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  1. 🇬🇧 Hi, under Affinity Designer, I searched desperately (and without finding solution) THE function allowing you to duplicate an object in the four directions with the “Arrow” keys on the keyboard with the step defined in the software Preferences. I did not find. My question: does this function exist? Let me know if I missed it, thanks. Otherwise, we can find a solution with macros and Keyboard Maestro in this case. Here are some pieces of information that make it easy to implement THE function… The macro copies the selection, pauses, pastes the selection, pauses, and moves the copy of the selectionin one of 4 directions. 🇫🇷 Hi, sous Affinity Designer, j'ai cherché désespérement (et sans trouver de solution) LA fonction permettant de dupliquer un objet dans les quatre directions avec les touches “Flèches” du clavier avec le pas défini dans les Préférences du logiciel. Je n'ai pas trouvé. Ma question : cette fonction existe-t-elle ? Dîtes-moi si je suis passé à côté, merci. Sinon, on peut trouver une solution avec des macros et Keyboard Maestro en l'occurence. Voici quelques éléments d'informations qui permettent de facilement mettre en œuvre LA fonction… La macro copie la sélection, fait une pause, colle la sélection, fait une pause et déplace la copie de la sélection dans une des 4 directions. duplicate with the 4 arrow keys.mp4
  2. Right now, whenever I use the duplicate objects command, it always adds the duplicates on top of the originals. For me, this is very inconvenient, because it is easy to lose track of which is which as this example below illustrates. The insertion modes have no effect on duplicates, though they should in my opinion. Copy paste: 2024-05-02 11-13-35.mp4 Duplicate: 2024-05-02 11-15-59.mp4
  3. I have found a way to reproduce that a duplicated symbol becomes a group. This has been troubling me for quite some time, because occasional groups can ruin the efficiency of symbols, because you have to manually go back to make them into a symbol (not to mention any non-synced edits done to them). 2024-04-02 10-48-13.mp4 Steps to reproduce 1. Create a shape > turn it onto a symbol 2. Deactivate syncing in the symbol studio 3. Duplicate the symbol from step 1 4. Notice how the symbol becomes a group (with sync enabled this doesn't happen). This is Affinity Designer 2.4.1, Windows 10.0.19045.
  4. When I use the rotate widget, I cannot duplicate the object I am dragging with any of the modifier keys. Please add this option, because hitting duplicate before rotating an object kills the flow for me.
  5. I have created a phone mockup, and placed it into my file. I now want multiple duplicates of my mockup in my file, but change them up a little. Is there a way to duplicated this embedded file without all duplicates referring to the same embedded file? I cannot unembed it because I use it to replace the screen of the mockup. I cannot place it again because I made changes to the mockup for it to better fit in the context of my file. How can I duplicate it without it pointing to the same "embedded file"? Many thanks in advance!
  6. Searching the help did not produce any result. How do I draw for example a 12-leaf-daisy by only drawing one leaf and than duplicate/rotate it along a circular path? Is there any built in function like "actions" or "automatic repeat by angle and path"
  7. The video shows 4 layer orders in the layer studio: Unselected set of objects Objects are selected Selected objects are duplicated in the layer hierarchy, in what I'm calling "relative" layer order, where each object is duplicated above its source object on the layer stack What I have to do each time I duplicate an ungrouped set of objects to maintain original order hierarchy. This workflow creates a mess in the Layer studio and I have to manually organize objects into how their previous layer structure. In step 4, it would be great if Affinity suite had a preference to keep duplicated layers in their same "absolute" order hierarchy, so when a set of contiguous objects (in layer studio) are selected and duplicated, they are placed collectively above the entire set of originally selected contiguous objects, instead of placing duplicates objects above their source on a per layer basis. I hope that makes sense. Please consider adding this as a Preference setting. Thanks for all you do! Screen Recording 2023-12-28 at 10.37.43 AM.mov
  8. I'd like to suggest adding snap option to corner tool so it can perfectly snap as shown at the image attached. Another option I'd like to suggest is after the perfect half round side achieved with corner tool, it can have an option to remove the redundant points. Redundant points are two points that perfectly stack together so when you see it as one point and want to modify it, it turns out as two points (see image attached). I hope it will make sense. Finally, the option or function I really want in Affinity Designer is to copy and paste (duplicate) a section of a curve by selection the nodes (image attached)
  9. Hi! i worked on a file with some pictures in it. As I wanted to use this file again with some different pictures I had the following workflow: Duplicating the (unsaved) file in publishers main overview window. Open the duplicate and head over to the resources, than changing the linked picture files to new ones. In my opionion the result should be: two collage files with same look but different picture content. But: when reopening the first „mother“ file again, all pictured where also linked to the duplicated file! my mistake or a bug into affinity?
