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Found 13 results

  1. Where is upgrade to Daub watercolor brushed ? and how do tinted paper? in net there is seems no anymore old tutorial. which ansvers this. and i dont rembmer where my notes about are. only thing what i remember these used i think overlay more with paper texture files with over flat coloured area. new tutorial talks upgrades about these brushes.
  2. I purchased the DAUB Watercolour & Washes brush pack and tried to follow the instruction video on how to set up the canvas and the layers to paint. Though the video is referring to a rather old version of Affinity designer and also runs very fast so it's hard to see and I cannot figure out, how to do this in the current version 1.8.3. I am lost and asking for somebody to show me how to get the most of these water color brushes and paper. Maybe someone has even a video about this? (please in sloooow motion for a newbie like me). Thank you so much!
  3. Really happy with the speed of Pub 1.7.3 on this album cover for the Steam Kittens new release, although I started off the digi painting in Clip studio paint, I did a fair chunk in Pub using studio link photo using Frankentoon and Daub brushes plus some vector colour overlays - did need to use Illustrator to distort the SK logo and the colour wheel around the image but really impressed with the speed of using studio link on tonnes of layers
  4. So i finally finished my first test using Affinity + Wacom + DAUB Brushes; Mixing something like 10 brushes and 20 layers and 1 paper asset, the results are pretty expressive and it's possible to make a incredible ink effect as in a real paint and canvas; complete here:
  5. I am experiencing an issue with AD 1.6.1. I have used a DAUB vector brush to create a sketchy effect on a fill on this logo. I am having problems where the stroke caps and joins are distorting when enlarged over a certain size (est 75mm in width) and rasterised, either directly in the document or when exporting in any format. I understand that these brush sets contain raster elements, therefore must be rasterised on export, but why this is skewing the joins and caps i cannot explain. Weirdly, i have also noticed that the caps and joins change in appearance when i zoom in on the paths, not even resize, just zoom in, they look completely different. Is this a bug with the brush? Am i doing something wrong with my Nodes? Please help!
  6. Weekend fun character painting. Hope someone likes it. Really quite amazed at the versatility of the old classic smudge as a real painting tool.
  7. I'm trying to import my daub brushes into Affinity but out of the Daub collection none of them are showing up apart from the Daub Inkers set. Annoyingly, when I try to import the brushes it says that it has done so successfully, even adding a number every time I retry e.g. "Daub Pastello 2/3" etc but they're still not visible in my brush collection...so now I also have to delete the duplicates after I've found them wherever they are! Does anyone know how I can find these brushes/fix this error? Thanks
  8. I am delighted with the recent new Daub Pigmento brushes which I purchased as an add-on. I am a Corel Painter user for complex stuff, but need to doo more within Painter/Designer and these brushes were an instant hit with me for a couple of things which I achieved very quickly. I attach a couple of pics - both completely done in Affinity Painter. The background for the dog used the brushes (plus I used the lens blur in photo on the background). And then a sky for some collage work I am doing.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm having some issues with the brush imports in AD First: the "box set - handlettering 1+2" brushes are the same file? The brushes (and filesize) are indentical as far as I can see. Second: Of the "DAUB essentials" brushes, only the "DAUB-Inkers" show up in my dropdown menu after installation. The other 4 will not show up, no matter what.... Is this a user error, or maybe a issue with the brushes/import/versioning? cheers! rob p.s. the DAUB vector brush v2 imports just fine.
  10. I downloaded and unzipped all 3 packages with the purchase of Affinity Designer. How do you install them? I read the PDF's but there are no instructions. When I attempt to install a brush set I get an error message that "the beta has expired". Would appreciate some help on this. Thanks.
  11. I got the DAUB pack of brushes with the Windows purchase of Affinity Designer. When I installed them (double clicked at first on the file which prompted the import) DAUB Inkers showed up properly but none of the rest will. When I try running the import again it shows 2, 3, etc so it thinks they are installed but they do not show up in the Brushes drop down list like Inkers does. Thoughts?
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