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Found 18 results

  1. howdy does anyone know how to adjust the length of the line on arrows after they have been placed in the document without affecting the arrowhead? for example, i created a custom arrow to use in architecture presentations saved it as an asset for reuse, i would like to only change the length of the line, (not the arrowhead) so that arrowhead is not modified but the line can be lengthened preserving it's width thank you affinity photo 2 #macos #arrow #linelength #line #arrowtool
  2. Here are some arrow assets for AD to share, you can color those (or apply a gradient) of course differently to your likings. - [Note: that those who show up two colored (b&w) in the palette, are mostly grouped together shapes and that you may have to ungroup those in order to alter their default assigned B&W colors.] The compressed assets file ... var_bw_arrows.zip
  3. Hi, using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Education 1803. When PDF-exporting a curve with an arrow head, the curve gets rasterized. It seems to be connected to having an arrow head, since the same object without arrow head does not get rasterized: arrowPdfExport.pdf I would expect the arrow-head curve to not get rasterized. Is this a bug? Does a workaround exist? I have also enclosed the afdesign file. Regards arrowPdfExport.afdesign
  4. I’m loving everything Affinity is putting together. Also will there be ‪an addition of type controls (leading / tracking / kerning )with the hot keys( option key + arrow keys) for ipad. Option plus left and right controlling the tracking and kerning. Option plus up-and-down controlling the leading like adobe hot key. ‬once learned this hot key in the adobe its been tough on ipad trying to keep ip my type placement speed with out it.
  5. It's great we have arrows now and I use them a lot already. So thanks a lot for that!! This makes our lives so much more fun! When creating a new object, this new object gets the same styling as currently set. So all new objects get the arrows and stroke settings applied when created. While creating a new object, especially when just used a stroke with arrows, I am missing a single button to reset the stroke to a factory preset, like a line of 1 px, stroke disabled, but most importantly: no arrows selected (and set back to 100%). A reset stroke would be nice to use after using strokes with arrowheads to reset the stroke to the (in my opinion) most used strokes, which are just lines without arrows.
  6. Hey guys, I new to Affinity Designer and I wanted to make folding line for my origami ebook folding instruction, but after draw the line I don't see the arrow head available, how to make it? I googled it, but some post mentioned that this feature not available yet? how come? for such a pro app still not available? Please help and reply ASAP!
  7. I am thinking of leaving Photoshop and downloaded Affinity Photo trial. Problems so far are: my paintbrush tool or any other tool I choose is an Arrow, not a round circle, so I can't see how big my brush is. Also, I tried the flood fill tool and this did not work full stop. The selection tool is not very good at snapping to edges even though I have snapping on, I have to constantly keep doing it. Also, when I increase the brush size, nothing happens for a few seconds like it's not working, then it does. I need a very quick workflow as I list hundreds of items a month on my jewellery websites and I'm not feeling it. Is there a solution, maybe I'm missing something, can anyone help?
  8. Hi i build a constrain indicate arrow asset for UI design. Hope this will be helpful. combo arrow groups first ,you need to select the object, double click to choose the child group,then you can make the change just by draging the object. constantin indicate arrow asset2.0.zip
  9. Using the Arrow Tool, I noticed that the arrow end icons do not appear in the Ends dropdown, at least in beta 81. Is this intentional? (I hope not.)
  10. When I'm in a numeric text field, holding down the Shift key as I tap the arrow keys should increase/decrease the value 10x. (At the moment this key combination acts to select the text before/after the insertion point, which, while standard behavior for text fields, is not the expected behavior for numeric input fields.)
  11. What is the easiest way to do this? I have tried grabbing png files, but I don't know how to separate the black arrow image from the white background. Any tips?
  12. Hello, I've been using Affinity Designer since the first beta and I'm thrilled. I work with both mouse and graphics tablet. What I noticed is that the mouse, when I use it, the respective tools synonymous with the cursor is displayed. If I use the graphics tablet, however, the cursor, no matter which tool I use, always remains the simple arrow. Now my question: Will Affinity Designer also be adapted to the use of graphics tablets? I apologize for my bad English. Greetings from Vienna Alexandra
  13. Hey guys, I want to draw a double circle arrow for my origami tutorial ebook, I used ronniemcbride method to create the arrow head, then I create a circle and convert it to curve and cut it into half and duplicate it to become the double arrow circle, like below, but the arrow head is crooked, how do I make perfect double circle arrow? Left: arrowhead brush created by me Right: arrowhead brush created by ronniemcbride
  14. I bought it just because I'm really excited on the replacement potential of AI. But its REALLY necessary to add arrows (at the ends of lines) and dash lines in my work as a UI designer. so Plz add this function into your product ASAP. I'm almost crazy and it really disturbs my work!! I try to import PDF with dash lines into AD from other apps, but it doesn't recognize dash lines at all?????Whats this problem??? I looked around the bbs and found lots people who have the same needs. NOT only use the arrow tools!!!!! its really not easy to use!!!!
  15. I'm use to move objects with arrow keys. AD has default setting as 1-pixel and 10-pixel move only. But it's not useful when you work on document which is in mm or inch units. Most vector apps has possibility to set unit and distance for arrow and shift+arrow. I'm missing it so much in AD. It should depend on document units and grid setting - isometric and triangular grid needs to use different "basic move unit". Looking forward for such a feauture in next update :)
  16. Would be great if there will be tools for diagramming such as connectors, arrow or bullet ends and snap stroke to the object. See https://www.draw.io for example.
  17. It would be wonderful if you could select individual curve adjustments points, and adjust them accordingly to the keyboard arrow keys.
  18. Hello All, Is there a way to create end caps on a line segment. If so can you direct me to it and is there different variants to use, such as arrow head, circle or sure ends at the end of a line segment. thank You, Regards, Titus Tears
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