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Found 221 results

  1. As AP is not capable of adapting some effects e.g. gaussian blur to a resized document I'm forced to rasterize complex structure with elements that won't adapt. In this case I imported my watermark to a picture. I made it available in high res to be able to adapt it to any docsize that might come up. Before resizing the watermark to desired output dimensions II have to reasterize it for before mentioned reasons. The boundaries of the watermark exceed the document boundaries After rasterizing this object consisting of text and pixel layers the boundaries of the watermark getting cropped at the document edges: leaving the resulting layer in a completely unusable/wrecked state: Assuming that we are facing a bug here (and not a "feature") I'd think it would be good to take a closer look that this behaviour ... Cheers, Timo
  2. Some changes and new features will help 1. It would be useful to drag rectangles from scratch somewhere in the picture with the crop tool 2. If I make a selection with the selection tool, it would ne nice to find a point in the menu like "crop to active selection" 3. I cannot use the arrow keys to change the position of the current crop before cropping 4. If i rotate the crop and get some transparent/ empty pixels in the corners, it would be nice when AP will have an option to automatically crop to a smaller crop ratio 5. If I hit ESCAPE key it should left the crop tool like I hit "cancel" with the mouse
  3. If you select an raster element and then the crop tool and attempt to drag say the top center handle down BELOW the bottom one, the corner handles FLIP. Not sure what that is indicative of... but if it doesn't have any meaning, then it should always be a regular Crop bounding box.
  4. I would love it if you could make a perspective crop tool. I photograph a lot of artwork and every now and then despite my best efforts a painting might be slightly out of square and such a tool would be very useful, a conventional crop tool doesn't always work if the camera back isn't perfectly parallel to the artwork, this sometimes happens when working on location in makeshift studios. I am sure such a tool would be brilliantly useful for other crops also. Thank you :)
  5. Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Affinity and was wondering if there is a way to crop or mask a selection slightly less than the actual selection itself. What I mean is, when you mask a shape, it leaves a slight layer of the background pixels on your cropped image. I have tried to 'refine' this, however, this does not work effectively enough. Just looking for something which will save me going around the entire image with a small eraser. Thanks very much, Ash
  6. Hi! I didn't find anything like this so I ask you guys. Using Inkscape I can crop ("clip" as it's called) a raster image using any vector shape The way to do this is putting the shape above the raster image, select both, go Object > Clip > Set; the result is a raster image like the following example in the attached PNG. That's the way I put some texture or anything in certain shapes. Is there a way to do something like that? If that's not the case, sounds reasonable as a Feature request? Best regards!
  7. Dear Affinity/Serif, Trying to find a really basic feature of something that is very easy to accomplish in Photoshop, but I cannot seem to find how to do this quickly in Affinity Photo (or Designer). Example: - I've made a screenshot with a border of white (or black) around it - I would like to trim the image by removing only the white (or black) border In Photoshop I would use the Image > Trim... option from the menu. With that feature it is possible to quickly trim the image using transparent pixels, the top left or bottom right color. Another option in Photoshop would be to make a selection, and then choose Image > Crop from the menu. Affinity Photo does have a Crop tool, but I cannot seem to combine this tool with making a selection. Is there an easy way to accomplish this in Affinity Photo? Thank you!
  8. Hello everyone! I would like to request a feature that doesn't seem to be included in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop, you can use an additional key (I think it's alt) to move the opposing crop border as well as the one you're moving with the cursor. This way, symmetryical cropping can be achieved. Can you inclide this feature in a future release? Or is this already included and I just don't know how to use it? On a Mac, cmd would probably make sense since the "Move Tool" already includes that behaviour (mirroring border movement) when using cmd. Best wishes, Shu
  9. Hi, It looks like the crop tool in Affinity Photo is not as flexible as in PhotoPlus. With the latest crop tool update in PhotoPlus we were able to go anywhere we wanted like creating a fixed dimension crop from any size crop marquee: Constrained 658 x 498 -> crop marquee became this dimension and could be manually dragged bigger and moved. When applying the effect the selected area was cropped and automatically downsized to 658x498 (image size). This seems not possible in Affinity. Additionally, when recording a crop in a macro there is no way to select an image area to be cropped: Affinity just crops the area recorded, period, while no way to select the area to be cropped. This makes the crop tool useless for macro recording. That truly exciting crop flexibility was very useful for quickly transforming (part of any) images to required sizes like website uploads, wall papers, optimizing images for DTP purposes, etc. Hope PhotoPlus crop power is going to make it in Affinity :-P Roberto
  10. Hi folks and Happy Birthday to AP and all the team!!! I just figured out that an option for the Crop tool to instantly crop to a selection bounding box, would be quite helpful. Also, providing an option to snap the crop area to selection edges could be very nice. What do you think?
  11. Ugh! I just installed the new version 1.5.1 and started work on a project, only to find that the crop tool now grabs an image, rather than actually cropping. What am I missing?
