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  1. There are little instruction docs in the downloaded folders for everything except DAUB. All pretty strait forward.
  2. I got the DAUB pack of brushes with the Windows purchase of Affinity Designer. When I installed them (double clicked at first on the file which prompted the import) DAUB Inkers showed up properly but none of the rest will. When I try running the import again it shows 2, 3, etc so it thinks they are installed but they do not show up in the Brushes drop down list like Inkers does. Thoughts?
  3. Definitely want to see this. It really can be done wth a script if set up correctly. I've also used the Motionize script to go from Illustrator to Motion 5. Would love to see that built into Affinity. It would be incredibly useful for me.
  4. Perhaps someone can help me here. There's no Affinity manual yet so I'm kind of lost. I'm a design things for motion graphics as needed kind of guy so I'm fairly vector illiterate. Does the red colored control point mean the path is open? Can I "close" it? I'm trying to troubleshoot something. I am converting Designer generated .SVG files into 3D objects. In the 3D program though I am ending up with random lines shooting out from the object in all directions. I'm assuming these are "open paths" if that makes sense? So first step for me, what does the red control point mean? Why is it red vs the blue of the rest? When I first created the shape they were all blue. I then go in and tweak with the bezier handles and one always turns red.
  5. Awesome, thank you Jack. I tried right clicking to find options but unless you right click on the icon, not just the layer piece that option doesn't show up. Worked perfectly.
  6. Wondering how to collapse/flatten these elements into separate standard vector shapes. I'm exporting them as separate .svg pieces for a 3D project but those curves/masks or whatever they are are causing issues. I can't Rasterize because I lose the vector nature of the layer. I didn't make the file, I was given an eps file which I brought into Designer to break out into .svg layer files. Still pretty new with Designer.
  7. One tool I use on almost every photoshoot is to stitch multiple photos into a single image. So to create a large panorama or to create what has come to be known as a Brenizer portrait. This is a BIG deal for me and something I'll have to keep doing with Adobe till it becomes an option for Affinity Photo. Anyone know of a tool that could do the photo merging and then send it to Affinity Photo? Please add this feature.
  8. Please add support for .icns files. I have a few logos in that format I'm trying to place in the project and they are greyed out.
  9. +1 also for scripting. iDraw even has it. Let's see it in Affinity Designer!
  10. Thanks! I appreciate you getting this looked into.
  11. They are consistent repeatable crashes on a particular project (haven't tested others) and there are a couple different kinds of them. The original file was a EPS brought in to Designer. I've attached the offending Affinity Document to this post. PDF, SVG, EPS Export as they should. If only one of the shapes in the project is selected, it exports correctly, but not if all shapes are selected. Problem Exports- PSD Export: 1. Select all shapes in the project. 2. Go to Export in the File Menu. 3. PSD Export Tab. Try and do anything and it crashes. PNG, JPEG, GIF, and TIFF: 1. Select all shapes in the project. 2. Go to Export in the File Menu. 3. Go to the desired export tab, Select "Export Without Background" (often crashes here). 4. Try and change the Size parameters and it crashes. Here is a crash report for an attempted PNG export: consistent-crashes-at-export-step-CRASHREPORT.rtf Colonial-Funeral-Home.afdesign
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