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Found 167 results

  1. Hi , i was wondering if it would be possible to copy and paste content in SVG code or HTML5 from Affinity Designer to any text editor?
  2. I raise this thread from AD beta forum to here because I cannot find the same report by searching. It also happen to the current store version. Please fix it next beta. Cheers :)
  3. I often copy text from my inbox and want to paste it into pre-formated text field in AD but when I do the field takes the copied text formatting. ATM I have to copy from email to code editor and from there to AD to get plain text. Is there any way to copy plain text into AD?
  4. Hello, I have a issue when copying files from and to Illustrator. When copying geometry from Ilustrator to Affinity Designer it reduces the scale. Example: 10 mm in AI > 2,4mm in Affinity Designer. When copying geometry from Affinity to Illustrator it reduces the size about 20 percent <<< solved by setting "copy as svg" in Affinity Someone has a solution? Thanks and best regards pseudox
  5. If I make a marquee selection, :: Pause :: It still has that problem where I have to change tools and come back to the marquee tool to manually transform the dimensions :: UnPause :: then copy flattened, then create a new file from clipboard, it is inexplicably larger than the selection by exactly 2 pixels. So if I make my selection sized 1280 px by 720 px, in a document sized 1920 px by 1080 px, then create a new document from that selection, the new document is 1282 px by 722 px. If the selection is the same size as the document, it doesn't do this. If my document and selection are the same height, but the document is wider than the selection, and I snap the selection to the left or right, then there is an extra pixel in the new file. If I center the selection with the document extended to the right and left (and the selection and document height still match), then there are two extra pixels in width, but not height. If I create a box out of the pen tool, size that to 1280 px by 720 px, then tap the button in the pen tool to make it a selection, then copy that flattened and create a new file from clipboard... it's exactly what it's suppose to be. Since I don't know how to make a shape into a selection, like the handy button in the path tool, I'll make my way to the feature requests, too.
  6. Hi, I've been using AD for the past two weeks and I am very impressed so far. It ran smoothly for the first portion of my using it, but then it started freezing when I try to copy a layer and I have to force quit AD every once in awhile. I'm not sure what's causing this issue since it seems to happen quite randomly -- I can copy/paste layers most of the time just fine, but there's no warning to when the freeze happens.
  7. Hello everyone! Since 1.5, I am experiencing a slowdown when copying data from a layer. For example, when I try to copy data from one layer to another, I will use the following commands in a row, which will result in the beachball being displayed for about 5 to 10 seconds: cmd + a cmd + c cmd + d Is this to be expected? I attached a test image so you can try to reproduce this with the file I used. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: Alright, the upload doesn't seem to be working. I will upload it to my website and try to link it later. EDIT2: Hardware used: 2015 Retina Macbook Pro, 16GB RAM, 2,8GHz i7 Software used: OSX 11.6
  8. Ja use PrtSc-button to take a screen capture, then in APhoto: I create a new document with "New from clipboard" I make a "Rectangular selection" (or any other kind selection I assume) I try to "Cut" (ctrl-X or menu) or "Copy" the selection. Result: the whole layer is either deleted or copied. Loading an image normally and all works normally. Also pasting PrtSc-screen captures to existing documents causes similar behaviour.
  9. I tried to select an area of a layer using the marquee tool. Then I copied it and pasted it, but what ended up getting pasted was the whole layer, rather than just the selection. How do I get this to work properly?
  10. Affinity designer is freezing when I cut or copy layers. What might be causing this issue?
  11. When you hold ctrl and select an object that's grouped together with another object, you select that object instead of the group. This is a great feature, and I use it a lot. When you hold ctrl and drag, you copy and drag the selected object. This feature is also available when you hold alt + drag. Is there a way to disable the ctrl + drag and only use alt + drag? Because I can't seem to stop making copies when I try to select a grouped object.
  12. I thought I’d mention that this little complaint is not a major one but nevertheless adds up to laggy experience using AD. I am using MAS 1.5.4 and it probably is this way for other releases too, but if I grab a few object (out of hundreds in this document) the marquee selection is fine but once I try to drag to copy this selection (image attached) there is significant delay to start this copy. Granted it happens but the wait is a little more than I think it should be.
