this a feature that is coming, or a bug? I understand that if I need to make changes to the text, I need the font, but most of the time I just need to convert the file to a raster file. Thanks for any help.
  12. I imported embedded .afdesign file, then I delete the original file but still left the embedded file to my work. Are there any ways to Save or Export it to .afdesign again?
  13. To reproduce: 1. In AP, add a mask to a light-colored JPG so it has transparent edges. Save as an AP doc. 2. Drag the AP doc's Finder icon onto a dark-colored AD doc. Result: AP doc appears as an embedded doc in the AD doc. It is bordered by a thin light-colored line. The border hairline is actually the color of the original image behind the mask. The border line remains despite zooming or resizing, and appears in exported JPGs. Work-around: Apply a rectangular vector mask to the embedded AP doc, inset just slightly from the object's edges. Designer: 1.4 Photo: 1.4 Mac OS: 10.11.2 Apart from this, wonderful software! Thanks for looking into this, Craig.
  14. Is there anyway to separately save out the embedded document after you edit it? It's great that you can edit it on the fly and instantly see the changes, but I need these changes saved. Ideally the original embedded document would update like Photoshop Linked Smart Object, but there at least needs to be a way to save out the work that you changed on the embedded document.
  15. When I embedd several AD files into a new AD-file and export this new file as a pdf, the elements obviously are not exported as vector files. Exporting the source files in the same way separately, let me zoom into the pdf file without the fonts getting pixalated. Is this a bug or how can I set AD to treat the embedded files as vector files? Thanks
  16. The only major thing holding me back from using Affinity as my full time vector image tool is the import handling of vector images. I use eps files a lot in my work and when I import(place...) an eps file it gets saved on the layer as an embedded document. I then have to double click on the image to edit it. Then I need to double click on that image to select its curves. I next copy its outline, go back to my original document and then I paste the outline into my document. I then need to delete the imported image(embedded document). If I don't do the above process, The image will not print(cut). Is there any way that Affinity can turn on a user preference that will allow a user to select if they want to import images as embedded documents or converted as curves upon placing them in the document? Or, provide a button that can be clicked to automatically convert to curves instead of doing the above procedure? I know this has been asked before but I haven't seen a definitive answer if this is something that will be available soon or not. It's this and curved text that is preventing me from cutting the strings on Illustrator (I can wait for the other goodies on your future upgrade path). I am using the beta.
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