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  1. I have SVG file that imported incorrectly in both Affinity Designer and Photo. 112.svg
  2. +100 for custom scale. My designer provided design that I need to export at scale 0.04233327.
  3. Not sure if it Affinity bug, but after purchase I unable to install and open app. Tried to restart mac, delete app stub from Applications, nothing helps. App store just disable button for hours, after that displaying error and on and on.
  4. Would be great if there will be tools for diagramming such as connectors, arrow or bullet ends and snap stroke to the object. See https://www.draw.io for example.
  5. Love the rounded corners feature in beta B)
  6. It's great to have rounded rectangle tool. But why there is no round pentagon (or any figure)? Up: OMG, it is Corners feature announced in Affinity Review! ... but this not included in current beta version?
  7. Will be great if Affinity could be able to simplify curve after freehand drawing. So number of nodes can be reduced without losing significant fidelity.
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