  12. This is probably an easy one, but I haven’t been able to figure it out: I adjusted my photo to show only the portion of the canvas I want by using a mask, and now I have a cropped portion of my image over a transparent background. After I mess around some more with adjustments, I want to save a jpg-copy to use elsewhere that only includes my cropped image and does away with the transparent background. Unfortunatly, I can't figure out how to do that ... Bouns question: In order to be more flexible with the selection, I'd like to have a vector mask for a layer that I can non-destructivley resize. Any chances? Thanks, Ben
  13. Sometimes without tripod and ND filter, I will use 'burst mode' to take a series of photos and later stack them digitally to simulate long exposure effect. With handheld shooting, it is expected each layer of stacked photos will contains some transparent pixels. Unnatural artifacts could be seen if these transparent pixels are not cropped out. It will be great if the 'crop to opaque' option is available for stacked image that will crop all the transparent pixels from each layer of stacked photos, - when crop ratio is not specified, the 'crop to opaque' function will determine the crop ratio and size with maximum pixel count, and - when crop ratio is specified, the 'crop to opaque' function will determine the crop size with maximum pixel count.
  14. How do I crop a foto to 8x10 at 300 dpi. I want to print it.
  15. I downloaded the Affinity Photo beta and just to see what it can do for me in this particular project and while it does offer absolute dimensions without resizing, I'm realizing that also being able to resize it with those dimensions should also be added...as in a checkbox that says "crop and resize." Thus, when I crop with dimensions, I can also have it resize the item affected to adjust size automatically. Here's what I'm after. I have a photo and I want it to be 129px by 194px, but the photo is of a different size and aspect. So, I go to crop, tell it I want a 129px by 194px crop, but the subject of the photo is still just out of range of that size. So if I then could check "crop and resize," I would expect the crop box to keep it's 129 by 194 aspect ratio, but allow me to size it up to encompass the whole subject of the photo I'm after. Then it would crop the photo and adjust it to fit the subject in question. I realize that there could be many cases where this just simply wouldn't work, but could work very well for a photo of a person who has a lot of background imagery that just isn't important. If the box ends up cropping outside the photo, then the crop could simply add in background to make the thing fit. That might also be another checkbox or perhaps a prompt, "The image cannot be cropped and resized. Would you like to add background to fit?" If yes, then let the user choose the background color, use an image or to make it transparent. If not, then they simply need to figure out another path ahead. Thoughts?
  16. Hey. I just bought the newly released version and I'm excited to get going with it. I'm already trying to use it with photos I've been given at work that need to be cropped and resized, but it's very difficult to crop and then resize them without them being distorted, so it basically becomes guesswork. How Photoshop makes that process easier is to allow the user to crop with dimensions, so that the crop is already at the dimension that you're seeking. No resizing becomes necessary. Can we add that functionality in, please?
  17. Hello, I'd love to see the feature whereby once you have added a bleed, you can visibly see it as a guide bordering the document exactly it's done on Illustrator.
  18. Hello, I click on the crop tool but the tool bar doesn't display the constrain options. How can I reactivate it?
  19. In Photoshop, I could set the crop box to a specific pixel size, such as 1200 px X 800 px, and also set the dpi. This enable me to quickly process a large number of product images for the client's website. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? I have created a crop preset of 1200 X 800 px, but it changes when I change the size. I would like the resulting image to always be 1200 X 800 px at 150 dpi.
  20. I need to crop an image so I grab the tool then I try to punch in the new size in the transformation panel assuming this is the most accurate way to do this, but it always squashes my image this way. Grabbing the handles does this correctly. I can do a workaround but I thought this is bug.
  21. Hej, when I edit the constraints of an object inside a layer which has an outer border - that border gets clipped. It is a rather minor problem since I can set the borders inside - yet, it was kind of confusing first. It could be helpful that the assistant sets the border inside automatically and informs you about that. Or it doesn't do anything but still informs you about an consequence one might not have anticipated at first. Also it would be nice that the interface reflects that it is impossible or rather effectless to set an outer border to those layers. For example the button could be gray or whatever. What do you think? cheers Steffen edit: oops. Just saw that the border gets set to 0px - but it is still possible to set it outside again‽ Whats going on?
  22. I'm not getting the crop box after I click on the Crop Vector tool !!!!! I have tried pressing the 'C' and nothing happens HELP PLEASE !
  23. Is there an option in APhoto, as there is in Photoshop, to do a "Destructive" Crop? At this point, in order to actually eliminate the cropped off area, I have to Crop, then Export as Tiff, and re-Open the Tiff. Then I can resize and do other things without that freaking Non-Destructive Crop screwing things up. An option to turn it off (a set-once Preference would be even better) would make the already cumbersome process to add a mat, a Stroke (Outline) and a Drop Shadow (Outer Shadow) considerably less so.
  24. I’m getting a problem in Beta 5 that had occurred and then was corrected in earlier versions. If I simply Resize a background layer, I will get one inch border (since that’s what I specified) of blank space on all 4 sides of the image. If I have cropped that image before trying to resize the background (or bottom layer) using the same one inch specs I will get unequal amounts of blank space on only 2 sides; either top and right or bottom and right. I have no idea why it varies. What is going on with Crop and why is it affecting Resize?
  25. I appreciate the new option in Crop to Darken the Border. However, it would be even better if there was a slider to control the amount of darkening. I find the darkened but still very visible border distracting. I don't need to see what's being removed; I just want to see what I'll have left...against a black background. A slider would accommodate those like me and those who need, or just prefer, to see exactly what they are excluding.
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