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  1. @Wosven is it the same problem of the other topic ? This SVG conflict is generated in reason of the shadow effect? Thanks
  2. Oh, really thanks Wosven; Now I understand my mistake; Thanks.
  3. Hello people; me again I'm exporting this file to PDF via Affinity Designer and some of the objects (which are grouped together) end up being converted as image, not as objects with curves. When I leave them separate before exporting the PDF, however, they are read correctly as curves. In the other software I use, when I export the PDF, even to the grouped object, the file is generated with it in objects in curves. Are there any Affinity settings I did not get or will I have to separate everything before exporting to PDF? Attached the original file and the two versions of PDF CANCELAS BEROLA_ FINAIS-afnfile-test1-with-grouped-objects.pdf CANCELAS BEROLA_ FINAIS-afnfile-test1-with-separeted-objects.pdf CANCELAS_BEROLA__FINAIS-afnfile.afdesign
  4. Tried generate new svg before I attached here and have the same results CANCELAS BEROLA_ FINAIS-test2.svg
  5. Hi GabrielM; My bad. Here the files CANCELAS_BEROLA__FINAIS-afnfile.afdesign CANCELA 1 BEROLA - FINAL-svg.svg
  6. tested in a SVG online file viewer and worked 2; it's just on Affinity that is not working properly
  7. So, I generated this SVG file in Affinity itself and saved everything perfectly; as shown in the Opera view and also when I open in Inkscape, the SVG file is working perfectly (attached prints); only that, when I re-open the SVG file in Affinity, the layers that were one inside the others - to generate the format of the photo - get lost; they remain in the file, but as if they were hidden below the photo. I guess it's not intentional and, as seen, I'm reporting it as a bug. Thank you, guys
  8. Tested this option with some files and I think the problem is gone; until now, the whole number is the solution! Thanks Psenda!
  9. ocurring in Affinity Designer, i forgot to say
  10. just pick one of my old drawings in paper. not sure if I have a clear inspiration, just a bunch of mixed ideas
  11. The images is not in the order; it's showing 1-4-2-3
  12. Hi guys; I'm think it's is a bug; not sure if it was my mistake, but I assume that it's a bug; When I export a Affinity file to PDF with a square size (image 1, you can see it's 600 x 600 px file), and try to re-open the file in Affinity, the file looses proportion and adds a strange blank border; it's the same file re-opened and you see it's not making a 800x800 px file, but a 801,3 x 800 file with this litle blank border (image 2). I'm not tagging bleeding or trim marks to add when I'm making the exportation (image 3) and i't appear to be kind random this blank border adding thing (image 4; it's a third party PDF viewer, so you can see how random is). Is it possible a bug? Thanks guys
  13. So i finally finished my first test using Affinity + Wacom + DAUB Brushes; Mixing something like 10 brushes and 20 layers and 1 paper asset, the results are pretty expressive and it's possible to make a incredible ink effect as in a real paint and canvas; complete here:
  14. Need DWG / DXF to. : ((((