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Found 25 results

  1. 55 years ago . . . Disney released "Herbie" in 1968, which is still one of the most successful live-action movie till todate. This Cartoon was created with Affinity Designer a an homage to Herbie
  2. . . . just another legend from the past
  3. Mustang trace. I do these in order the learn the software. Drawing took about 80 hours
  4. . . . . tried something different for once. Here is my first U.S. Car Cartoon created with Affinity Designer
  5. Another Affinity Designer Cartoon creation
  6. Haven't posted much lately as I worked on my 2023 VW Beetle Calendar. All of it is/was created with Affinity Designer 2. Hope you like it . . .
  7. 1938 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900, the Mille Miglia winner that year with its sister car finishing in second place. My last vector one for this year.
  8. The Alfa P3 was a single-seater Grand Prix race car designed by Vittorio Jano. It was the first genuine single-seat Grand Prix race car. I'm only doing a section of the car. I started a while back but didn't do much. As it's not the whole thing I was going for extra detail. I thought I'd try and post some bits full size as I complete them for a change as the finished images are always shrunk so much. For some reason I'm working at 34400x22934, don't ask me why because I'm not sure. So apart from it being jpg and some compression to keep the file sizes reasonable they'll look as I've done them. The first detail is the front filler cap on the bonnet (hood).
  9. . . . that graphic was designed with Affinity and shows how my car looked like back in the 70ties 😎
  10. Used Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher to make a poster for a digital racing event. I´ve used the Adobe software for 12+ years so this is my first project using the Affinity software, it took some time to get used to it but liked it alot! Alle cars where separate screenshots and I've worked them in one image. The main design can be used in several different sizes, like a social media posts or a wallpaper. I've used the same techniques as I used for this poster I made a year ago for the real life counterpart of this racing series. I hope you like the design
  11. Christmas drawing for one of the grandchildren: It is drawn from a photo of the first landrover that was rebuilt in in the "Land Rover Reborn" project, so yes, it is meant to be a bit battered and beaten up, this is before the restoration. The restored picture will take some time.
  12. The BMW 3.0 CSL Alexander Calder art car from 1975, well half of it. My idea of flat, gradients but no blurs.
  13. Hi all!, I'd like to introduce my new project. These are photos of the Prosche in 1:18 scale. I will probably add new photos soon
  14. Only the background layers (wall, curb, and blacktop) and reflections (mirrors and rear glass) are pixel layers. Everything else is vector. 1953 Studebaker pickup truck. Not finished with the image, just got to a point where I decided to share what I had so far.
  15. Hey ! I’m a newbiee and i got inspired from this guy @VectorVonDoom his Porsche 917 car illustration was beyond god like i didn’t believe that was a vector until i saw his .afdesign file ..coz it was so perfect to be a vector and at first i thought it was a photo. After opening his .afdesign file i was like WTfF 🤯🤯🔥 and man tnx for inspiring me and i hope i dont lose interest and will complete this lambo series 😅😂 !!! Device : iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) ) Software : Affinity Designer
  16. Hello, My AC COBRA SHELBY...on iPad !
  17. Random shoot with a couple taking shots on an iphone in a random parking lot last night. I just guessed at setting to get a strong exposure to produce some silhouettes with detail. I noodled with levels and contrast and used some color filters to boost the colors in the sky and experiment a little. Canon 7D shutter 1/40 f 4 or 5.6 ISO 800
  18. Had another go at a vector. It's not finished (bumper needs a bit of work) and as usual probably not graphically correct with lighting shadows etc. I find that stuff hard to do. The only bits that aren't vectors are the 2 windows. I thought it looked better this way looking into the van & seeing the seats & back windows. My first posted work here Yamaha MX Bike
  19. Vector illustration . All done with affinity designer on the iPad Pro . Been practicing for over one and a half year . Really love this amazing piece of software . All vectors , no pixel layers
  20. Hello, I have recently started using Affinity Designer, I have previously used PS and mostly Sketch book pro, but here is a design I started 1 week back and progressed till here so far. Still need to learn a lot.
  21. Hello everyone, I thought it would be nice to share my first illustrations made ever, enjoy :) I saw a finished picture of a how-to-draw-a-castle tutorial and I tried to copy it without actually following the tutorial itself. This one is incomplete tho. My greetings.
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