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  1. Just finished watching a video on the help feature in Affinity Photo. The video showed "pinning" the screen on the side so you could work in Affinity and have the help screen available at the same time. In the video they are using a Mac. Can this be accomplished in Windows. I can not seem to achieve this result. Thank you.
  2. In Serif Photoshop there was a handy preview pane across the bottom showing the files that were currently open. Is this possible in Affinity?
  3. Never mind I figured it out. It's just different that Photoshop. Sorry to waste your time. I will say one thing. Just experiencing your response is big time impressive and make me want to also purchase your vector program. One thing, does this program have right button context menus? Thanks again!
  4. Thank you for your quick response. The first document is a fresh untitled document with a white background. I open up a new .jpg image. If I copy the .jpg image and paste into untitled document it shows up but I can't move it around inside the white background document.
  5. Trying to copy an image on top of another image and move it around like I did in Photoshop with no success. Two separate images. Have tried paste inside and I do see the new layer but it does not show up. Help appreciated, I am looking in help file as well. Thanks
  6. In Photoshop I would create a blank new white background then open another image and copy that image (Control-C) and put on top of the new white background by using Control-L. I would be able to move the pasted image around inside the white background. Now when I paste an image inside the blank white background using (Control-Alt-V) the image is pasted inside but does not show up. Yes, I see the pasted image inside my layers tab but I can not view it. I also want to be able to move that pasted image around in the white background. Any help is appreciated. Yes I'm am reading the help file as well. Thanks
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