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  1. Perfect, thanks a lot for this workaround! Still, it would be great if this got fixed sooner or later.
  2. Hi, using Affinity Designer on Windows 10 Education 1803. When PDF-exporting a curve with an arrow head, the curve gets rasterized. It seems to be connected to having an arrow head, since the same object without arrow head does not get rasterized: arrowPdfExport.pdf I would expect the arrow-head curve to not get rasterized. Is this a bug? Does a workaround exist? I have also enclosed the afdesign file. Regards arrowPdfExport.afdesign
  3. I found a way to crop the canvas (or whatever we want to call it) to the size of the contained objects: 1) Select all (Ctrl + A) 2) Create artboard with size = 'Selection' as shown here: 3) In the 'Layers' tab, delete the created artboard. The following dialog will come up. Choose 'Keep objects'. Note that the crop is not flawless; I assume this is related to the mentioned bug:
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