  10. Hi, I wonder if you can help with an Affinity Photo v2 issue I am having... I am using Affinity Photo v2.1.0 I have been trying to amend a brush, then save it as a Duplicate, which I have done in v1 many times. But v2.1.0 won't duplicate the brushes that I create, so I can't save the new versions of the brushes. I am in an unsaved, new document. I am in the Edit Brush dialog box. I can duplicate a brush if I am not in the Edit Brush dialog box, but then I can't make the changes I want to make to the brush. I attach the documents, also the screengrabs. i can reproduce it as it happens every time I make changes to a brush and try to save it as a Duplicate. i am using Windows 11. I am just using a mouse, no tablet. What I do when it happens... I select the brush in the Brushes panel Right-click the one I want Click Edit Brush The Edit Brush dialog box is displayed Then I make the changes to the brush, add a bitmap, edit the bitmap, turn off Sync Spacing and Sync Size, then when I try to Duplicate it, I find that it does not duplicate the brush and I have lost all the changes because I cannot save them. Hope this helps. Thanks. Del Affinity Photo Duplicating Brush Problem 02.afphoto Affinity Photo Duplicating Brush Problem.afphoto
  11. Right now, when you duplicate objects, they retain the position of the original object. This gets confusing quickly if you duplicate objects many times. Instead, I would like to see the duplicates being 'grouped' together above the original objects like so: That way, you can count the number of objects you've duplicated and see which ones where the originals and which ones are the duplicates. I am duplicating the objects vertically, so the two sets of tables and chairs above are duplicated below.
  12. Scenario: I am working on creating a tileset for my game. In order to make my tiles seamless, I need to ensure that each side is able to match up with the opposite. So what I have is a single tile created, and I created copies of that tile on all edges that way I can see what needs changing. What I would like to do is have one 'master layer' per say, and have each of those copies just be representative of the original master layer. I think this is something you can do in photoshop but not sure. Anyways, is there any feature or assistance with this type of workflow?
  13. I ran into an issue where, if you duplicate symbols after applying an effect from another layer/ symbol/ group, the symbol is no longer duplicated as a symbol. Instead, it becomes a group. The bug is displayed towards the end, in the screencast, I also show that this wouldn't happen otherwise and that it is caused by the layer effect, not by the disabled symbol syncing. The bug part starts at 1:10. 2023-01-12 12-55-34.mp4 Steps to reproduce 1. Create a symbol 2. Duplicate the symbol 3. Disable syncing symbols 4. Add an effect to either a copy of the symbol or to an altogether different object 5. Drag the effect from to another copy of the symbol 6. Duplicate the symbol (from step 5) in the layers panel 7. Notice how the copy of the symbol becomes a group Also note that at 1:10 in the video, you'll see me dragging an effect of the symbol to the other symbol. Designer for some reason sometimes won't accept this. That's another bug, which since the two are related, I also report it in the same bug report. Workflow in which this occurs I have outlines applied to my symbols and to align them over other objects, I sometimes turn off the effect. It is then easier to re-enable the effect by dragging it from another symbol. I also tend to copy symbols if they are rotated, so I can preserve their rotation.
  14. I did not realize that Publisher was storing and exporting meta data until I duplicated a previous document to use as a starting point for my new one, and my client noticed that the title field in the exported PDF file was the title of the original document, not the new one. I can edit the title meta data within Acrobat under preferences just fine, but was hoping there was a way to do that within Publisher, so I do not have to take the extra step of re-editing the PDF metadata every time I do a new export. Is it possible to create/edit metadata within Publisher?
  15. Love to be able to copy single nodes, line segments, or a selection of nodes – including the exact geometry of any curve handles – and then paste it/them into the front node an open curve. With the option of pasting its mirror version – vertical, horizontal, or both. It is very hard to manually make a curve exactly match another one. Repeatability is crucial for precise work. Snapping control handles (when they arrive) will sure help, but copy/paste of any of a curve's (or shape's) selected bits would be supremo! You can easily copy an entire curve/shape, but not parts of one. You can do the former, delete what you don't need, and then attach the bits you need; but that's a long way round. I apologize if you've heard any or all of this before (and please correct me if any of this is already possible). Oh, and as Sven Kalkschmidt already suggested, the functionality of the following Illustrator plugin looks amazingly useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpOaC5XGyZU Thanks for your attention, and keep up the awesome programming, Serif/Affinity!
  16. When I alt-drag an object to duplicate and move it in one seamless action, the smart guides don't kick in. When I just drag (without touching the keyboard) they're behaving as I expect. Is there a setting I've not found for this? (Mac, can you alt-drag on a PC?)
  17. Hi, The shortcut to duplicate objects in the drawing area suddenly stopped working for one of my documents. I just tried to create a new document in the same AD instance (2 open tabs) and it works in the latter. What did I do to disable it? Is there a way to reactivate it? Thanks in advance, Simone.
  18. An Option-drag of a selected object on Mac mostly causes the selected object to be duplicated after it gets released. I'd appreciate to use this GUI behave in Affinity. On document page view and in Layers panel, too.
  19. New issue with the latest version of deisgner. When you type out anything , then you want to duplicate it by pressing ALT and dragging the text object. The contents of the new duplicate do no show while dragging. They appear after stopping the drag. This never used to happen. Gary
  20. I am looking to copy the formatting of typesetting from one paragraph to another. It is easy in InDesign using the eyedropper tool, not so easy in Quark. Does anyone have a suggestion please how to do this in Affinity Publisher? I can not find it in the help dropdown. Thank you.
  21. A feature I use very often in Photoshop and which I seem to be missing in Affinity Photo is the option to duplicate a layer from one open document to another. I use this feature on a day to day basis and I think it is very handy. Would be great to have that in Photo. I am a new user so I hope I didn't miss it if it exists already by any chance, but since I didn't find it in the help section I guess it isn't available. Thanks!
  22. I want something like this but I want small circles evenly around an ellipse instead of a circle. How can I do that?
  23. Would be nice if you could add a modifier to duplicate objects when rotating it like when moving it.
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