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  1. Ich There are differences between the Windows and MacOS version, on Mac Affinity uses the built in raw camera support from Apple, one Windows Affinity have to do this on his own, there aren‘t any camera libs available on Windows. So the CR3 format doesn‘t work for Windows no matter which camera you use.
  2. 2019 and no support for one-year-old cameras? A short answer from the team will be enough for me, otherwise, I have to search for a working alternative.
  3. I asked via e-mail for supporting new cameras, this is the answer from Lee:
  4. Neither Windows nor Affinity Photo can open my M50's .cr3 raw files. Please test it with my attached raw file. IMG_0191.CR3
  5. I'm waiting too, I received my new Canon M50 last week and it's horrible to convert every picture to edit it in Affinity Photo on my Windows computer.
  6. Sorry for the late response, I uploaded the file. The exported file is 380x330px and the imported axe is 16x16px big, it was stretched to around 250x250px and provided with nice 3D effects.
  7. Hi, I have a little problem with export of a pixel icon, in Affinity Designer the icon will look like this: http://imgur.com/a/XkAim With pixel view mode: http://imgur.com/a/g8hCg And as export: http://imgur.com/a/PPtTX Is there anything I can do, to prevent this kind of ugliness? br Fchen
  8. Is there a plan to make an option for that or automatically change the option of resampling if 1 pixel is transformed to 80 pixels or something else?
  9. I would like to work on the logo, while I can see it on its right place, like in the product video with the skyscraper or the tutorial video with the roadboard.
  10. Hi, I'm using the Windows Beta Version and I'm trying to add a 16x16 pixel logo and transform it to around 400x400 px. When I'm transforming the pixel logo, it will be displayed very smooth, if I will open the embedded picture it will be displayed correctly. Is there any way to disable the antialiasing? br Fchen
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