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  1. tybaltstone

    Export EPS with bleed

    Many thanks for your answer. I guess the answer is to build in the bleed to the original document size for now. Thanks again!
  2. When I export a Designer doc as a PDF I can tell it to include the bleed I entered in Document Setup. Is there a way to do this with an EPS? I can't see any options for including the bleed in export. Apologies if I'm missing something obvious ... Thanks!
  3. tybaltstone

    Opening b+w bitmap images in AP

    Thank you very much, Sean - appreciate your suggestion, and the greyscale conversion would be terrific. Thanks!
  4. Thanks again, barninga. I'll look into this a little more deeply. Wouldn't I expect to get the same dropout with Photoshop, though?
  5. I have 100s of comic pages I've drawn, saved as PSD files in bitmap format (ie. pure black and white), but when I try and open them in Affinity Photo I get a message saying 'Failed to open PSD file ... The file could not be parsed'. File > Place (into an RGB doc, for instance) doesn't seem to work for this either. I note AP doesn't have a BMP format, just RGB, greyscale and CMYK, but is there a way to open such files? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for that idea barninga. I checked using the Activity Monitor and there's nothing alarming going on that I can see. I'm starting to suspect it's the way AP interacts with the Wacom stylus. But can I do anything about it?
  7. Thank you for your suggestion, DWright. I get a similar kind of effect with a trackpad, though it's difficult to control that as well for drawing, so I'm not totally sure. The mouse also seems to sometimes miss drawing a line on short strokes - but I'm rather cack-handed at drawing with that! I get similar problems whether the 'force pressure' is toggled on or not, but perhaps it does have something to do with the way I use the pen ...
  8. Thanks for that suggestion, A_B_C. Yes - it is at 1%. As well as using AP's default brushes with the pixel tool I created my own pixel tool brush - spacing 1%, hardness 100%. Many thanks!
  9. I have been playing with AP and AD for about a month now and have just started to use them for Actual Work. I've done my first project in Designer and that went really well - love it. Last night I got into my first commercial work using Photo, and unfortunately I had to revert to Photoshop to get the job finished (I was on a deadline, so it was partly that I didn't have time to learn as I go!) But a big part of it was that I find the AP pixel tool a bit stuttery. In Photoshop, the equivalent pencil tool is something I use a lot - for both bitmapped line work and then for colouring. I need precision and flow. My problem with the AP pixel tool is it seems very slightly laggy, and perhaps because of this (or maybe a separate reason) it is sometimes slow to catch up with my cursor and either jumps or doesn't draw at all. Even if I slow down I sometimes get a jump and therefore a broken line. It's difficult to explain so I recorded a video to compare. You'll see it's quite subtle, and you might wonder what the fuss is, but the flow is important otherwise it would add hours to my work. I hope you can see the difference between the two. It's mainly only apparent on small short lines, longer or bigger lines aren't as much of a problem, though sometimes still break. Does anyone else have this problem? Is it AP or is it my set up? I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4 (PTK-840), the driver is, I believe, the latest (6.3.15-2). Mac OS 10.11.3. Photoshop is CS4, and AP is 1.4.1. [The artwork in the video is an old piece and I'm just mucking about on it to demonstrate the type of thing I mean). https://youtu.be/3Pxpre0mkTA
  10. Is it that one of your documents is RGB format and the other is CMYK format (you can still use the RGB colour picker in a CMYK document)? Colour Format can be seen under the Document menu. Hope I've understood you correctly.
  11. tybaltstone


    Thanks for the tip about 'Past Style' R C-R. I did use the sampler/eye-drop tool to pick up the style of an object or font and apply it to another quite a lot in Illustrator (thought I was on CS2) - it was useful.
  12. tybaltstone


    I've just noticed the 'Recent' section in the Swatches tab - that'll be very useful. (I've played around with Photo but haven't yet used it within my normal workflow - am just about to with a new project, so my education into Photo's characteristics and features will no doubt go up a few notches!)
  13. tybaltstone


    Although the alt key works to pick up a colour when using the paintbrush, it doesn't work when using the fill/paint bucket tool, which I think does seem a bit inconsistent. I use the fill tool a lot in various projects and have to change colour regularly, so it is a bit of a process.
  14. I have this issue too, so please excuse me resurrecting this old thread. Is there any advance on this? If I copy a section of my image from 300dpi doc sized in mm, when I do New From Clipboard I get it in a 96 dpi doc sized in pixels. I can change it, of course (change pixels to mm, resolution and uncheck Resample), but would ease workflow if it remained consistent with what's being copied. Many thanks :-)
  15. tybaltstone

    Copy Layer Effects

    Ah, lovely - thank you for pointing me in the right direction, pauls. I see there's Paste Style in Designer too.

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