  13. I have Affinity loaded on my laptop but how can I also use it on my desktop?
  14. Hello, maybe I'm just doing something wrong? I have my Affinity document set up to use Pixels as units. The drawing is 580px wide exactly. I copy everything and paste it in photoshop as curves, yet it's pasted at 154px (100%). If I scale the image to make it 580px, there is some white , jagged-fraying on the edges of the curves and it looks like crap. What am I doing wrong? Why aren't the programs 1 to 1 with each other? Thanks
  15. Hi, We develop for Autodesk (external) and have a tool that allows users to copy/paste svg into Maya. We've been getting requests from users to better support Affinity so we're testing it out but getting an issue we can't get our head round. Our current workflow (or one of them at least) in Maya is based on the ability to copy SVG info out of e.g. Illustrator/web etc to your clipboard and then paste that directly into Maya (to create 3d geometry). I'm new to Affinity so maybe missing a workflow here but it seems this isn't possible? I've tried copying the clipboard from Affinity into a text editor but that doesn't seem to give any results. What does seem to work is copy/pasting into Illustrator. We also have an 'import svg' function which works fine from Affinity (i.e. File > Export > SVG) so a little in the dark about where the issue lies. Can anyone shed any light on this? i.e. what is actually being copied to the clipboard? Thanks, Chris
  16. WAlso when I copy object with holding alt and drag there is no snapping. After release a copy of object and then move it again the snapping start to work. Its horrible because if i want a exact number of copies with same space I cant do it with cmd+J after copy first because of snapping. Frustrating when creating patterns.
  17. When I copy a shape (alt + drag or cmd-c cmd-v) and drag it, it does not always stay in the position I put it. It often jumps back to its previous position. Sometimes it will stay where I put it but then will jump back to this position when I try to position it again. See attached video. - new document - create circle - cmd-c, cmd-v to copy & paste - move copy to new position - copy stays where it's put (doesn't always do this...) - change copy colour to orange - move copy to right - copy jumps back to original position - go back 2 steps, repeat OSX 10.11.6 AD 1.5
  18. In Affinity Designer Beta, I have an EPS vector with more than 1000 icons. I want to drag a selection box around one of them to copy or recolor it. But Designer selects ALL the icons with the Move tool, or individual elements of each icon with the Node tool. In Illustrator, I can easily drag around any icon to select it. How do I do that with Designer? 1111_XXL_set2.eps
  19. I have nested groups of text frames and shapes that I copied. These groups were inside a layer in another group. I want to place these groups inside another layer and still retain the original groups---- but when I highlight the layer or place where I would like to paste this copy, it always ends up outside of all layers and also doesn't retain the groupings made in the copy-all frames and shapes get pasted as individual items on their own layer. Is copy/pasting groups not there yet?
  20. I know I have inadvertently done this in the past but now that I want to --- I can't figure it out. IE; I am creating a design to print on fabric that is sort of a word toss of a child's name in several different fonts. My plan was to make each font for "jane" a different layer but may want to change that particular font/name to ' john' and when I change one it will change all those names in that font at the same time ---- I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  21. I tried all of the copy and paste possibilities, but nothing helped. How to copy and paste from one layer to another transform values? Appreciate any help! :)
  22. Hi, I came across a strange mistake. I'll start from the beginning. I'm working on a brochure, with bend in the middle , so I started doing it in final form (that how it's should look like). I thought that i can join it through the export persona and converted to pdf and with bleeds and crop marks like here ( ). However, when i combine the two artboards, the bleed disappear after export. So I decided to dived the pages manually by the squares and then reoorder the pages for the finall print. But when i copy the pages each half has a different color. When I give duplicate, so it will not. I do not know if it's a bug in the program or just an incorrect settings or using affinity. Thanks for the reply. I hope this is not too confusing post :) PS: look at the attached file. It's quire obvious that each half has different color.
  23. Wish I could copy and paste nodes, would be a very useful feature to have.
  24. Hi, how can I copy and paste text format in Affinity Designer? Like color of text, font size, etc. Many thanks in advance to all for help. Theo
  25. Whenever i copy a picture (from web or my own files) on my clipboard and i try to paste it on my affinity canvas it pastes as text (https type link). It did not used to do this. The workaround includes a lot more steps. Can anyone help me revert it back to where it wont do this and just post the image?
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