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  1. Most of the work I use it for (when working with that particular client) are small brochures, so I dont need to collaborate with others or use very advanced features that only InDesign has. But the main problem is preservation of the files, so they can still use my files when we quit working together. There are many examples of file formats that can't be openned because of discontinued software.
  2. Used Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher to make a poster for a digital racing event. I´ve used the Adobe software for 12+ years so this is my first project using the Affinity software, it took some time to get used to it but liked it alot! Alle cars where separate screenshots and I've worked them in one image. The main design can be used in several different sizes, like a social media posts or a wallpaper. I've used the same techniques as I used for this poster I made a year ago for the real life counterpart of this racing series. I hope you like the design
  3. Thanks for both your responses, I hope this will be resolved in the future, until than I keep a CS6 copy of InDesign installed. Will try to get them over to the Affinity software, I really like how all 3 programs are intergrated in one, saves more time than I expected.
  4. Hi , After 10+ years I recently switched from Adobe to Affinity but my client is still working in Adobe and they want to use InDesign. So my problem is how do I get my documents created in Affinity Publisher to Adobe InDesign? I found a lot of questions about how to open InDesign files in Publisher but not the other way round. If this is not possible (yet) I still need InDesign so my client can work with my files, and I really want to switch completely to the Affinity software. There must be other people with the same problem. I hope there is a way to do this, love the software
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